You are and always be my life! (KKB) episode 4


Thank u so much for all your comments! I am glad that u all enjoyed the prev epi! I would like to thank u all individually but I don’t get the time…so sorry for that! I seriously don’t know what I wrote here as I wrote it in a rush… Today’s one will be more of Abhigya’s feelings to each other and not much of funny scenes like ytd…So I hope u all can feel their feelings….

Pragya after changing came to the sets and was looking for him. Pragya ” Purab! Where is he?” Purab ” U know na di, he takes very long to get ready!” Pragya “Always like this! I really dont understand until now what makes him to take so long to get ready!” Abhi was walking towards Pragya from the back…Abhi signalled to Purab not to inform Pragya…Pragya “Why are u silent?” Purab whispered ” Di! He is coming…” Pragya ” Where?” Abhi tapped her back and said” Here! Ms Pragya!” Pragya turned to look at him…Abhi, Again! She is just too ravishing now! White dress! And I am in black….Black and white combo…Ok get back to point Abhi, if not these two will think that I am daydreaming….

Pragya ” Did u hear anything?” Abhi “No! U two were talking abt me?” Purab ” No Abhi! We were just talking about the shot!” Abhi ” Ok! By the way Chasmish…sorry I mean Ms Pragya! U are looking great in this dress!” Pragya blushed and said ” Thank u! And u are also looking great!” Abhi “That I know! I am always great in anything!” Pragya “Really? And by the way I am ok with Chasmish!” Abhi ” Seriously? Are u sure as the name is like teasing u! U don’t mind?” Pragya remained silent and was in thoughts….Only u have the rights to tease me and how can i tell u that?

Abhi ” Are u here? Where are u lost?” Pragya ” Haan ya….I mean its ok as very few people call me with nicknames so if its u….my hero calls me like that then I don’t mind at all!” Abhi ” Hero? Then you are my…” Pragya ” I am your….” Abhi ” Nothing I guess we are talking for so long and Purab is also in silence…let’s get to work!”

Pragya, I know very well that I am ur heroine….

Abhi walked off to meet his friend.

Purab ” Di! Everything will be fine…and I can feel what u are going through now!” Pragya ” Yes I really hope for that Purab!” Abhi from distance signalled them to come to where he was standing and both of them went there too.

Friend ” Ok Let me explain the scene to both of u! First we will be shooting separate shots of both of u! And then there will be a combined shot! Here u go with the script! Its just few lines…and then just have to be expressive….” Abhigya got the script and read the lines…Abhi ” What is this yaar! This is so dramatic…” Pragya read the lines and was unable to tell anything as the lines expressed her situation very clearly…..Friend ” Its meant to be like this and u know na I always include a bit of dramatic situations…Its my style and pls do this for me Abhi!” Abhi ” Ok fine!” Abhi looked at Pragya and asked ” Are u ok with it?” Pragya ” Yes…I am ok…” Abhi ” Ok then we can start!” Abhi did his shot first and he stood under the spotlight.

Abhi while standing and looking around as if searching for someone ” I am here! And where are u? I am here from the beginning and where are u? I will be here towards our ending and where are u now?” Pragya saw that and said to herself, I am here only but u never realise my presence….

Everyone around there were impressed by his performance and clapped for it unanimously….

Friend ” Ms Pragya now its ur turn! Don’t be scared! Just do it with a relaxed mind…” Abhi came near her ” Chasmish! Don’t get nervous…I know its ur first time but I am with u so just do what u can!” Pragya nodded her head as a sign of yes and walked to the spot where she needs to act…

Pragya had to just stand and look at a photo and tell some lines….

Pragya ” You came into my life without asking me….and you left my life without asking me….why do u have to this every time without asking me?” She was very involved that she had tears in hers eyes…..

Abhi looked at that and was wondering why is she having tears? Friend ” Great shot!” Pragya came back to her senses after hearing that and looked at Abhi….

Abhi clapped for her performance and the others too joined him….

Pragya walked towards him and was trying to hide her tears as much as possible….

Abhi ” Hey Chasmish! I didn’t know that u can act so well in ur first time itself!” Pragya gave a light smile….Abhi ” But is the lines really that emotional to u?” Pragya turned back so that she don’t face him….Pragya ” Don’t u remember about the condition? I am not interested to talk about unnecessary things!” Abhi was hurt hearing her telling like that and walked off from there just by saying ” I am sorry!”

Pragya, Oh no! He got hurt because of my words….But if I talk further then I will surely would have cried badly….

Abhi, Is Chasmish hiding something? She was fine when she talked to me before but after the shot she got emotional….Hmm may be something happened in her life that relates her to the lines….And she told me I am talking to her unnecessarily right? Now I will show her what I will do to make her talk to me!

Abhi went to his friend and told something to him and the friend got shocked hearing that!

Friend ” Abhi! Are u sure? Will she agree to this? And this can create problems yaar!” Abhi ” U have to make her agree to it! And there will be no problems…it will be very different from what others would expect!”
Friend ” Ok let me tell her about this!”

The friend informed in the change of shot to Pragya….Pragya was shocked hearing that and realised it was Abhi’s plan….

Pragya went near Abhi who was standing by not facing her….Pragya, How do I call him now? Abhi? No how can I call his name?Shall I call him Suniye? At that moment he turned and faced her….Abhi ” U called me?” Pragya nodded her head up and down. Abhi ” Enough of nodding your head! What’s the matter?” Pragya ” I can’t do the shot!” Abhi ” Why? Its part of the ad and is very important too!” Pragya was thinking, How can I do this? How can I slap my own husband?

Abhi ” I think we have to be professional! Since u have agreed to this then u have to this! You can do this and if not also u have to this!”

Pragya ” I really can’t and this is not right to do!” Abhi “I guess u are talking to me unnecessarily! So excuse me for now!” By saying that he moved away from there…..

Pragya , What do I do now? How to escape? I am badly trapped! He is doing this purposely as he got hurt by my words….

Abhi looked Pragya standing at a corner being very worried and was thinking whether he should continue this…..He can’t bear to see her so worried… He felt as if his heart is breaking into pieces when seeing her like that….

Abhi ” Chasmish! U don’t have to do that! I will ask my friend to change the shot…And u don’t get worried for this!” Pragya ” I am so sorry….I shouldn’t have talked to u like this just now….Its my fault…..” Abhi ” No its ok and most importantly I want to say I dont like terms and conditions! So Chasmish! Welcome to the rockstar’s world where terms and conditions don’t apply!” Pragya laughed at his line….Abhi ” Now u look better! Ok let’s do the next shot!”

Abhigya finished their combined shot and the day was called off…They did their best shot but after finishing it both were feeling lost…..Lost that when will they be able to meet again…..

Both were feeling very sad as if they are separated again….

Abhi, Why do I feel that I won’t be able to meet Chasmish again?

Pragya, Will I be able to meet him again?

Abhi called her ” Chasmish!” Pragya walked back to where he was…..Abhi ” I know that I made u worried and tensed for a while….So sorry for that!” Pragya ” No! Its not your fault…I am always like this….Always hiding my feelings and hurting others….I should be the one saying sorry! I am very sorry!” Abhi ” After all I am a stranger and of course u would hide your feelings from me…How can u tell everything to me?” Pragya without thinking said ” You are not a stranger to me! You are the only one who knows me very well!” Abhi was confused hearing that….Abhi ” What u mean? I am the only one who knows you well?” Pragya, Oh no! What have i said…Pragya ” I mean you know all your fans very well! In that way u know me very well too!” Abhi “Whatever it is Chasmish…This is day was very memorable to me….I am working for the first time with a person who is simple with no attitude like other models….I really like u for that!” Pragya ” Its also a very pleasant day to me…I never know a rockstar like u will like to work with me….I don’t even look that good as models but u still want to work with me…..” Abhi ” Who said u are not good looking? U have such a captivating eyes that captured my sight….Your eyes is always telling me something that I can’t understand!”

Pragya looked at his eyes…..Pragya, U can’t understand what my eyes want to tell as u have forgotten me but still your heart remembers me and that’s why u can still feel the emotions in my eyes…..Abhi also looking at her eyes….Abhi, I don’t know why that I feel that I know u before? But still I can’t remember anything like seeing u before…. Why is that so? I really like to see u forever just like this….Will this happen forever?

They came back to senses once Purab came there and said ” Time’s up guys!” Abhi ” Time’s up for what?” Purab ” Both of u have to leave from here as the place needs to be cleaned up by the staff here!” Abhi ” Haan Purab! Bye Chasmish!” Purab ” I will drop Pragya di at home” Pragya ” No need for that Purab! I can leave myself….” Abhi “Chasmish! Just go with Purab so that I will feel relieved that u reached home safe….I don’t know whether is it right to drop u as others would gossip….Its totally fine if Purab drop u at home… And also he keeps on call u as di! So at least for that just go with him….” Pragya “Ok I will go with him just for u”

Purab and Pragya went off first and followed by Abhi who went in his own car….

In car….

Purab ” Di! Did u realise? He is very concerned about u! He cares for u even though u are new to him!” Pragya ” Haan Purab! He still cares for me just like before….It gives me hope that he would accept me someday…” Purab ” His heart already accepted u di! Its just that we need to make him realise that…” Pragya ” But I am really scared whenever things are taking place in a good way…” Purab ” I know di as what u had experienced is making u feel like that!” Pragya ” I really want to be with him….” Purab ” You will be with him!”

They remained silent after that as for Pragya, she looked at the sky from the window and was reminiscing about the days with Abhi….


Pragya approached him but he ignored her….Why??

Happy Independence day again! And sorry if today’s epi was like boring!

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