You are and always be my life! (KKB) episode 5


Once again thank u so much for reading! So let’s just get into the story!

In Mehra mansion….

Abhi ” Purab! Did u paid Chasmish?” Purab ” Actually she said its not necessary….so I never paid her!” Abhi ” What does she mean  its not necessary? She worked for a day right? Then its her right to be paid!” Purab ” Ya I know but she said she did this for an experience and that is enough for her!” Abhi ” Experience? She is totally mad! Give me her number and I want to talk to her!” Purab ” I can give her number but u cannot call her!” Abhi ” Why?” Purab ” No the same thing yaar she really don’t want to talk anything apart from work…..” Abhi ” If that is so then I don’t want her number too!” He was very angry and just slammed the door and walked off to his studio room….

Abhi, What is this Chasmish thinking? Is she thinking that I am dying to talk to her? She is very well talking to Purab but not to me! Or is she thinking that I am after her? Who is she to decide why I should never talk to her???

Pragya, I know that u will be angry with me ….but what can I do? If u talk to me through phone then surely one day Tanu and Aaliya will find it out! Then again the same pain, worries will start….I am fed up of all these….I just want to have pleasant moments with u….For that I need to meet u everyday….But how is that even possible when u are such a big rockstar and I am very simple professor…..

Abhi, If I meet her again I would just ignore her! Yes this is the right way! I know she is a professor who is boring but not to this extent. Hey Chasmish! Just watch out how difficult will it be to face this rockstar’s ignorance….

Abhi went out to have lunch at his favourite restaurant and Pragya was also there as she usually goes there once in a week to recall the times that Abhi and her had meals together. Abhi entered and Pragya was already there waiting for her meal. Abhi, This Chasmish is even here! Now I will show my ignoring style!

Pragya saw him coming and smiled widely but he just passed her as if he never see her at all. Pragya was worried, why did he never even smile? Abhi sat down in the table behind her. Pragya stood up from there and walked towards where Abhi was sitting. Abhi, Oh so now she is desperate to talk to me! But I won’t talk anything!

Pragya approached him but again he ignored her by looking at another direction. Pragya ” Hi!” Abhi turned behind as if she is talking to someone else…Pragya ” I am saying hi to u rockstar!” Abhi ” Thats my profession and I have a name called Abhi if u want to call me!” Pragya, I know he forgot our relation but I really can’t call his name….Abhi ” Excuse me! May I know why are u here Ms Pragya?” Pragya ” I know u are angry but i am not here to convince u….i am here to give your wallet that u dropped it just now…” Abhi ” Wallet? Its with me!” He checked his pocket and realised that he did dropped it….Pragya ” Here is your wallet!” Abhi after getting it from her ” Thank u!” Pragya just smiled and walked back to her table but Abhi managed to hold her hand…

Abhi ” I am sorry…..but u can have lunch with me if u don’t mind…” Pragya ” I don’t mind having lunch with u but I mind you holding my hand!” Abhi let her hand off and she sat opposite of him to have lunch….

Abhi, why do u have to hold her hand? She will be now thinking that I am a crazy rockstar….This is so bad….

Pragya, Actually I don’t mind u holding my hand but i can’t tell u that too….

Abhi ” So in between eating can we talk or we have to remain silent based on your condition?” Pragya ” There is a reason for me to tell like that….While we are working or at home if we keep on talk to someone what will those around u will think?” Abhi ” They will think u are talking to someone important!” Pragya ” Exactly! Am I that important? No right? Thats why i came up with that condition!” Abhi thought for a while….Abhi ” Ya Chasmish….If i start to talk then there will be no end until the phone battery dies or my body battery dies….You are right! Now i understand your condition!” Pragya, Its all because of those who are around u who always think of separating us if not we can talk whenever u wish….

Abhi ” Lost in thoughts again?” Pragya ” Kind of…The meals are here! Let’s have lunch first!” Abhi ” Sure Chasmish!”

In between their meals they talked about so many things….right from their childhood to their life now….Abhi ” I think u have to meet my sister Aaliya! She will definitely like u!” Pragya, What Aaliya again? No i need to tell something to avoid meeting her…Pragya ” We don’t have to get so personal of meeting each other’s family members….Its better that we just talk like like friends….like train friends…” Abhi ” Train friends? I never travelled in train and what do u mean by that?” Pragya ” Oh! U know when u travel in trains like long trips sometimes the person beside u will become a friend and u will talk to her or him about so many random things until the trip ends…and after that both of u will go in different paths and it will become as a sweet memory to u….” Abhi ” Acha…so just sharing about random things… Nice thought! Ok then we shall meet at here every week! Same timing?” Pragya ” Not sure whether I can meet u every week but will inform Purab if i can’t meet u….” Abhi, Always Purab! Why can’t she say I will just text u at least? Pragya ” Are u thinking as in why I can’t even text u?” Abhi was taken aback ” Do u know mind reading? How u know what I was thinking?

Chasmish tell me the truth are u a professor for psychology?” Pragya laughed at his sudden shock look and questions…Pragya ” Nothing like that its just basic way to think what u might be thinking about what I have told u….You are a very big rockstar and will have busy schedules most of the time and u don’t really use phone always…Ur phone will be with ur PA most of the time, so if i texted u at those timings it will be a disturbance and I also don’t want others to know that I am in contact with a rockstar….U know there will be so many questions to be answered like how u know him? Why u know him? And many more….” Abhi looked at her and thought, How understanding is she…..She knows what situation I am in as if she lived with me before! How I wish she can live with me….

Pragya ” Now u are lost in thoughts!” Abhi ” No! I didnt expect u to think to this extent…I mean usually those who talk to me only ask for my number and want to talk to me for hours but u are very different!” Pragya ” Its not being different! Its being practical..Sometimes we have to think about others point of view too!” Abhi ” I never thought this way….I thought u are thinking that I am after u and thats why u don’t want to talk to me!” Pragya ” If that is so then I wouldn’t have been talking like this even after we finished our meals one hour ago….” Abhi understood from the way Pragya told that she did like talking to him….Saiyyara plays at the background….

The waiter came there to clean the tables and their eyelock still continued until the sounds of taking the plates disturbed them….

Pragya looked at her watch, ” It’s already getting late for me! I shall leave now!” Abhi ” Shall I drop u?” Pragya ” No thanks rockstar…Its just nearby that I have to go! Meet u soon!” With that she left the place in a hurry paying her bills…

Abhi was still sitting there….Abhi, I never see someone like Chasmish before….She is very understanding about my lifestyle and that too being a professor! Even that Tanu never understand this despite living a same lifestyle as me! I wish Chasmish is not only my friend but something more….

No precap!

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  1. superbb yarr………………….i liked it

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      So sweet of you Mokshi!??? its just a simple episode but still thanks for appreciating it to this much!?????

      1. Ya i knew it it just a simple epi but the way of ur writing s making me crazy i cant xprss in words love you❤????

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  12. Maya your ff is so amazing yaar …
    I wanna ask u a question if u don’t mind
    Well I will still ask u anyways
    U know your description of your self when u said
    Crazy about abhigya and kia ora tene tatou Kato and love to be myself
    Yeah well what does. Kia ora tene tatou Kato mean
    Or if u don’t Wana tell me the meaning just tell me which language it is in
    N also your ff is so wonderful. Do U rite is this called love bcaz that 1 is superbly beautiful

    1. Maya

      Thank u Amy! ??Haha I don’t mind its called Maori language and it simply means Greetings and Hello to all! Yes I am the one who is this called love? But its currently under maintenance issues??

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