You are and always be my life (KKB) Episode 47

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Abhigya in full swing for Aaliya’s wedding preparations although in the back of their minds they were still worried about the someone. They were acting as normal as they could with Dadi.

At their room,
Pragya “ How many times I have to tell u to keep this there?” Abhi “Fuggy! This is not your time to order me! Can’t u see that I am getting ready for the engagement ceremony?” Pragya was fed up of him as he always misplaces his things and she ends up keeping them in place.

Abhi looking at her anger smiled and came beside her. Abhi “ My dear Fuggi…this is my last time…after this I won’t keep my headset on the bed! Is that ok?” Pragya “Not ok!” Abhi “ Oh Fuggi! Why are u becoming so stubborn?” Pragya “You always say this is your last time but u are doing it every time!” Abhi “What do u expect me to do now?” Pragya “Punishment!” Abhi exclaimed “Punishment?? How can u punish your Pati?”
Pragya “Did I say I am going to punish u?” Abhi “Then who are u going to punish?” Pragya “Myself!” Abhi “What the hell? I did a mistake and u want to punish yourself?” Pragya stood up and was about to move away when Abhi pulled her back by holding her hands. He made her sit on his lap.

Pragya “I am not going to talk to u!” Abhi “Acha…but now u are talking to me!” Pragya screamed “Dadi!!!” Dadi hearing that came to their room and saw her sitting on Abhi’s lap. She smiled looking at them and Pragya quickly stood up.

Pragya “Dadi! He is disturbing me…” Dadi “Even now? Abhi! How can u?” Abhi looking away “No Dadi….it was just…” Dadi “It’s alright, Pragya come with me and help Aaliya to get ready!” Pragya nodded her head and Dadi walked in front and she followed her.

Abhi, This Fuggi is getting mischievous nowadays! She knows I can’t really speak in front of Dadi!

A while later, Pragya came back near the doorstep and called “Suniye…” Abhi looked at her “Kahiye…” Pragya “How was my disturbance?” Abhi “You better go and help Aaliya now! If not I will bite u!” Pragya chuckled hearing that and she walked away.

Abhi smiled and was getting himself ready.

Pragya went inside Aaliya’s room and over there Purvi was also there trying to console her.

Pragya “What happened?” Purvi “You see di now she is crying…” Pragya “Why?” Purvi “Thinking about past…” Aaliya “Yes Bhabhi…because of me only Bulbul is no more…”
Pragya “We are her sisters, and we are even trying not to remember that then why are u worrying for that?” Aaliya “Guilty….” Pragya holding her shoulder “Aaliya! What happened can’t be changed….Now what we all can do is be happy as a family…Bulbul always wished for that…so please Aaliya, don’t be sad now….if your Bhai knows this then he will be worried as well….u know how much he will get worried…at least for us we will express our sadness but he won’t, he will keep his worries to himself and cover it up with his antics….”

Aaliya “Yes Bhabhi…I won’t worry….just for him…” She said that and wiped her tears.
Pragya “That’s like a good girl!” By saying that both Purvi and Pragya started in helping Aaliya to get ready.

A few hours later,

Abhi was attending to the guests in the living room.

The atmosphere was filled with happiness and laughter. Pragya and Purvi were coming along with Aaliya down the stairs and Abhi looking at that was feeling happy as well as a feeling of satisfaction that very soon his sister will be married.

Pragya “Why are u seeing like this?” Abhi “I am looking at my sister…” Pragya “Isn’t she beautiful?” Abhi “Of course! She is my sister after all!” Aaliya blushed hearing the compliment from her loved ones. Purvi “Enough of admiring her! We need to bring her to the stage! Can’t u two see he is waiting for her?” Abhigya broke into laughter and Abhi “Yes he looks impatient too!”

Abhi moved aside as he saw the ladies heading to the stage.

As they were walking up to the stage, suddenly there was a loud bang noise. Hearing that Pragya was taken aback and got scared.

The guests over there also wondered what was the sound!

Abhi rushed to Pragya and asked “Are u ok Fuggi?” Pragya steadying herself “Yes I am fine….what’s the sound?” Abhi “Not sure! Robin!” Robin came hearing his voice said “Yes sir!” Abhi “What’s that sound?” Robin “Don’t know sir…” Abhi “It came from the direction of dining hall! Go and check now!” Pragya holding his hand “Should be something have dropped…we shall continue with rituals before the auspicious time ends…” Abhi “Ok…” He too went along with them and made Aaliya sat beside Manoj.

Manoj “That sound is that an invitation to me?” Aaliya hearing that made a angry look.
Abhi “Sorry Manoj for the shocking sound!” Manoj “It’s alright yaar..I was just joking…”
Pragya signalled to Aaliya to smile and she did that in response.

Abhi looked around and saw Dadi missing. He wondered where she went when the rituals are about to start. The priest “Shall we start? It’s about time that we start now.” He asked one of the ladies there to call Dadi and meanwhile the rituals had started.

Everyone clapped as Aaliya and Manoj exchanged rings but still Dadi was missing. Abhi wondered where she was but Pragya had forgotten in the excitement of seeing Aaliya getting engaged.

Abhi, The girl I asked to call Dadi is missing too! Why does it takes so long for them to come?

As he was thinking that by covering up with a wide smile. Bunty signalled to him to come down from the stage. Abhi went towards her and asked “What Bunty? Why did u call me?” Bunty “Dadi is arguing with someone!” Abhi “Arguing? Where?” Bunty asked him to come and follow her.

Abhi went to the kitchen and saw Dadi talking to someone but his face was not seen as he was in front of Dadi. Abhi could only see Dadi’s face.

Dadi’s face changed as she saw Abhi and the someone realized Abhi’s presence.

Someone quickly took the water in the vessel there and poured on Dadi’s face and ran away towards the backdoor of the kitchen. Abhi rushed to Dadi and asked “ Are u ok Dadi? Who is he?” He asked that by wiping Dadi’s face with his handkerchief. Dadi “Nothing…he is….” Abhi “How long are u going to hide Dadi? You even let him to come now!” Dadi “What are u telling Abhi? I let him…” She said that by looking not at him.

Abhi fiercely “Fine Dadi! I will find out who he is today itself!” He said that by going towards the back door and searched for him.

He just then received a call from an unknown number. Someone “Don’t be angry towards Dadi….She is innocent…” Abhi “Where are u? If u have guts, come in front of me and say what u want!” Someone “Really? If I come in front of u, will u be able to identify me?” Abhi “First come in front of me!” Someone “Ok then go back to the place where your Fuggi is….I will be also there….” Abhi “Don’t say u are going to disturb her!” Someone “Shall we see?” By saying that he ended the call.

Abhi rushed to the living hall and was relieved to see Pragya with Purvi. He walked towards them and saw a waiter passing a paper to her. Abhi, Could it be him? What is he passing her?

With that thoughts he walked through the crowd and reached her. Pragya smiled at him and asked “Where did u go all this while? Oh god! Why are u sweating like this?” She asked that and wiped his neck with the edge of her saree. Abhi “Wo…nothing…what are u holding onto?” Pragya “Oh this…some waiter passed me saying that a letter from your fan here!” By saying that she passed it to him. Abhi “Oh i see..” He took the letter and said he will read it later. Abhi “Get me some juice Pragya!” Pragya “Okay! Come Purvi! You also asked for juice na…let’s go there and get some juice to drink!” Abhi smiled at her and waited until she walked off.

Abhi took the letter and read,

Rockstar! I was in front of u! Why u never see me? I feel so sad! Your Fuggi is too innocent like Dadi! She can’t even identify my voice, is she lost in the happiness of Aaliya’s engagement?

Meet you soon! Sorry will call u soon!

Abhi crushed the paper in frustration and Pragya seeing that from a distance was worried.

Pragya came near Abhi and asked “Why did u crush your fan’s letter?” Abhi “Nothing Fuggi…It was not a fan’s letter…” Pragya “Then whose letter was it?” Abhi “Nothing Fuggi! I am going to my room as I feel tired!” He said that and walked passed her hurriedly.

Pragya, What happened to him? Something is wrong if not he won’t behave in this way….

She too followed him but she was stopped by Aaliya who wanted to take pictures with her. Pragya couldn’t deny and took pictures with her but her mind was occupied with Abhi’s behaviour.

Aaliya “Where is Bhai?” Pragya “He went to his room….he said he is tired..” Aaliya “Oh…thought of taking pictures with him…but it’s okay, this is just an engagement…” Pragya “No u wait, I will go and call him…” Aaliya “It’s alright Bhabhi…let him rest, i can understand he worked a lot of the preparations and everything….”

Pragya smiled and said “Just wait! I will call him!” She saying that walked to their room and saw him resting his head with his eyes closed against the headboard of the bed.

Abhi heard her footsteps and bangle sounds. Abhi “How is everything going Fuggi?” Pragya “You know it’s me without even seeing?” Abhi opened his eyes and smirked.

Pragya “Are u that smart?” Abhi placed his hand on the bed and showed her to sit beside him.

Pragya sat beside him and asked “When did Rockstar became smart?” Abhi leaning onto her shoulder “Rockstars are smart always not like Fuggies who are smart only sometimes…” Pragya “You mean I am smart only sometimes?” She said that being upset.

Abhi moving away and looking at Pragya “I mean Fuggies not Fuggi!” Pragya “What does it mean? Fuggies? ” Abhi “Fuggies is you and our child! Fuggi is you!” Pragya hearing that got angry and beat his hand. Abhi “Ouch! You are very violent nowadays!” Pragya “What are u blabbering? U are saying me and my child are not smart always!” Abhi “U and Our child!” Pragya got angry and remained silent.

Abhi seeing that chuckled and said “You see I am here na…to make u all smart always!” He gave a proud look which made Pragya to stare at him.

Abhi “Fuggi! I was just kidding!” Pragya “Whatever…” Abhi made her close to him and asked “Shall we go out now?” Pragya “Carry me!” Abhi raising his eyebrow “Are u sure? There are guests out there! You always feel shy right when I carry u?” Pragya “Carry me until the doorstep of our room!”

Abhi hearing that grinned and carried her. Then both walked down the stairs and continued to enjoy their moments with Aaliya and the rest.

Abhi, Now I had diverted her from thinking about me being worried. How long I can do this?

Pragya, He is diverting me from asking about the letter? But why is that so? Who would have written it?

The day was called off. Everything went well but Abhi was now furious at Dadi and wants to question her.

He met Dadi in her room and she looking at him looked tensed.

Abhi “Dadi! Tell me everything if u care about us!” Dadi “What everything Abhi?” She asked that in a low tone while folding some of her clothes.

Abhi “Enough Dadi! Until now it was just calls but today he even entered the house! Don’t u think this is not right?” Dadi “I don’t understand what u are trying to ask Abhi..” Abhi “Is this why u have brought up? For us to be scared of what will happen to our lives?” Dadi couldn’t answer and had tears in her eyes.

Abhi “Dadi! Just tell me why u are helping someone who wants to be disturbance to our lives! You know after a lot of hurdles Fuggi and I have been together now…not only that now even Aaliya have changed and is stepping into a new life! Then why u want this to happen now? Why do even have to help for useless things???” Dadi remained silent and fainted onto the floor.

Abhi called Aaliya and Fuggi and the rest of the family members also came hearing his loud voice.

All panicked and  Abhi called the doctor immediately.

Doctor “She had an heart attack…This is her second time….don’t tell her anything that makes her stressful…” By saying that he gave prescriptions and left.

Abhi looked worriedly at Dadi before leaving to his room and Pragya “Did u ask her anything?” Abhi “I did…”  Pragya “About the random person?” Abhi “Yes…” Pragya “What is the need to ask her now?” Abhi “I don’t like my Dadi being a liar!” Pragya “Suniye…she is not doing it by a choice…if she is doing this means there should be a strong reason for her to do so…” Abhi “Whatever…but how can she do like this?” Pragya “Did he call u again?” Abhi “No…but…” Pragya “Then why are u getting tensed as if he called u again? He didn’t call me for quite sometime too….then why are u worried?”

Abhi looking away, He did called me Fuggi! He even came to our house but I can’t tell u all this….I don’t want u to know that I am disturbed of this…

Pragya coming in front of him “Suniye…if u think the random call and Dadi all is kind of a disturbance then why not we go and stay at Ma’s house for a while?” Abhi “What are u saying Fuggi? You want to show that we are scared of them?” Pragya “No…listen…just for a few days like to divert our minds…Ma is also keep on calling me to stay with her for sometime…” Abhi remained silent for a while and asked “What about Dadi?” Pragya “I am not asking to leave immediately…we will leave once Dadi gets better….” Abhi “Aaliya’s wedding is also….” Pragya  hugging him “You are thinking as if we are going to stay there permanently!” Abhi embracing her “Am I thinking too much?” Pragya “Haan too too much!” Abhi “Sorry!” He said that like a cute child.

Pragya looking at him “So now go and sleep! I will go and see Dadi now…” Abhi not letting her go off “You sleep with me too!”  Pragya “Don’t be like a kid….let me see Dadi first…” By saying that she pushed him off lightly and fell over on the bed as if her push was with that much impact.

Pragya chuckled and shook her head at his antic and then went off to see Dadi.

Abhi, Fuggi is right! There should be a strong reason for Dadi doing like this….But what is the reason?

Days passed and to Abhi’s surprise he was not getting any calls or letters from the someone. He was relieved but it also made him feel strange. He felt like the someone is planning something and that’s why he had stopped his activities.

Abhigya were about to leave the house to Sarla ma’s house as Dadi was better now. Just then he received an unknown call again.

Someone “Leaving house?” Abhi “Yes so what do u want now?” He asked that by looking around for Pragya who was still inside the house while he was waiting near his car. Someone “I will come to the point! Are u trying to make me popular Rockstar?” Abhi “Do u think I have no other work?” Someone “Then why does Aaliya knows about me and now Purab also knows about me! Are u doing this as if it’s more the better?” Abhi “Rubbish!” Someone “That’s in front of u!” Abhi looked in front and saw a dustbin there. Someone giggled and said “Jokes apart, I am having masti in calling both of u! But I am yet to execute my action! I am waiting for someone’s order!” Abhi hearing that was shocked. Abhi “That means u are doing all this from someone’s order?” He ended the call leaving Abhi to be thinking who is the another someone now!

Abhi saw Pragya coming out and asked “How did a dustbin came here?” Pragya “May be it’s still here after the engagement ceremony…What’s the matter with that?” Abhi “Nothing…” He said that and both left in the car to Sarla ma’s house.

Abhi, Whose orders is he waiting for? What are they planning to do?

He drove with that thoughts and Pragya looking at him was worried again.

Pragya, Nowadays he is very silent and is in some thoughts that I can’t understand….If his thoughts are about that random call then how can I help him?


Pragya “I am begging u…you can’t do this to me now!” Abhi “I don’t care….Just leave before everything gets worst!” Pragya “No…u are telling this out of frustration right?” She asked that pleadingly. Abhi moving away from her “I am telling this out of my decision! The decision that I should have taken long back when I got memory back!” He said that and left leaving her crying by touching her stomach.

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