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Hello guys! I am Mia and new to this writing world. I have read many fanfictions and thought to write a small one of my own on my favourite characters Aditya and Pankhuri (pkdh) and Raj and Avni (aphg).And yes in my fanfiction the things are not gonna be very much same like in actual serial. Hope you guys would like it.
I Would introduce the characters in between only so here we go. Enjoy!

The episode starts from a dark room of a small yet beautiful house.The digital clock on the wall shows 00:05am. A video is played on a LED TV and there are a few spectators sitting in the room.
The video is something like this:
A couple in their late forties are sitting on a bench of a beautiful garden and the man is sidehugging his wife.They say hello and the woman says while smiling that we are proud to be your parents Adi beta. You came to our lives 20 years ago and added colours to our lives with your naughtiness ,innocence and love.Then the man says when you were born Adi I was on cloud nine and you know I danced in the whole hospital that my little version is born.The lady hits him playfully and says stop it he is not like you ok.He is my son.And then the man says haa beta I just have one complain from you why you were mumma’s boy and pouts.The woman says Harish huh you would never change. (so the man is HARISH KUMAR)Ok Adi . When you were born we were so happy,excited and what not and also were a little tensed about if we would be able to fulfill all your wishes as at that time we were just having a small hotel. But you were so mature and intelligent that you never demanded anything which was wasteful or which we couldn’t afford.Then Harish starts speaking And thanks for supporting us so much beta that today we own such a big restaurant. We are sorry that we were not able to give you much time but we love you alot.We don’t need any ideal son we just need a son like you who loves us ,cares for us and not only that but also who along with fulfilling his dreams fulfills our dreams.Then the lady speaks thank you beta thank you so much for coming into our lives and May you get everything you want in your life and live a great life. Harish says And and as a friend I would say that may you soon get a cute and a loving wife just like me and winks and says haina avantika .Avantika (the lady) blushes a little and hits him playfully. (so the lady is AVANTIKA HARISH KUMAR) Avantika says oho harish dekho tumhare chakkar mein we forgot to say the main thing.Harish says kya karun avantu tumhe toh pta hi hai naa ki tumhe dekhte hi main sab bhul jaata hun and again winks at her she again blushes a little and avantika says Stop flirting now.and yes Adi beta Happy birthday may god bless you. Harish says same 2 Same. Avantika puts her hand on forehead and says you are just inbelievable harish.
(claps and laughing of the viewers is heard)

Then comes a boy of nearly 12 . He is wearing a capury with tee and has light grey eyes.He says ,”Hi Adi bhaiya, Happy birthday .May god bless you.Many many happy returns of the day.I love you and anddddd haa may god gives you lots of brain so that you always keep on bringing chocolates for me and laughs sheepishly While scratching his head.And serious now thank you bhai for loving me so much ,helping me and specially for helping in my michieves and then saving me from mom dad.love you happy birthday once again ummmma(flying kiss). You are the best bhai ever. ”
(again some laughing of audience is heard).

Then comes a young boy in mid twenties. He looks really Hot and dashing in his black low waste jeans along with White tee shirt and black blazer.He says .”thank you Adi bro I am just your cousin but you always treated me as your real brother. After dad’s death you have supported me alot.Thanks alot bro. Okay just leave that happy birthday I wish you to have a very good life ahead.May god bless you and may you”
and here the video gets paused.
Harish’s voice is heard he says ,”Oye Raj whats this yaar why did you stop this in middle. I also want to see.”
Till then the light gets on and a boy standing near the switchboard in blue denims and black shirt with brown blazer (he is the same dashing guy who was there in that video) turns towards Harish who was sitting on the couch in his nightsuit and making an angry face and says Oho my angry old mausaji dont try to be angry when you can’t be. And its late now lets cut the cake first baaki baatein khane ke baad.” He signals something to Avantika through his eyes and she gets up and brings the cake.

Harish: Huh! Yaar thats not fair I wanted to watch the video.and tune old kisko bola haan (to avantika who has just brought the cake) Avantika you too tum bhi iske pichhe lag gayi.and makes faces while avantika and Raj smiles.

Avantika keeps the cake on table and all gets around it.

Raj:(while walking towards the table) oho ab kya karen mausaji mera charm hi kuchh aisa hai you know(oho uncle what shall I do you know my charm is something like that only) saying this he winks at harish with a playful smile. While Harish’s jaws dropped.

Harish: Sharam karle Idiot teri maasi hai aur meri biwi ( Have some shame
idiot she is your aunt and my wife)

Raj: (dramatically)Haan usi baat ka to dukh hai

Harish had got up and started chasing him, he laughs and runs towards avantika .

Harish : (While chasing)Ab to tu gaya
beta .

Raj : (While running ) Help your handsome hunk maasi

Harish: Ruk jaa tu to maasi ke chamche

Raj : Chamche nahin bhanje mausaji bhanje

All others are laughing at their antics when finally
Avantika says ,”chalo bas bas ab lets cut the cake.”

Harish : Haan haan phir se bacha lo tum ise

Avantika: Harish….

Harish : Ok ok meri maa aa raha hun

Avantika gives the knife to a guy who takes it from her and also holds her hand( He is wearing a black Lower with grey tee shirt and his fully toned muscular body is visible through his clothes and his just one Smile was enough to make a girl drool over him.Not to forget about his grey eyes.)

Avantika : Adi…
Aditya : Mom its my birthday so my wish I will cut the cake only with you and dad.

Avantika smiles at her son and is overwhelmed to see her son’s love towards them.

Soon Raj takes their photos and they cut the cake.
Adi first feeds his mother then his little brother Ayush and then at last goes towards Harish.

Harish makes faces and turns to other side like being angry.

Harish: Haan haan beta papa ko bhool gaya. Mumma ko khila diya bhai ko khila diya mere paas last pe aa raha hai.

Adi: (hugs him from back and says) oho my drama king . You are forgetting ki you are first my friend and then my dad so stop it.
He turns him to face him while Raj comes from other side hiding something in his hand without Harish’s notice and winks at Adi who gives him a naughty smile.Adi feeds cake to Harish and then
Adi puts cake on Harish’s face while Raj puts ice cream on Harish’s face and head.

Harish is shocked and looks at both of them unbelievingly while Avantika and Ayush laugh looking at him.

Harish : you both I won’t leave both of you

Three of them run in the room with Harish running after the boys with Cake in his hand

Harish: (While running)yaar Adi yeh to aisa tha hi tu bhi iske saath rehkar aisa ban gaya(Adi he was like this only you too became like him)

Adi: Sorry dad but what shall I do I’m Harish version 2 so I need to be naughty like you and need to maintain the respect of your name.

Harish jaws dropped while other 4 Were laughing like mads now.

Raj:(to Harish) sorry old man but I must say I too have changed after staying with you. Now I understood what teacher used to mean when she used to say we should beware of bad company he winks and laughs

Harish: uuuuu kya khakar paida kiya hai tujhe(what was eaten before your birth)

Adi: Dad that toh you ask from maasi only when she comes next month.

both adi and raj gives hi-fi to each other and laugh Harish makes a pout face like a kid and sit on the bed.

Harish: I wont talk to anyone you all go

both the cousins look at each other smile and go to him both sit on their knees infront of him.and hold their ears and say “sorry” together.

Harish smiles but hides it
Adi: Sorry dadu you are my best besttttt best friend. The sweetest person alive
Raj: and the most dashing and young and cheerful man.
Harish now looks towards them smiles and bends a little to hug them but at the end moment applies cake on their faces and laughs. All laugh then Raj takes Adi near the cake table feeds some cake to him he too feeds him. And they hug each other.

Raj : Thanks bro thank you very much
Adi: (At that very moment releases the hug and Angrily says) are you mad or what I am full 3 Months elder to you so I have right to take care of my younger brother and dont you dare say me thank you for that.
Adi gets angry and looks other side

Raj smiles a little and says him sorry but still he doesnot agree so he bends on his knees and looking down says
Raj: I am sorry bhai for doing that plz forgive me plzzzz he folds his hands infront of him and makes a cute puppy face.
Adi melts seeing his expressions and hugs him saying pagal ladka while other three admire their bond and prays that they always stay together.

later all had some selfies and photographs.

Episode ends on the happy faces of kumar family.

So here was the complete introduction about small Kumar family.which has 4 Members
Harish kumar and Avantika kumar who are responsible yet friendly parents. They love their family alot.
Elder son is Aditya while younger one is Ayush both love each other alot.
Then is Raj Gupta. He is Adi’s cousin and avantika’s sister’s only son.His father died and he lives with kumar family for study purpose and loves harish and avantika just like his own parents. Harish and Avantika are no less they treat three of them equally and share a very good and cute bond with him.Kumar family owns a big restaurant. They are middle class people. About our heroes and heroines you will know more in upcoming episodes . Till then bye.
And about cast till now
Harish kumar :Nitesh pandey
Avantika H. Kumar:Manasi salvi
Aditya Kumar:Nakul mehta
Ayush:Shivansh kotia
Raj Gupta:mishkit verma

Credit to: Mia

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