I have always loved you!!!! Episode 10


The episodes begins next morning at college.
In Table Tennis Hall
Coach had already selected 5 students- Raj, Karan, Tushar, Sara, Himani (Avni had already been selected) out of 10 selected by Avni. Now was the time to select who will play when (like singles, doubles etc.).
Coach was taking trials by making two- two players play against each other. All had been alloted when to play except two- Raj and one more boy Karan (just a guest appearance- Karan wahi). Both were equally deserving and equal contendors. Both had scored same.
Coach: Ok lets have a pole.Then I’ll tell you about you both.
Tushar, Sara had voted Karan while Himani voted Raj while Avni was only left. Karan smirked as he knew that Raj and Avni were not less that cat and rat while Raj was tensed. (Although Avni’s vote to Raj would only lead to a tie but our coach had some other plans.)
Avni looked at both Karan and Raj once and finally voted for
He was shocked that she voted for him and kept staring at her.

Coach: Ok now let me tell the results.
Karan: (making faces) Sir but it’s a tie.
Coach: Yaa offcourse but I had done voting to know who would support whom I wanted to select for doubles afterall.
Students were again shocked especially Raj and Avni afterall for the first time Avni had supported him and that too could lead her to play with him as a partner- her one of the worst nightmares.
Raj and Avni Together:(shocked) what
Coach: Yes and pairs are decided Raj and Himani, Karan and Sara, Avni and Tushar.
Raj and Avni take a sigh of relief that they won’t have to play together.

Coach: ok so start practice we’ll have to leave exactly after two days.

Students nodded and started practicing with the pairs they had for doubles.


Tia had not come to college today and Raj was practicing so Aditya thought to go to library.

He was moving towards library when his phone started ringing. He checked the caller ID and was happy afterall it was Tia. He picked the phone and started talking to her while walking. On other hand Pankhuri too was getting bored so she thought to go to see Avni’s practice. She was messaging Avni and was moving.

Both were coming from opposite directions Pankhuri’s full concentration was in typing message while Adi was no less, he was laughing and lost in talking. Screen splits into two showing both of them. Both were moving in corridor and were about to turn when both banged into someone and their phones fall. Without looking up to the person with whom they collided both bent down to pick their phones. They got up and said ‘sorry’ together.(screen is still split into two till here). Now Aditya’s side is shown. Aditya looked towards the person and was bappy cum surprised. He just hugged the girl infront of him and girl’s face is revealed its
Aditya: (happily breaking the hug) Hey yaar how did you come.

Tia: (making a sad face) Why aren’t you happy seeing me? I thought to surprise you but look at you.

Aditya:(hugs her again) ohho…how can’t I be happy. Rather I’m super duper happy but just now you called and told me that you are out for some family picnic. Just leave that let’s go canteen and talk.

Tia:(searchingly) Yaa sure but where is Raj.

Aditya: Ohh, well he is practicing for an intercollege competition.

Tia:(smiles fakely) Oh ok (murmurs) Aah now I have to bear him. Huh…Tia who told you to come.

Aditya:What? Did you say something?

Tia: :(smiling fakely) Ohh no nothing. I was thinking why don’t we go and see Raj. I mean he would be happy seeing his sweety.

Aditya: (confused) Sweety?????

Tia: (fumbles) Sweety…who sweety I said ..woh I said sweetu haan sweetu. (pulling his cheeks and smiles) Look how sweet you are naa so you are my sweetu.

Aditya: (teasing) oho sweetu and all haan not bad. Bada pyaar aa raha hai mujh par.

Tia takes a sigh of relief and says: Offcourse afterall I love you. Agar aapki investigtion khatam ho gayi ho toh chalen.

Aditya: Haan zaroor zaroor rani sahiba apka hukum sarakhon par (he bows down in front)

Tia:bas bas maska lagana band karo.
And both moved towards table tennis hall.

In Table Tennis hall

All were practicing for quite some time so they stopped for a small break.

Avni and Karan were talking and laughing while a pair of eyes was looking at them angrily. It was Raj’s.

He was jealous. Yes he was and that too unknown to his own self. He couldn’t decide what he was feeling. He felt like punching Karan hard on his face. He thought that maybe he was angry because of Karan but actually he was jealous looking at Avni laughing with a guy. He was irritated. But soon he composes himself.

Raj thinks of irritating avni. He starts praising Himani loudly so that she could also hear.

Raj:( To himani) Yaar Himani you know you are such a good player. I had never seen someone playing like you unlike someone who just knows how to shout and taunt.(he was pointing to Avni) But you are so calm, beautiful, sweet and what not.

Avni understands he was pointing her. She was getting irritated too. She also thinks of something and moves towards them.

Avni:(to Himani) Yaa Himani Raj is right you are really good. Not only good but sweet too, right Raj

Raj:(confused ) Off course.

Avni:And beautiful too, right Raj

Raj:(uninterestingly)Off course

Avni: And look just stunning, he gets glued on just seeing you once, right Raj

Raj:(now he was getting irritated that his plan was backfiring so without thinking much) off course

Himani blushes while Avni smirks and here comes her last move

Avni: Oh so you gonna take her for a date after competition, Right Raj

Raj: (without thinking) off course.

Avni: Oh wow, congratts Himani akhir dil ki baat zubaan par aa hi gayi

Himani blushes while Raj realises what he did and gets shocked and looked towards Avni angrily who was giving him a victory smile. She smirks looking at him and says : (acting) Ok now I should go afterall I don’t want to be a kabab mein haddi and just look at him he is looking me as if he would kill me now.(to raj) Hey dont get angry, I’m going and all the best for your date.

She goes away winking at Raj who was fuming now.


On other side Pankhuri had collided with a girl. She was wearing black jeans and baby pink top. She was looking cute with a little eye makeup but her facial expressions showed that she was confused and tensed.

Pankhuri:sorry I didn’t see you. I hope I didn’t hurt you.

Girl:(tensed) I…I’m sorry too. Woh woh I was going to class but can’t find it.

Pankhuri smiles at her and forwards her hand:Hello I’m Pankhuri Deewan. You seem to be first year student. Should I help you.

Girl thinks something and shakes her hand nervously: Ragin..i Ragini Gadodia. Yaa please help and she tells her stream.

(Ragini played by Tejaswi
Prakash Wayangankar (Ragini of swaragini)- just a cameo)

Both Pankhuri and Ragini moved towards class.

Pankhuri: New to this college?
Pankhuri:In mid session??

Ragini:woh.. Woh my father got transfered here so.

Pankhuri: oh ok…Hey but you seem tensed ,Is everything all right?

Ragini: woh first day of college naa and… and someone told that seniors do ragging in the midsessions even and all I just don’t know anyone here.

Pankhuri :(laughs) There won’t be any ragging here (sidehugging her) Just chill.

Ragini relaxes a bit and they reached to class. They stop infront of class.

Pankhuri: (sees her still a bit tensed so to ease her a little she jokes) So here is your class Ms. Raginiragini. Yaar nice name and unique too but I am confused about it’s meaning. Do you know it’s meaning??(and winks at her)

Ragini understood that she was trying to calm her and smiles at her.

Pankhuri: (acting shocked) Aah what is that on your lips. It looks so beautiful. Please apply it daily.

Ragini just smiles hearing her afterall she was a new student and didn’t even know Pankhuri well and here she was trying to calm her down.

Pankhuri: Ok bye and don’t worry all the best and my mom used to say me whenever you are nervous you should smile and all nervousness will vanish.

Ragini: Thank you, I’ll try.

Ragini goes to her class while Pankhuri moves towards Table tennis hall.


Tia and Aditya enter the table tennis hall and just a second later Pankhuri too enters. They saw Raj standing at his place fuming and Avni smirking. They understood their friends at once and Raj left from there angrily ignoring all while.Avni was just staring him going.While going he hit Pankhuri who looses her balance and was about to fall, she closes her eyes in anticipation but before she would land on floor, two protective arms held her tightly from waist. It was offcourse our Aditya. Pankhuri opens her eyes and they have an eyelock.

Tu jogi teri joganiya main joganiya
Tu jogi teri joganiya main joganiya plays in background.

Screen freezes at the angry face of Raj and splits into two with a plain face of Avni and finally into three with Pankuri and Adi’s eyelock.

Sorry for the late update guys. But do comment to tell how was it.

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