You are and always be my life (KKB) Episode 43

It is not about his or her life. It is about their life that makes them united in all ways. But what if their life is not united in a certain way? What will happen? Let’s see………..

It was night time, and Abhi was waiting for Pragya to fall asleep so that he can do the something that he thought of. Pragya was taking more time than her usual time to sleep which only made Abhi irritated. But he can’t express his irritation too. Abhi “How long are you going to stay awake?” Pragya “ Why are u asking like that?” Abhi “Not good for your health Fuggi! It’s already 11 pm! And u are still reading book!” Pragya “ I am reading a book on pregnancy and that’s why I am so engrossed into it!” She told him that by still looking at the book. Abhi by taking the book away from her said “Enough!! You already have read so many books Fuggi! Tomorrow u can continue to read this! Now let’s sleep!”

Pragya sensed that he is a bit irritated and said “Okok let’s sleep! You don’t get irritated for this!” Abhi “I am not irritated…I am just sleepy Fuggi! And u have the lights still on!” Pragya “ Ok fine! Let’s sleep and now u can turn off the lights!” Abhi smiled at her and said “ Sorry but tell me what u have read tomorrow! Okay?” Pragya with excitement “Yes sure! As usual I will share with u what I have read!” Abhi went to turn off the lights and thought, finally she is going to sleep. Abhi came back to the bed and slept beside Pragya after kissing her forehead. Pragya “Suniye…I want to ask you something!” Abhi “Now what Fuggi?” Pragya “Actually I am not sleepy…so can u tell me a story?” Abhi “Huh? U are still not sleepy?” Pragya “ I also don’t know but I am not sleepy….” Abhi “What story can I tell Fuggi?” Pragya “Hmm….some fantasy story!” Abhi “Are u kidding? A rockstar telling fantasy story!” Pragya gave a pout and said “ Why not? Like a rocking fantasy story!” Abhi thought, What is this now? She is still not sleeping and asking me to tell story now! Do I look like a storyteller to her?
Pragya “Where are u lost? Tell me a story now!” Abhi “Ok! I am telling Fuggi!” Pragya smiled widely and adjusted herself comfortably in bed. She was still looking at him by sleeping in a sideway position.

Abhi “Once there was a guy who was a rockstar and he met a rocking star at night!” Pragya interrupted “ Rocking star? I know shooting star but what is this rocking star?” Abhi “Fuggi! I myself telling a story with a lot of effort and if u interrupt like this then my flow will be gone!” Pragya giggled and said “ Ok I won’t interrupt and please continue!” Abhi continued “ Where did I left? Haan a rockstar met a rocking star….He met the rocking star and thought how the star is rocking so many lives? He being a rockstar only can rock his life and those who like him….but the rocking star was rocking the lives of people who even dislike it. Do u know why Fuggi?” Pragya “ Hmm…Is it because the rocking star met rockstar and that’s why it have the ability to do that!” Abhi “ Good guess! But no Fuggi! The rocking star is something who not only rocks but likes everyone like a star.

Just like how a star shines and gives a smile when we see it. She also shines with her goodness and brings a smile to everyone who looks at her!” Pragya “ So it’s a she?” Abhi “Yes! She is my rocking star who is sleeping beside me now and rocking my life!” Pragya “It’s me?” Abhi hugged her and said “You are my Fuggi the rocking star!” Pragya too hugged him back and said “ That was such a rocking story but no fantasy in it! As usual u made me the character of story!” Abhi “You know this would happen right? How many times u had asked me story nowadays and in all of them I made u the main character!” Pragya “ I know! That’s why I asked u fantasy story this time! But u never did that again!” Abhi “Fine next time I will try Fuggi!” Pragya “I am expecting for that! Let’s sleep!” Abhi thought finally she is saying that she wants to sleep.
Pragya slowly fall asleep and Abhi too pretended to fall asleep after Pragya closed her eyes. He knew that she won’t fall asleep that fast and he had to pretend for quite some time.

After a while, he slowly moved away from her and walked towards the door. Then he remembered something. So he went to the closet to take that and once again walked towards the door and left the room silently. Abhi, Now finally I need to do that!

He did what he was supposed to do and after a few hours returned back to his room. Pragya was still sleeping and he came closer to her. He saw her how calm she was while sleeping. It was not his first time admiring her in sleep. Abhi kissed her forehead and thought, Thank u Fuggi for everything u have given me but I am sorry Fuggi for everything that I have given you……

The next day…..

Abhigya were still sleeping and someone knock their door. Pragya got awake by the sound and she was about to wake up but Abhi said “Wait! Let me go and see!” Pragya nodded her head in response and slowly waked up from her bed adjusting her attire. It was Dadi who was knocking the door. Abhi “Dadi! Anything important? Why did u come here and that too early in the morning?” Dadi “I need to talk to both of u!” Abhi “Ok Dadi! Come in!” Dadi sat at the couch and Abhigya were sitting on the bed facing her. Dadi “ Do u really think it’s any of our family member who did this murder?” Abhigya did not know how to reply her. Abhi “Dadi! I am not sure I can’t suspect my family members and the police is just suspecting but until now have not come to a conclusion!” Pragya “Haan Dadi! As the murder happened in our house that’s why they are suspecting like this and they even never tell us who got murdered as the body was not found there. It was just blood stain in that place…”

Dadi “What if this is all a prank?” Abhi “I too thought like that Dadi but Manoj confirmed it as murder!” Dadi “Manoj is involved in this case?” Abhi “Haan Dadi! Why are u asking like that? After all he is our family friend and he can help us solve this faster too!” Dadi “Yes u are right Abhi! Ok but just remember something….real things may not be real as you are thinking…sometimes unreal things can be real too….” Abhigya were confused hearing that. Dadi left from their room and Abhigya were looking each other with confusion. Abhi “Fuggi! You understand what Dadi said?” Pragya “Not really! But I feel she is hiding something from us!” Abhi “Really Fuggi? Why do u think so?” Pragya “Did u see just now how she her face changed when u said Manoj was working for this case?”

Abhi “Haan Fuggi! But why she was like that?” Pragya “How would I know?” Abhi “Ya u are right how would u know… Ok I will try to ask her again regarding this…” Pragya nodded her head in response and thought, I don’t think Dadi would reveal anything if she is hiding anything from us…..She is trying to tell something from what she told just now. But what is that?

No precap!

Thanks for the support and understanding! I will try to reduce my sorry anthem and self-criticism but it’s tough as it’s a manufacturing defect of mine…..

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