You are and always be my life! (KKB) episode 8


Pragya was feeling very lost of Abhi’s reaction to her words….She knew he wasn’t angry but what is he thinking now?? That was making Pragya very worried.

As for Abhi he was keep on recalling Pragya’s words and was thinking what should he do next to change himself…..

Abhi, If I changed then Aaliya would suspect of my changes! But what Pragya said is right…..If my fans receive so much of happiness from me then I will also have to change for them….Especially for my special and my most favourite fan Chasmish!

Pragya called Purab and explained to him everything….Purab ” Di! What u have told is right! We all never tell him about this as he won’t listen to it! But u made him listen to u Di! I am so happy for u!” Pragya ” Huh? Happy for me? Purab! I am worried what is running in his mind now and u are saying u are happy for me!” Purab “Di! U are so funny! I said i am happy for u as he listened to u without any arguments that means he had accepted that u are right and he would change too!” Pragya ” Really? How are u so sure about that?” Purab ” I am very sure as I am his best friend Di!” Pragya ” I hope so if he changed his mindest towards money means then I am the one most happiest person!” Purab ” I know Di…Ok let me check what is he doing in his room and get back to u!” Pragya ” Ok Purab! Bye!”

Purab opened the door of Abhi’s room and saw him kissing his phone….

Purab ” Abhi! What are u doing?” Abhi got conscious of what he was doing and hid his phone behind the pillow beside him…

Abhi ” Nothing just kissing my favourite phone…” Purab ” Favourite phone or favorite person in phone?” Abhi blushed badly hearing the word favourite person…

Abhi ” Maybe or may be not! But how does it matters to u? And why are u here at this time?” Purab “Oh I just came to check whether is everything ok with u!” Abhi ” Why did I fall sick or what?” Purab ” No…I mean u met Pragya and how was it? Did u get any suggestions…” Abhi, Purab is trying to act smart…I know Chasmish had called him to check on me! But I am a rockstar not normal star! So now I will rock both of them in my style…Abhi ” Nothing much Purab! I didn’t get what I want…aftet all she is just a fan…I should have just asked u for suggestions…Its ok now I am tired and I want to sleep…” Purab was a bit dissappointed with his reply and said in low tone ” Oh ok then…Good night!” Abhi ” Good night Purab!” Purab left from there and Abhi was smiling widely that how easily Purab believed his acting….

The next day…..

Abhi woke up very early and looked for Purab. Abhi ” Purab! Let’s go!” Purab ” So early? Where do u want to go?” Abhi ” Suspense!” Purab ” Suspense for what yaar? I am very tired now let me come later and u go first!” Abhi ” No way! U have to come with me now! If not I will tell Dadi that u are not speaking to me properly…” Purab ” Huh? What are u telling?” Abhi ” Do u want to listen to all these or just come with me now?” Purab ” I shall just come with u instead of listening to your lame reasons…” Abhi ” U only have 10 mins to get ready!”

In a rush, Purab was ready to go with Abhi…Purab ” Where are we going? And why are u driving the car? Why not the driver?” Abhi ” I told u right its suspense? So thats why I am driving…” Purab, What is he trying to do now??? I seriously don’t have any idea!

Abhi, Now u will have to see my rocking side friend!

Abhi reached the place….Purab ” Why are we here? And some more with no bodyguards and all!” Abhi ” You are here with me right? U are my best bodyguard!” Purab in a worried tone ” Abhi! This is very bad!” Abhi ” Not at all! I have something for our disguise…” Purab ” What?” Abhi took out something from the bag in the behind seat….

Purab irked looking at what Abhi was holding ” So now I will have to wear this?” Abhi ” Arrey! I am also wearing this! Its only on your head!” It was a wig which covered almost their whole face ( something like Abhi’s hairstyle in the beginning of kkb…but more bulkier) Purab ” Its so heavy!” Abhi ” Don’t complain like a small kid! Its just for a while and remove your shirt!” Purab got shocked and asked ” What??” Abhi ” U have to match to the hairstyle and wear this funky t-shirt just like me! Let me get down first from the car. As I know u are a very shy person!” Purab ” This is so crazy!” Purab changed and got down from the car. Abhi ” Perfect Purab! Now u just look like a younger brother to me! But something is missing!” Purab ” Abhi! Its enough! Already this wig is itchy and don’t torture me with something else now!” Abhi laughed at him and said ” This won’t make u itchy!” Purab ” Shades! Ok this is fine!” Abhi ” Let me take a picture of u and send this to Dadi! She will be so happy that she got another grandson just like me!” Purab annoyed ” Abhi! Am I looking like a show piece to u? Just stop this and tell me what are we going to do now?” Abhi ” What’s the hurry? First let’s go in!”

Purab ” I seriously don’t know what have gone into your mind!” Abhi smiled and thought, May be its the craziness for someone….

Abhi and Purab entered the place….

Purab ” I can’t! I am leaving…” Abhi ” Then i will have to remove this disguise off!” Purab ” Are u blackmailing me?” Abhi ” Glad that u understood that!” Abhi ” Just enjoy the atmosphere here man! Its been a long time we were like this…among so many students! Don’t u feel we have travelled back in time?” Purab ” I would have felt that way if I never wear this irritating wig!” Abhi ” Lower down ur voice what if others hear?” Purab was keep scratching his head due to itchiness and the students who passed him laughed at that….Purab ” You see now everyone is laughing at us!” Abhi smirked and said ” Not us! Its u!” Purab with frustration said ” Whatever…so where are we heading to?” Abhi ” I also dont know until I see her!” Purab realised he was refering to Pragya and said ” What? Until then I will have to be like a joker!” Abhi ” I know what u can do is after scratching your head then u like shake ur hand in the air by saying Yo! Yo! Cool! Cool!” Purab ” Huh? What??” Abhi ” Just do like I say! Then u see what happens!” Purab did like what he said and it turned out to be like a dance step while he was walking……

Those who passed him also followed that and yelled ” Its a very cool step!” Purab ” What the hell!! My scratching and this shaking has become a step now!” Abhi ” Ya at least better than the laughter u faced just now!” That’s when Abhi saw her talking to some professor…

Purab ” Why u stopped walking?” Abhi ” Look in front she is there!” Purab, Oh god! What if Pragya di knows that I am with him in this way…..Abhi ” U go in front and I am behind u!” Purab ” Why me?” Abhi winked and said ” As u are my best friend!” Purab, Now I regret for saying the same line to Pragya di….

Purab ” At least tell me what should I do?” Abhi ” Just pass her and make sure u that she sees u doing that step!” Purab was shocked and said ” No way!” Abhi ” Ok then I shall remove my disguise!” Purab ” What is this yaar…Ok I will do it!” Pragya was now walking alone looking at some files and heard a familiar voice….It was purab telling the lines and doing the funny step….

Pragya, The voice looks very familiar and who are these two?? Never seen them before in college! Purab passed her and he hid behind the pillar there…Abhi was still standing there and mesmerized by Pragya’s presence…..

Pragya was about to pass him but got suspicious looking at Abhi’s shoes….Pragya, How can it be him? Why do I feel its him by just looking at his shoes? Its not possible as there is so many people with this shoes! But it looks exactly the same as the one I bought for him when I was his boss! Its an exclusive one that not many people could have bought it!

Pragya was keep on looking down as for Abhi he was keep on looking at her….Abhi ” You are rocking my world!” Pragya heard that and looked up ” What?” Abhi ” You are making my world Pragya ji!” Pragya sternly said ” I heard rocking just now!” Abhi ” No mam! You are making my world as a professor and thats what i was refering to!”

Pragya, Its him! Oh god! I can’t believe he is here in this disguise….Its so cute….He thinks like a small kid now to see me! But no matter what even he change his looks or voice, I can still recognize him….Now I know just now it was Purab who passed me! What he have done to him! What is he trying to do?

Abhi ” Mam! Are u listening?” Pragya ” I know its u!” Abhi ” Who?” Pragya ” My rockstar!” Abhi ” May be…” Pragya tried to remove his wig from head while he was keep on moving to make it difficult for her to reach. Finally she succeeded and chuckled looking at the wig’s bulkiness…..Pragya ” Its so wet! U were sweating all the while?” Abhi ” Have to with this wig….” Pragya ” Why u have to do all these? Wait!” She used her duppata to wipe his neck, while he was watching her intently……(Kaise hai ishq hai plays at the background….)

Pragya too was lost in his look her until she heard Purab’s voice….

Purab ” Abhi!!” Abhigya came back to sense and realised that they were in close proximity….They moved back and looked at Purab. Pragya ” Where was your new hairstyle? It looked so apt on u!” Purab ” Di! Don’t tease me! Its all because of this Abhi!!!” Abhi smirked and said ” Its all because of her!” Pragya ” Me?? What did i do??” Abhi ” Your words yesterday made me to come and see u today…I wanted to see how u teach your students!” Pragya ” For that u came in disguise and tortured Purab too! Poor Purab!” Purab ” Haan di!” Abhi ” Whatever…but I am lucky that I met u for a while here…with no students here!” Pragya smiled widely and said ” Its because now is lunch hour and all students will be in the canteen or other parts of the campus and not here in the academic block….” Abhi ” Then now I shall leave….” Pragya with a puzzled look ” Why?” Abhi ” U need to have your lunch and I have something on now!” Abhi signalled to Purab to leave and he walked in front to leave….

Purab who was behind looked at Pragya and said ” Di! I seriously don’t understand him now! At one moment he say he wants to meet u and spent time with u and then later he is saying like this…We will talk about this later in phone! Bye!”. Pragya ” Haan Purab!” Pragya was now wondering why is he now so confusing….He was never like this before…..but this confusing behaviour of his makes him cute now….

No precap!

Ok the other ff is currently under heavy maintenance again…I seriously don’t know why may be i am like thinking too much whether is it correct in what i am writing! Thousand times sorry for the delay and i will try to update that by sunday as I am kind of busy nowadays with some work…This ff is new so may be I am having ideas quite fast compared to the other ff! Thats the reason that this is quite regular…but I will end this soon too!

Thank u for reading and hope u all liked this crazy update haha may be its very b…..U all said that i shouldn’t tell the word so I just said the first letter??

Bye friends and siblings! Stay blessed and stay relaxed too! ??

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