I have always loved you!!!! Episode 12


Sun smiles brightly in the sky. Sunrays fall on Deewan Mansion increasing its beauty. Not much has changed of Deewan Mansion- Same walls, same doors, same windows except the fact it is no longer just a mansion. It has become a home to Pankhuri and her dad. Yes, Dad, he is no more Mr. Deewan he is our Pankhuri’s dad. The girl who had hatred towards her father now just has love for him. She loves him, cares for him, makes him happy and also has a regret for being rude to him for these many years.

Through a window sunrays peep into a room. The room is properly arranged with all the books in shelf, study table empty, a king size bed in middle and a whole wall full of pictures of Pankhuri, her brother and her dad. Pankhuri comes out from washroom in her bathrobe and gets ready in a blue and lemon yellow printed top with a plain lemon yellow long skirt. She sits infront of the mirror and starts combing her hair. Her eyes fall on one of the drawers of her dressing table. She opens it, picks a photograph and stares at in wonder. She kept staring at it while her eyes casted her pain.

Pankhuri: (with a painful voice) I still can’t believe that you can leave me. You have always taught me to love and give all the happiness to the person whom you love and think is worthy of it. So was I not worthy of your love mom. (Yes the picture is of her mother.) I don’t know why you left us, but I know onething that you loved three of us more than your life and you can never betray us. The day I’ll find you naa I’ll definitely ask you why you left.

Suddenly a knock was heard at her room door. She hurriedly keeps the photo in the drawer and after wiping her tears she opens the door with a smile. It was Mr. Deewan. She hugs him with a smile.
Pankhuri: (smilingly hugging him) Good Morning Dad.

Dad: Good Morning princess.
How come my princess got ready so early today and I didn’t see you for walk also today?

Pankhuri: (dramatically) Huh…Dad you know naa there are so many enemies of your Princess’ sleep.

Mr. Deewan understands her drama and also about the person she was talking about.

Dad: Pankhuri…stop acting and stop saying her your enemy she is your friend.

Pankhuri: Huh…look even my king is taking her side.( Dramatically) Dad I’m your princess or she. All takes her side even mo….(stops herself) okk leave that I need to get ready and go to college on time or else she’ll hang me.

Mr. Deewan smiles at his daughter and both move to have their breakfast together. They had some family time enjoying with each other, feeding each other, eating and also pulling each others legs just like friends. After finishing breakfast Pankhuri leaves after hugging him for a last time and reminding him about going to beach in evening.

At kumar house

Avantika enters Adi’s room to wake him up. She enters his room and sees it all messed up with books lying all over the study table and some on floor while our Aditya is sleeping on bed fully covering himself with blanket from head to toe.

Avantika: (looking at the mess) Oh God what has he done to his room. Noone could make out that it’s Aditya kumar’s room only who places even a small pin back at its place after using it.

She shakes to wake him up and starts clearing up the mess.

Avantika: Com’on beta get up Raj is gonna come today you have to pick him too. She opens the curtains and sunrays enters his room. He takes off the blanket revealing his messed up hair along with a little beardy face (like Devdas) and sits on his bed. Smiling at Avantika he greets her good Morning. Although there was a smile on his lips but his eyes showed something else- Some pain, some anger.

Avantika: (smiling back) Good Morning beta (she goes and sits near him on bed and caressing his hair) Beta you know I and Harish have always tried to be your friend first and then parents. Beta we are always there for you. If you have any problem just share it with us pain lessens when you share it.

Adi:(smiling and kissing her hand) I know that mom. (keeping his head in her lap) and there is no pain mom it’s just that I’m not able to balance my studies these days.

Avantika:(understands and caressing his hair) Ok beta. But whenever you feel like sharing something you can share it with us. Achha now get up you need to go or you’ll get late.

Saying this Avantika leaves while Adi gets ready.

After having breakfast he too leaves for college.


At college

It’s off for the students. Adi and Pankhuri just came to pick up Raj and Avni respectively. So college was empty just a few people who had come to pick up their children or hosteliers.

Both Adi and Pankhuri almost reach at the same time. They park their cars but didn’t see each other. At college they come to know that they gonna arrive soon. Pankhuri goes and meets Avni’s parents.

Pankhuri: Good morning Aunty, Good Morning Uncle. How are you?

avni’s mom: Arrey beta you here.

Pankhuri: Aunty to meet Avni. You know naa she won’t even let me to die in peace if I wouldn’t have come.

Av Mom: (laughing) Haan haan I know beta.

They were talking and waiting for them while Adi was just standing quitely at one of the corners alone. Soon the bus arrives.

Students get down the bus. Avni sees Pankhuri and smiles at her while Raj smiles looking at Aditya and waves at him.

Both Adi and Pankhuri start coming towards them. They were moving parallel to each other but noone dared to see or speak to the other. A child of nearly 10 Years came running from behind to meet his brother (He had come to pick up his brother), He pushes Pankhuri aside to move ahead and with a sudden push Pankhuri’s foot got twisted and she was about to fall but Adi catches her on time. They forget everything and were lost in each others eyes, but soon that eyelock changed from a loving one to angry one when they came back to senses by Raj and Avni’s voice who came there on seeing Pankhuri falling. They looked at each other angrily and after straighten themselves. They left or say pushed each other lightly with a jerk. Raj and Avni were startled to see this phase of both.
But compose themselves.

Avni:(concerned)Are you fine?
Pankhuri:(she feels pain in her foot but hides) Yaa I’m fine. And don’t worry you know naa I keep on falling here and there like this only.
Before Avni could speak Adi taunts her

Adi: Offcourse it has become her habbit to FALL.(he stressed on last word and said it gritting his teeth)

Pankhuri: (taunts him back) And some people get habbit of pointing out others mistakes and so they don’t realise their mistakes.

They both have an angry eyelock while RaVni looked at them confused not able to understand anything.

RaVni: (confused) What are you guys talking?

Pankhuri: (still looking at Adi) BHAINS KE AAGE BIN BAJANE KA KOI FAYADA NAHIN HAI , A MERE WASTAGE OF TIME (this is a hindi idiom) (breaking the eyelock and looking towards Avni) Let’s go

She takes Avni and starts leaving from there suppressing her pain (of her foot).

Aditya:(from back) Thank you for reminding me atleast now I won’t waste my time taunting you.

Pankhuri looks towards him with anger in her eyes while Aditya gives her a winning smile and leaves from there with Raj. RaVni were just confused.

Raj and Adi leave to home while Avni and Pankhuri moves towards her parents with pankhuri almost dragging her foot due to pain. Avni notices it.

Avni: (worriedly) Is it hurt?

Pankhuri:just a little I think a small sprain you don’t worry. (and smiles)

Avni: okk take care and what about going out at evening.

pankhuri: Not today, you take rest today. I already have plan to go oit with DAD

Avni looks her shocked: D..A..D. You are Pankhuri only naa or someone else.

Pankhuri just shruggs it off and moves towards her car saying her bye see you tomorrow.

Avni was shocked, surprised to see all these new developments but also happy for Pankhuri especially about her dad.

She too goes back home and rests.

In AdiRaj’s car

Adi was driving while Raj was just looking at him suspiciously. Adi noticed him and smiles a little.

Adi: So how’s life?
Raj: Shocking, giving me shocks

Adi just laughed.

Raj: First your appearance, then your and Pankhuri’s Angry Bird session. What was that? I never saw you taunting her like that? And why was she taunting you? And why are you looking like devdas- This beard and all? And how did Tia let you keep all this Sad look??

Listening Tia’s name Adi’s face changed to sad one. Raj notices it.

Raj:(serious) Is everything all right bhai?

Adi just nods and with a smile again says: Leave me we’ll talk later first go and take rest. We have reached.

Raj was about to speak but Adi cuts him off: I told naa we’ll talk later. Raj just nods helplessly and they go inside.

Episode ends

Sorry guys for so much delay but was really busy and moreover the episode I typed got deleted and I had to write it all over again. Really sorry. And how is the twist and soon revelations gonna start from next episode so stay tuned.

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