I have always loved you!!!! Episode 14


The episode starts next day at college.

In Class

Adi and Raj are sitting together on second bench and Avni and Pankhuri too are sitting together on second bench in just opposite row in a way that when they turn towards each other they can easily see the other.

The professor enters and starts his lecture. Pankhuri was completely concentrating on lecture. Avni was surprised to see her taking notes and not looking at Aditya at all. A smile came on her lips. Even the professor felt happy to see that Pankhuri was paying attention. But there was someone who was not able to concentrate, it was Aditya. He was lost in his thougts. Raj was shocked to see his brother lost somewhere for the first time. He shaked him a little to bring him back. Adi looked towards him and Raj raising his eyebrows asked him. He just shrugged and started taking notes. This way class gets over.

After class

Avni: Yaar pankhuri let’s go to library I have to make notes.

Pankhuri:( with concentration in her bag) No need

Avni:(turns her) Arrey I wanna make notes.

Pankhuri: Huh…I said naa NO NEED(stretching each word). and again turns her gaze to her bag.


Before she could complete Pankhuri takes out some papers from bag and gives her.

Avni: What ???

Pankhuri signals through eyes to take the papers.Avni takes them and reads with wide eyes.

She looks at her shocked with wide eyes.

Avni: These are notes of all the topics studied in last 5 Days. Did you make these.

Pankhuri: I was free so thought to do it for you.

Avni: Not bad Ms. Deewan but would you like to tell me the reason for this change. The girl who doesn’t concentrate in class was taking notes,rather she made my notes too, then calling Uncle Mr. Deewan and now Dad. Leave that the most shocking angry with Adit……(before she could complete Pankhuri put chocolate in her mouth to shut her)

Pankhuri: Stop asking so much questions and just eat this. I won’t go to canteen because of this foot.

Avni just nods like a child and both ate chocolates sharing it and enjoying.

In Canteen
Raj and Aditya were sitting.
Raj: Adi what has happened I wanna know, you were lost in class also. Is everything fine.

Aditya’s face looses its colour.
Aditya: (determined) Not now Raj I told you naa that I’ll tell at night.

Raj: (to divert) Ok fine lets eat.
Adi nodded and they have food.

Next class

Same sitting arrangement
Professor started teaching, after sometime he wrote a stastical question on board and asked class to answer. He gave 5 minutes to them to solve and then come up and answer. As Avni had not attended class for last 5 Days so she couldn’t solve.
After 5 Minutes
Professor: So who gonna solve it.
Noone stood and finally Adi stood up.
Professor happily told him to come and solve. Adi went near board. He was about to write when a voice came from behind.

“Sir may I try.”
Adi turned back to see Pankhuri standing. Others were shocked as for first time Pankhuri was going to answer and that too a difficult question.

Professor:(shocked) Are you sure Ms. Deewan.

Pankhuri:(confidently) Yes sir.

Professor nodded and Pankhuri moves towards board while dragging her foot(that injured one).

Professor:(to Adi) Mr. Kumar you may go to your seat as Ms. Deewan would solve.

Adi: No sir I don’t have problem in standing waise bhi if I go to my seat, (looking at pankhuri) I would have to come back.

Pankhuri too looks towards him and they have an eyelock. She understood what he meant.

She takes the chalk from desk and starts solving. She was standing infront of board so noone could see what she was writing. Something went wrong and she rubbed and solved it again. While others were looking at her interestingly Adi was smirking.

Adi: (smirking) Ms. Deewan should I help.

Pankhuri looks towards him with pleading eyes and nods.
Adi who was smirking takes chalk and she gets aside from board. Adi was about to write but saw that question was already solved. He was shocked.

Pankhuri: (smirks looking at his shocked face) Could you please underline the answer Mr. Kumar as my chalk finished.

He glared at her angrily.
Pankhuri:(to professor) Sir is it right.

Professor checked once and says: Absolutely right

Pankhuri smirks while Adi looked at her angrily. They have an angry eyelock which is soon disturbed by the ringing bell.

Professor: Ms. Deewan I’m happy that you have started working hard. Keep it up. Class please clap for her once.

Pankhuri smiled and says: Thank you sir and smirks at Adi who was standing there with expressionless face and clapping, he was happy inside but didn’t show it . He couldn’t understand the reason for his happiness as he should be angry at her.

Professor leaves the class while Pakhuri and Adi went back to seats. Avni and Raj were just shocked at this turn of events as the girl who used to clap for a guy even if he had given a small answer was today leave clapping was challenging him and not only that even insulted him. They attended other classes too like that.

After college

Avni was driving car while Pankhuri was busy in her mobile in passenger seat.

Avni: So when have you decided to tell me.

Pankhuri:(innocently) What??

Avni: (serious tone) Don’t Act Pankhuri.

Pankhuri: (like a kid) ACT, what is that??

Avni turns her head gives her ‘you are unbelievable’ look.

Pankhuri just blinks her eyes innocently and says: From next time when you drive I’ll sit at back.

Avni : Why

Pankhuri: Because you keep on staring me only. I know I’m beautiful but that doesn’t mean you won’t see road. Firstly I’m not that kind and secondly I wanna live.

Avni just stops the car at a side and starts beating her. While beating says : Pankhuri ki bachi, you are beautiful haa and I look at you huh…

Pankhuri:( While laughing ) look you yourself Accepted.

Avni stops after a while and both start laughing looking towards each other.
Avni: (serious) Yaar I always miss this masti alot. That time too when I went to hostel and now too. You remember we three used to play alot.(nostalgic) And you…you both idiots used to play pranks on me.

Pankhuri: (laughing) And we used to do all naughtiness in class and you had to stand out of class with us.

Avni: You remember when we were in 1st standard you were so irked with that Maths teacher for scolding him that next day you put chewing gum in her hair and a lizard on her chair.

Pankhuri: And when she put hand on her marker how she shouted and next day you remember her hair cut (laughs) And and put the blame on that girl, what was her name……

Avni: Pari

Pankhuri: And every sunday on beach. Life was so good naa.

Avni: But then don’t know what happened in 3rd Mom dad left place along with me. We didn’t come here again. In 5th I was sent to hostel. And finally we came back here but at that time they left. Till now they don’t talk to each other don’t know why. He used to chat with me in starting but then that idiot stopped chatting even. I miss him and those days.

Pankhuri: I too, after you went we both specially made an e-mail ID to chat with you. Time passes so fast naa. And that mad idiot he called me for sometime but later never contacted. Let him come I won’t leave him.

Avni just nods and Pankhuri to divert: Okk leave that achha from the time you’ve come back we have not gone anywhere so its decided that you gonna give me a treat today.

Avni:(tensed about something) Yaar aaj

Pankhuri: Haan kyun we’ll go to ice-cream parlour first, then beach and then we’ll have dinner outside and come back. Done

Avni: Done

Avni : so lets go to house now, I’ll pick you up at 5 first ice cream then beach. Done

Pankhuri: Done
And they leave to their house.


In car

Adi was driving while Adi was just sitting on passenger seat staring at empty space. Raj to divert him.

Raj: Achha where is Tia,why hasn’t she come today? She didn’t come to pick me also yesterday and you also didn’t talk about her.

Adi’s face just showed sadness.

Raj: Yaar what has happened itna to bta de.

Adi : (closes eyes) She broke up with me.

Stops car at a side.

Raj: (shocked) What and why??

Adi: (angry) Because of Pankhuri

Raj:(confused) Pankhuri but why?

Adi: She doesn’t like Pankhuri near me so she broke up.

Raj: But you don’t love Pankhuri right. Why didn’t you say her.

Adi clenched his fist tightly to control his pain that could flow as tears through his eyes anytime.

Adi: I told her but she said that Pankhuri does and Pankhuri warned her not to come near me, so she broke up.

Raj: What that Pankhuri warned her? (angry) What the hell how dare she? And did you say her anything.

Adi: Just leave that we’ll talk later. Now lets just leave. I don’t wanna talk about anything.

Raj understands and drives. They too leave for their house.


At 5 Avni comes to Pankhuri’s house.

Pankhuri wears a white floral long skirt with purple and pink flowers paired with same floral crop top, purple flats (no heels already foot has a sprain ab todna nahin hai) and other accessories. She had a minimal makeup and was just looking gorgeous.

Avni was wearing a white and purple Anarkali (the one she used to wear in show) with silver heels and other accessories. She too had a little makeup and was looking pretty and also cute.

Pankhuri took her guitar and they left in Pankhuri’s car to Ice- cream parlour first, then to beach and enjoyed alot.


Tia is shown in a room. She is wearing white printed sleaveless top with a purple knee length skirt. with a high pony and makeup. She combs her hair in mirror and says: Ohh Raj I just love you, just can’t control myself to meet you. (Shocked guys)


Raj is shown standing infront of mirror wearing a black jeans with white V- Tshirt and purple blazer. He was looking just amazing.


At 8

Raj is seen sitting in car in a traffic jam while Tia, Pankhuri and Avni are sitting in Xyz club, restaurant side. All seem to be waiting for someone. They are sitting in such a way that they can’t see Tia and Tia can’t see them. And also the place is a bit crowded one.

Pankhuri: Yaar what’s this he hasn’t arrived till now.

The screen freezes at faces of Raj, Tia , Avni and Pankhuri.


So how is it guys. Next episode is full of revelations. So just stay tuned. And any guesses about Sweety guys. And whom do you think Avni and Pankhuri were waiting for in the club.

And don’t forget to comment.

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