You are and always be my life! (KKB) episode 7

Pragya was also wondering for what Abhi wanted suggestion from her. She was totally clueless!

Abhi ” Ok Chasmish! Let me ask you….I want to do something new so I have planned to venture in to educational business….” Pragya ” Educational business? What do u mean?” Abhi ” I want set up a college called ARC!” Pragya who was drinking juice while listening to that was taken aback and looked at him with eyes widened.

Pragya ” ARC? What does it mean?” Abhi ” Oh its Abhi’s Rocking College! In short ARC!” Pragya couldn’t control her laughter hearing to that and was keep on laughing…
Abhi got annoyed and said ” Hey Chasmish! We are not alone…Look around there are people too and u are laughing like a mad person!” Pragya was conscious about his words and asked ” Ok Let me ask u something, why did u get this sudden idea?” Abhi ” I want to make more money! Today my relatives came to my home and some of them were talking about the college admission fees and I was impressed by the huge amount and also by the college fees too! Then I realised its a very smart and easy way to make more money!!!” Pragya ” For money u want to set up an college?”  Abhi ” Of course everything I do is for money!” Pragya ” Are u sure? This is so ridiculous!” Abhi ” Not at all! I want to expand out with what i have…” Pragya ” I really don’t know whether is this right for me to tell but still I will share with u my opinion…Will u listen?” Abhi ” Ok I will Chasmish!” Pragya ” I can understand your desire to make money….but using education as a reason is not right…As a professor, I know that institutions are charging a lot but I can’t do anything about that apart from feeling bad…Do u know why I feel bad? Because I feel that education is a service…A service to educate others with a lot of experiences, That’s what I do to my students. I try to educate them with experiences too….In that way they get excelled as individuals….Thats why I don’t want u to do something bad in the field of education…. It’s nothing wrong for u to expand out with what u have but please don’t do like this….I mean its really bad, and setting up college is not that easy as u think….just because u are celebrity it doesn’t mean that people will just come after you to get into your college!” Abhi ” Are u saying that my popularity is not enough to attract students?” Pragya ” I didn’t mean that way Abhi! What I mean is….How do I explain to u? Ok I know u like money but sometimes u need to think about values…Values that make u as a  better person…It doesn’t matter even if u never do donations or help others but at least u have the value to make others happy through your music….Do u know how many lakhs of your fans are happy forgetting their sorrows just by listening to your music? That is more worth than the money u are earning! In that way only I am your fan!” Abhi was surprised and asked ” Really Chasmish? That much of impact I have on my fans?” Pragya took out her phone and showed her playlist in it….Pragya ” You see here! I only have your songs…whenever I feel happy, depressed or even scared I listen to your songs! By just listening to your voice and music, It makes me forget so many things that disturb me…. To say the truth, you are actually donating happiness to so many people through your musical works…” Abhi had no words to express his emotion at that time….He felt very ashamed of thinking only about making money as his priority….Pragya ” I am sorry! I can understand that I hurt u with my words!” Abhi looked into her eyes and told her ” Thank you!” By saying that he stood up to leave from there making Pragya confused. Pragya ” Where are u leaving?” Abhi ” Let me leave now but I am not leaving u!”

Pragya was keep on looking at Abhi leaving and was also puzzled with his words……what? did I hear him correctly? He said I am not leaving u???

Abhi, Once again u made me realise something new….something that I fail to realise until now….but I am feeling even though u are new to me, what u are talking or sharing to me is not at all new to me….Why is that so? I just wanted to see u with an idea that came in my mind….but for me to have that idea it means I am that much addicted to money….


Abhi ” Purab! You go in front and I will be behind u!” Purab ” Why me?” Abhi winked and said ” As u are my best friend!”

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  1. superbb yarr……………………………..nice motivation class……………………..but it is true that education system is behind of money only

  2. Semma suga

  3. Nice one…

  4. superb yaar and pragya though about edu it was just awesome and waiting for next episode keep going keep rocking………………

  5. Wow wat a explanation ????its damn true abt the current education system ?????and iam totally lost in ur words ????ur way of writing is incredible ??????????Lovely abhigya ??❤❤interesting precap???keep rocking??eagerly waiting for ur nxt update ????

  6. Maya

    Finally this is out! Now I am wondering when will the other ff that I uploaded will come?

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  8. Awesome!!

  9. Prathi

    Are they taking such a long time to update! ?? I expected Abhi will hug her! Disappointed. It’s ok but awesome epi!! You know what I love this more than is this called love ff!! I just keep on re reading every epi when you post a new one! I am just in love with this ff Maya!! ?? Expectations are higher ?

  10. Prathi

    Are they taking such a long time to update! ?? I expected Abhi will hug her! Disappointed. It’s ok but awesome epi!! You know what I love this more than is this called love ff!! I just keep on re reading every epi when you post a new one! I am just in love with this ff Maya!! ?? Expectations are higher ??

  11. nice di!!what pragya said is absolutely right…ncie message through ff.LOve u di

  12. Maahi

    omg sia guess wat tmrw we hv a JAM on Reformation of educatin i was dizz confused tht i dont kbw frm were to start it but uu my girl my magical IB initiatd it with service thnzxx a lott fr dizzz unexpected help u roxkedddddd it evry singlw word is really inspirational awsomeeeee dr keep Rocking sia

  13. really nice epic suga

  14. Really really reallyyyyyyyyyy amazing episode yaar no words to say simple awesome yaar I’m too excited for next part


    -what an episode yàar.. no words to explain.. I love this ff

  16. Rocking maya ….your simply superb

  17. Monesha

    Awesome di I loved it sorry for my late comment

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