You are and always be my life (KKB) Episode 36

Abhi, Enough is enough! Day by day Fuggi is just doing too much! Every day she comes here in the pretense of doing social service and playing with the children here! The worse thing is she always bring my favourite food and makes me somehow eat them too! I know over here everybody eats together and that is an advantage for her! That day she sat beside me! And my bad luck I coughed and she immediately patted my back and pass me water! I mean it’s ok but after I drank the cup of water, she drank water from it! And all those who are around me teasingly smiled!

Is this the only thing? No!!!! Fuggi at times follow me wherever I go! That day I was going to the washroom! And she was almost about to enter and only after I asked her to look at the signboard, she was embarrassed of her act! I know she is dying to know why I am like this! But why can’t she understand my dilemma?

Pragya, I know I am desperate to know why he is being like this! And all this makes me crazy in many ways! But why can’t he understand that he have to talk to me openly so that I know in what kind of dilemma is he in?

Abhi, I think I have to talk to her sternly for one last time and make her stay away from me! Ya I should talk to her somewhere outside house…Where? Of course Not here! Ok I know where to meet her!

Abhi was waiting for her to come.

Abhi,Why is this Fuggi not here yet! Usually she comes at around 11 am but now it’s already 12 pm! Why?

A staff working there called Abhi to the reception area. He too went there. Receptionist “ Mr Prem! Someone called Pragya called for u but before I could call u to attend her call, the call ended with a loud scream!” Abhi was shocked hearing that. Abhi “ Loud scream? Is it hers?” Receptionist “ I think it’s hers! Do u know her number? The call was from private number so i couldn’t call her back!” Abhi “ Ya I know and I will call her now!” Abhi panickingly called Pragya’s number…

Abhi, Why is she not picking up? Fuggi! Pick up the call! Don’t make me scared!

After trying to call her so many times, he heard someone calling for him…

Abhi, It’s was her voice! How can I forget my Fuggi’s voice?

Pragya with a wide smile winked at Abhi. Abhi went near her and grabbed her shoulder forcefully. Abhi “ Why u never pick up my call? Did someone hurt u? Are u ok? Where did u went? Why did u scream?” Pragya “ Wait wait! So many questions! And how do I answer everything at once?” Abhi “ Just answer me!” Pragya “ Excuse me…Who am I to u to answer u?” Abhi realised that he was being too worried about her and also how tightly he was holding on to her. He took off his hands and turned away.

Pragya “ 50 missed calls in 30 minutes! Impressive ah?” Abhi “ It’s not me!” Pragya “ Did I said it was u?” Abhi “ Whatever! I am leaving!” Pragya held his wrist and said “ One final question before I leave from here…” Abhi “ What?” Pragya “ You asked me to prove that u are not him right? Why must I prove that u are not him?” Abhi turned back and asked “ It means u realised that I am not him right? Then u no need to prove anything!” Pragya gave a smirk leaving Abhi to be confused. Pragya “ Why not u prove me that u are not him?” Abhi was shocked hearing that.

Abhi “ What the hell are u telling?” Pragya “ Hell? What u are doing to me is hell! And what i told u is not hell!” Abhi “ Please Mrs Pragya just leave me alone!” Pragya “ You first leave from here and come to me!” Abhi “ I am leaving and don’t make a commotion here! This is a very calm place!” He removed her hands from his wrist and left from there….

Pragya, Now he won’t ask me to prove anything as his worry for me just now proved very clearly that he still cares and loves me! But why is he trying to hide all this? Why he can’t understand that he is my wind and i am just like a tree that will sway to his blow…Like that only i will listen to whatever he have to tell me! But why is he not telling me anything now?

Abhi, Fuggi! Please leave me alone and I have to do this if not…….

Someone called his phone “ How many times do I have to tell u that don’t talk to her?” Abhi “ It’s not me talking to her! She always come in front of me which makes me talk to her!” Someone “ Ok I will make her busy in some way and she won’t talk to u!” Abhi “ How?” Someone “ U no need to worry about that! Don’t worry I won’t hurt her!” Abhi “ I know u won’t hurt her after all she is your…..” Before he finished saying that the call had ended….Abhi, So rude! Just ended the call abruptly! I am not scared and doing all this! I am doing all this to improve understanding and that too for my……

Purab in a panicking tone “Di! Where are u?” Pragya “ At home! Why? And why your voice is like this?” Purab “ Di! Are u at your room?” Pragya “ Yes Purab! What’s the matter?”Purab “ Lock the door and listen carefully!” Pragya did as he told her wondering what is the matter about. Purab “ I know who is making Abhi to do all this!” Pragya “ Who?” Purab “ U will be shocked hearing that!” Pragya “ Faster tell me Purab!” Purab “ It’s our……..”

Who is that our ……..? Please wait for the nxt update to know that!

Haha i realise my precap is getting longer day by day😂😂😂! I have seen all your comments for both ff and few shots! Unable to reply due to some issues! But thank u for all ur wonderful comments and pls don’t say sorry for late comments as reading my writings itself is a very big risk! Risk becoz i myself sometimes don’t know what I am trying to write…..


  1. Riya

    Yeah yeah Longg Longg Precap making me sooo sooo much desperate for the next update !
    Awesome it was ! I am Lovingggg it Sweet Sweetie ! Love U Loads !

  2. Abhigya

    Awesome!😍😍😍😍😍 loved it💖💖💖💖💖 waiting for the next episode! Love u😘😘❤️❤️

  3. Mokshi

    Lovely episode❤😍😘 abhi’s care semma 👏😘❤i think that someone s sarala ma??totally superb i just loved❤❤ keep rocking 👍👍eagerly waiting for ur nxt update sissy 😍😘👍

  4. Maahi


    |Registered Member

    oyeeeeeee aur kithna suspense create karlegi tu IB i guess its bulbul😂😂😂😂😂😂 i knw very bad guess lol but still i tried hahaha u rockedddddddd it sia awesome uuuu

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