I have always loved you!!!! Episode 11

The episode starts with Pankhuri and Avni going in car.

Pankhuri: So as yougonna go for table tennis match day after tomorrow for 5 days so would you like to enjoy.??

Avni: Sure so where are we going?

Pankhuri: huh…is this a thing to ask, offcourse to beach.

Avni: (smiles) Ok

Both soon reach the beach. They get off the car and look around the crowded beach. People were enjoying eating ice-creams?, cotton candy, playing in water, relaxing etc.

Avni: so what first.

Pankhuri: (excited) Water

Avni nods and they both run towards the sea and play like kids. They ate ice-cream, played splashing water on each other, made sand castles, fly balloons, taking selfies etc. They enjoyed like kids as if their childhood had come back. Finally they went to their homes totally exhausted. Pankhuri took a day’s leave from restaurant.


On other hand Raj, Adi and Tia went to gaming zone (or fun zone in any mall). They enjoyed themselves playing games, bowling and taking selfies etc.
Finally they went back home.

At night

Raj was sitting in his room. He was thinking about all that happened in college. He gets frustrated and wanted to distract himself. He thought of sweety and started chatting with her.
Raj:(typed) Hey how are you?
Sweety: Fine you tell how are you?
Raj: Fine ?
Sweety: Really?.
Sweety:Waise ek Mahan aatma has said doctor, lawyer or dost se kuchh nahin chhupana chahiye. It will only trouble you.
Raj: (a smile comes on his face) Achha I have heard of Doctor and lawyer but who said about friend????
Sweety: Uhh Prince… Ab apne muh se apni kya tareef karun ?☺, You are chatting with that mahan aatma.??
Raj: Wow I never knew that I was talking to such a great person Ms Mahan Sweety ji??

Sweety: Ohh Thank you Thank you?

Raj: ??

Sweety: So would you like to share??

Raj: Woh I don’t know how to tell

Sweety: Offcourse by typing buddhu prince.?

Raj: Huh…you are impossible I’m talking so seriously and you are just laughing. Just leave it. Actually today I don’t know why but you remember I told you about that DEVIL? (he is referring to Avni as both sweety and Raj share their feelings and thoughts but they have not disclosed any real names) I don’t know why I felt really angry by seeing her with another guy and not only that she also tricked me into going on a date with someone and I just can’t understand why I’m feeling bad about it. I know I was attracted to her when I saw her for the first time but .

Sweety: Ohhh jealous.

Raj: No there is nothing like that I just don’t like her. I overcame that attraction when she befriended that traitor friend (referring to Pankhuri). And now I don’t feel anything for her.

Sweety: Ok ok don’t get angry Mr. AngryPrince. Bichare chhote se, nanhe se, munne se bache par thhoda to taras khao. I got scared.?

Raj:(again smiles reading her text) You know very well how to calm me Ms. Sweety

Sweety: Offcourse I do afterall we are friends from last 6 years.

Raj: Who don’t even know each other’s names.?

Sweety: And that is what our friendship is about.

Raj: Offcourse and thanks for always bringing a smile on my face whenever I feel dull. I really feel relieved when I talk to you.

Sweety: Ohh Mr. Charming Prince ? how dare you say me thank you. You are forgetting I’m a big fan of Salman Khan and his dialogues. How dare you go against him.

Raj: (starts giggling now) You are just unbelievable.

Sweety: Akhir dost kiski hun. (winks)

Raj: ?

Sweety: Okk bye Good Night now.

Raj: Bye Gn

He keeps her mobile at the side table.

Raj:(thinking) Thanks sweety you have supported me and helped me so much throughout these years that I didn’t realize when I fall for you. And about Avni it was just an attraction. But I have loved you as a person and maybe that’s why I’ve been able to overcome that attraction. I don’t know why I felt jealous when I saw her with Karan but whatever it is I just love sweety and after coming back from the competition I’ll tell her to meet me and admit my feelings to her.
Thinking all this he doses off.
Next day in college

All students went back home except the ones who were selected they had to stay back for practicing. Also some students were sitting in library rest whole college was empty. Raj and Avni mainly ignored each other. After practicing they started going back. Avni was coming down the stairs while listening songs through earphones. Karan was coming just behind her (nearly 4-5 stairs away). He was talking with someone on phone when he was shocked to see oil spilled on a stair and then he noticed Avni just about to keep her foot on it. He tried to call her but she couldn’t hear due to music and so he rushed and pulled her back from her arm with a jerk. She was about to fall back but somehow balanced herself. Avni was shocked. She looked towards Karan with anger but before she could speak Karan motioned her to see oil on the stairs.
Avni: (smiling sheepishly) ohh Thankyou. I didn’t notice it and sorry I was about to yell at you.
Karan: (smiling and dramatically) Then thank god before a cyclone would have come and blown me away I told you.
Avni just smiled at him, she thought of something and kept a newspaper on the oil so that noone else falls and then both went together talking and laughing. Raj came and saw them going together, he again burns in jealousy but composes and just goes away. This all was witnessed by a pair of eyes who angrily stamped right foot and goes away.

Next day Pankhuri, Aditya and Tia attended college while RAVni were at home doing arrangements for going and they had to go to college lateron.

In class
Adi and Tia like always were sitting together. Pankhuri was sitting alone at last bench but her full concentration was on Aditya only. Professor was teaching but she was busy daydreaming about her Adi. Professor noticed her not listening him. He just ignored afterall he knew it was her everyday’s task. She never paid attention in any lecture.
After college Pankhuri went to Avni while Adi and Tia went to meet Raj.


Avni: So how was class?

Pankhuri: As usual boring

Avni: Achha did you even hear anything what professors said

Pankhuri: Offcourse I was but then my eyes went on Adi and you know naa all my senses stop on seeing him.

Avni had enough till now. She couldn’t see her friend wasting her life for a guy who doesn’t love her. She had seen her loving him from 8th standard from the day she joined school with them.

Avni: Huh…(serious tone now, squeezing her shoulders) Pankhuri yaar why don’t you just forget him. Look he is happy with Tia why are you spoiling your life for him who doesn’t even pay heed to you. Don’t take me wrong but he doesn’t love you, you should just move on.

Pankhuri:(with unshed tears) I know he doesn’t love me but what shall I do of this heart who is not ready to accept this fact and what can I do when my heart always overpowers my brain.

She just hugs Avni with sadness. Avni also understands and consoles her.

Pankhuri: okk leave that all the best for your tournament and show your opponents what Avni Roy is.

Avni just nods and hugging her for one last time she bids her bye. Pankhuri goes from there.
Raj-Tia- Aditya

Aditya: So all ready

Raj nods. Tia hugs him while he doesn’t reciprocate. Rather both were shocked at her this gesture but didn’t say anything.
Tia:( hugging him) I’ll miss you alot.
Raj breaking the hug just smiles at her. He then hugged Adi and went to bus after biding them bye.

In bus

Raj saw Avni sitting alone but he just ignores and moves to sit at another seat.

After sometime Karan entered the bus. He smiled at Avni she too smiles back.
Karan: May I sit here?
Avni: sure

Karan turns another side to keep his luggage but when he turned he was shocked to see Raj sitting with Avni.
Karan looked at him shocked.

Karan: Hey that was my seat?

Raj:(innocently) Really but I thought it was made of plastic and pillowfill cotton.

Karan was horrified hearing such a dumb reply while Avni’s lips formed a curve.

Karan: But
Avni: leave it naa karan you can sit on some other seat.

Karan just nodded helplessly while Avni looked at Raj suspiciously.

Raj:(innocently) What

Avni:(letting out a sigh) Nothing

With this journey started Raj just closed his eyes and sleeps while Avni kept staring out of the window with a happy heart for which she herself doesn’t know the reason.

Firstly sorry for no Adi pankhuri scenes today but now the stories gonna start actually. So just stay tuned and do tell how was it.

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