always love you (OS)

Hyyy frnd this is my first os…. please ignore mistake …and thanks Anniya di for helping me ….
Character sketch –

Sanskar kappor-A smart, intelligent boy and he always  spent the day traipsing from place to place  with his friends but after his accident he started to live sad and not going anywhere …..

Swara bose-A cute,intelligent ,attractive girl , always she spent her whole day with her friends,  she always think positively and never give up ….

Rahul mishra – Swasan common friend…

Now story start….
As usual sanky and his friends playing football but suddenly sanky notice a girl who wearing a casual clothes but she looking attractive (she is swara )and she talking with a guy suddenly she notice sanky staring   her but she ignored it and move from that place…..

After that day sanskar always go to play football and also bunk’s the coaching but reality is sanskar always go for swara because he became to fall with her and swara always notice sanskar staring her and she also started to like to get his attention and she like him and rahul started to tease him ….

Swasan both staring each other without notice anyone….

Swara also notice that sanskar was good guy and helps other people and other side sanskar always thinking about swara…???

One day sanskar go toward swara and he says ” can you became my friend ” and swara says yes…then both became friends …both share all things to each …and their friendship bonding also became strong ….3 months pass for their friendship ….

Suddenly one day sanskar not came to  football ground then she asked rahul why sanskar not came to ground …rahul says I don’t know swara and I also go his house but his house was locked… Then she thinks may be he was went anywhere with his parents…but 2 weeks passed but sanskar not came the ground and she started to miss him badly and she also started to find him but only  disappointing getting in her hand and with passing time she started to forget him….

After 3 years…
Sanskar started to live sad ,alone,and never going anywhere always he close himself in a house because when ever he go outside the house he feel that all people staring him and their eyes feel that give  sympathy him….

In early morning sanskar going outside his house …. he wanted to go morning walk ….
But suddenly he notice a girl …who sitting in garden and she is very sad then he look her face then he remember about swara …then he sit on bench opposite to girl and  he thinks when his life going on perfectly ….he thinks about his past life was he happy and with swara …..

Flask back – 
As usual sanskar went to meet swara and he also decided to tell his feeling for her because he also know that swara also like him but suddenly when sanskar cross the road then he saw a small kid was crying on middle of road then he was going for save kid but suddenly a track came and hit sanskar and due to his accident his half  face burn and with passing time he started to live sad, alone, under confident….
Flask back ends…

Then he about to leave but he notice some boys teasing a girl … Then he go and fight with boys save the girl …and girl says to sanky thanks you for saving me… And she introduce herself as a  “Swara” then she ask his name and sanky ran from that place …then swara thinks what happens to him why he ran away …any way I am getting late for going to collage then she also leave the garden ….

In collage
Swara entered collage with her friends and she tell them about morning accident then she noticed a boy not a boy same guy who save her then she moved towards him and ask his name but he nothing says to swara and silently move from that place and going to his class room then professor came and tell them about new student every one talk about who is he/she then professor says swara come inside the class and swara see sanky and professor  introduce about swara and she is topper of her old clg then professor say swara if u have any problem u can help from sanskar because he is good guy in this clg and topper and professor stand sanskar and  say him u help swara if she have any problem regarding study …then professor leave class room …..

swara go near sanskar and say him hey ….and sanky also reply her hello and swara says can u became my friend ??? And sanky confused and look towards her …then sanky says why u want my friendship ….then Bell rang everyone going to canteen but Swasan are still standing and løøk toward each other …..swara say why u don’t want my friendship ….because I am new here na … I don’t know anyone and professor also says you are good guy so, that’s why…. And sanky say it’s okk …

Then swara says means we are friends na …so let’s enjoy our 1st friendship day …let’s go canteen …then both went canteen and swara ask sanky what you want to eat …sanky says only coffee and nothing …swara say only coffee nothing else ….it’s treat yr … Anything you want plzz order yr….why you behaving like you are girl…even girl are better than you she have not any type of shy…..and sanky continue see her without starting then when swara stop saying and notice the sanky not listening her but she confused to see sanky she saw here there but when she about to ask sanky then suddenly a boy came and says sry to swara to disturb and he looks angry to sanky ….and sanky says sorry  to him …plz don’t angry yr with puppy face and his friend say I am never angry to you but you should tell na ….I am searching whole collage but you always want to alone …I knw you don’t love your bestie ….Rahul say in dramatic voice …. 
Swara smiling seeing sanky and Rahul frndship …then Rahul notice swara …and say her “hello, my self Rahul , Nam toh suna hi hoga” and swara say ” my self swara”…then Bell rang then sanky says let’s go class then trio moves for class 
Some days passed …trio(Swasan and Rahul) became bestie  …but one day swara saws her childhood pic in sanky phone then she realised sanky is non of them her first love then she thought asks question from sanskar why he leave her ….then suddenly Rahul came and noticed swara was thinking something so ,he thought that tease swara  and started to tease her but swara is angry mood ….she shouting on Rahul and said just shut up … Rahul keep quiet and then sanky came and says hello to both but he notice swara is angry mood and ask Rahul what happened to her???, Why she keep quiet and angry mood … Rahul says I don’t know yr …. what happened to her ….
Then swara says to sanky I wanted to talk with you right now …
Rahul says I am going class room …byeeeee 
Then Swasan are present …and sanky says what you want to talk …then she shows some childhood pictures of Swasan then swara ask questions why u leave me that time ????? 
Sanskar don’t understand ….
Again she repeat questions … this time sanskar understood what she wants to  says ….
Why you leave me plzzz tell me dammed….
Sanskar was stand like statue he not able to answer her question … just then Rahul again came and ask what happens guys …then sanky says to Rahul … she is swara …then Rahul says I know that … why you told me her name …. sanskar says … she is swara Bose ….
What … Rahul says 
Then sanky says to swara you forget me plzzz don’t again came in front of  me….then he leave that place 
Swara started  to cry …..then she ask to Rahul … you are his bestie na …you know what happened to him why he leave me ….. please tell me …..
Then Rahul says ….yes, I know that …. Rahul told everything to her what happened with him….

Swara looks at Rahul … and says him can you please tell me where sanky was meet ya where he was went I want to talk with him ….
Rahul says yes …I know that he went to garden because when ever he was sad he always went that place …. come with me

Then Rahul leave that place to swara ….
Then swara went near sanskar and say him love will not happen to saw face, 
Not saw his/her past … love is beautiful thing and love will happen to everyone …..
And I want to ask you… what happens when you know that  whose you love more than anything …. she is paralysis …. what you do … you leave her …tell me….

Sanskar I love you not your face … how you look I don’t care but I know that how much you care for all , how was your nature …..

Then she about to leave the place .. sanskar hold her hand and says I don’t leave my love when I know she is paralysis then swara says  how can you expect from me I leave you ….

Then swara says I am paralysis from childhood but I never effected on my life …I always do what I wanted ….but you not … then she leaves that place ……

Then sanky also leave that place …..

Next day

Sanskar propose swara in college and says I love you swara …..and will you marry me swara …..
Swara says you never leave me na … sanky says yes … then yessss …..I love you sanskar …..

Then Rahul came and says you both forget me na … and especially sanskar you …. today I was early get up for you but you not give me party … then Swasan bursts out laughing ….

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  14. Haya malik

    Aahhh most confusing os over….the story the concept the love…everything is perfect but logic.. No no no…the logic is not satisfied…
    I mean Swara is paralyzed …if that so its really confusing… Coz a paralyzed person can’t live a normal life…
    Well leave my bak bak….I must say it was a nice try but plz try to justify logic in future…
    Looking forward for your more posts

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