I have always loved you!!!! Episode 13

After going home Avni took some rest while Raj too rested for sometime while Adi helps Avantika and Harish at restaurant. Pankhuri consulted doctor for her foot and doctor advised her to not give much pressure on her foot for some days and gave some medicines. She couldn’t go out with her dad and just studied at home while Adi couldn’t get time to talk to Raj as he was busy at restaurant.
At Night In Raj’s room

Raj was really happy as he was going to chat with sweety after about 5 days as he couldn’t chat with her due to competition. Also he remembered about meeting her so he messages her.

Raj:Hey how are you??

He waited for her to answerback but didn’t get any. He was waiting impatiently for her reply walking in the room here and there. Finally his phone beeped showing her mail. He happily sits on bed and starts chatting.

Sweety: Happy like always you tell and how was your tournament.

Raj: Good. We won it.

Sweety: Wow, awesome I never knew that you are so good in sports.

Raj: So why don’t you try to know me.

Sweety: Means

Raj:(tensely types) I mean can we meet once.

There was no answer from other side. He gets restless and messages again.

Raj: It’s ok if you don’t wanna meet we can continue like this only.

But reply from other side shocks him.

Sweety: I don’t have any problem rather I was shocked that how can you think the same. I just know that you alike me live in Mumbai so where to meet and how.

Raj gets super duper excited and happy and starts dancing on bed. He gets message again.

Sweety: And most importantly how will we find each other Mr. Prince.

Raj thinks something and says: Well tomorrow we gonna celebrate at xyz club will meet you there.

Sweety: But
(Club had a bar + Disco + restaurant )

Raj: Don’t worry the club has a separate restaurant for eating. We’ll meet there. And still if you feel then you can suggest some other place or bring someone with you. And I hope you won’t have a problem to reach there.

Sweety: Ok no problem. Meet you tomorrow sharp at 8 don’t be late and I’ll wear pink and white suit.

Raj who is on cloud nine now mails her:okk done I’ll wear black blazer with white shirt and black jeans. Okay bye gn sd

sweety:bye gn sd

Raj jumps excitedly in his room. He runs outside and hugs Avantika and holding her from hands starts rotating her.

Raj: I’m really happy today massi. I love you alot.

Avantika: Love you too beta (holding her head) But yeh khushi ka kya karan hai(what is the reason for your this happiness.)

Raj: Woh I….(about to blurt but controls) Woh…Woh

Avantika:(looks at him suspiciously) Kya woh woh tell naa

Raj: Woh…(thinking) kuch soch Raj, think fast. He smiles at Avantika once and says Haan woh Massi we won the tournament naa that’s why.

Avantika: (suspiciously) Pakka naa

Raj: Haan offcourse pakka

Avantika: Ohh okk chalo congratts. And she goes from there after blessing him.

Raj :(to himself) Kya kar raha hai Raj you were about to speak everything. Apne aap par thhoda toh control rakh.

Raj leaves to his room and excitedly. He takes out clothes for next day and dosses off smiling.

In a dark room a girl is lying on bed and says: Prince seems to be a nice guy. I’ll not wear pink and white suit tomorrow. I’ll wear white and purple dress, first I’ll see if he is good or not then only I’ll meet him. And she too dosses off.

Next morning Raj gets up and thinking about Sweety he gets happy and excitedly gets freshen up and dressed up whistling.
He was setting his hair in mirror whistling when someone joins him in whistling. He looks back it was Aditya. He gets excited and runs to him and hugs him.
Raj: Bhai bhai… I’m really happy today.

Aditya:(with a genuine smile as he was happy seeing his brother happy) Achha that can be seen but reason kya hai.(He lifts both his eyebrows)

Raj: Today I’m going to meet Sweety at Xyz club. I’m really excited to see her, how she would be.and he tells him everything about their conversation.

Aditya: Ohh toh yahan Bajirao Mastani ko propose karne ki planning kar raha hai haan (teases)

Raj: (blushes) Kya yaar stop teasing.

Adi teases him more and after sometime speaks in a serious tone: but what if she is not good.

Raj:(protesting) No yaar she is really nice.

Aditya: I’m saying what if she is not the way you think she is. You remember Pankhuri.

Raj: (hearing Pankhuri his expressions change) You are right yaar I didn’t think about it. What shall I do now.

Aditya thinks something and tells him: You told her naa that you’ll wear black blazer and white shirt naa wear something else. First see how she is. If she is nice then only go to her.

Raj :(hugs him excitedly) You are great yaar. It’s awesome plan. Aur Pankhuri se I remembered you still have to tell me what has happened.

Adi’s expressions change and he says: Not now, will tell you at night surely after you meet Sweety.

Raj: Promise

Adi smiles at him and nods and they go to college.

Episode ends

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