You are and always be my life (KKB) Episode 32

Pragya and others were very worried about Abhi being missing. Pragya, Where are u? It has been two days that u are missing and there is still no any news of u! Purab had even ask the police to search for u! I only remember the words that u told that day….If anything wrong happens it will only face you before it happens to me! Is this the wrong or danger that u referred to me unknowingly? Are u facing any danger before me? My heart says no….It might not be happening that way but my mind is thinking in all ways…How am I to think straight when u left me alone like this? This loneliness without your presence is slowly killing me! Can’t u feel that?

As for Aaliya she too was worried but just that she was not expressing it. Aaliya, Where are u Bhai? After all you’re my only Bhai who cares for me! Now I feel there is no one to care for me…..

There was no promising news of his whereabouts. All they know from his friend that he left passing his phone to him. Even his car was only outside his house, which made it clear that he never used his car to go somewhere.

Pragya, Is this part of his next plan but he knows right if he does this kind of thing then Dadi will get worried a lot and it can even affect her health! But still if did this kind of thing! No it can’t be! He can’t be this much inconsiderate!

Weeks passed and it was now three weeks since he was missing. No calls or no messages from him. All tried their best to locate him by asking his friends and even people from his business circle but still it was all futile. They made sure this was not leaked to the media to avoid unwanted coverage of his missing issue. They wanted to find him as soon as possible without any disturbances from the media….

Day by day, Pragya was only hoping that he is safe somewhere and would come back to her soon….Dadi’s health also had worsened by worrying about Abhi being missing….

The whole Mehra mansion was lifeless without the main Mehra of the house….

As for Aaliya in this period had changed significantly and even started to talk with Pragya that how much she missed her Bhai….Pragya too told that he is not a person to be missed in their lives but now he is missing….

Pragya, Aaliya had started to respect me! She is calling me Bhabhi nowadays but u are not here to see all this! U know how much she is trying to find u? Not only her but everyone that u loved from your heart…But where are u? Why are u so far away from us now when all of us want to be near u? Why?

This was how Pragya was talking to him in the hope that he is somewhere safe and listening to what she is talking from her heart…..Everyday was passing with tear-filled talks with her heart, Abhi……

Pragya and Dadi were heading to mandhir to pray for his arrival back to them…..

Pragya in hospital to admit Dadi….She saw him! She patted his back and called “ Suniye!” He turned back and asked “Who are you?” Pragya was left in shock that he is not recognizing her!

How was this? There can be questions like is he acting or is it memory loss again?? Just wait and watch haha no wait and keep reading as there is something crazy waiting for u all….I think it’s crazy but I am not sure how will u all feel! As it just popped out of my mind like a popcorn!😂😂

I thought of not uploading but just couldn’t resist myself as maybe tomorrow I won’t be able to upload it!


  1. Im his chashmish

    Nice episode di but i want romance between them pls di i cant c my pragya cryi ng but happi for aaliya n pragya relationship. Todays episode was an emotional one. Luv u di as well as ur magical writings luv u didi

  2. Sheeya

    May god wish u with a popcorn maker head so that Many more popcorn pop in your mind and intern u give such Awesome Updates!
    Alia changing… Good to see but Where is The Hero?
    And the precap….who r u??? Now whats gonna happen?
    Uffo didi always Making me desperate to all your updates!
    Pls try uploading soon na. Pls.

  3. PrincessesMadhu


    |Registered Member


  4. Abhigya

    Superb! Good to see that aliya is changing!😊😊 But where is abhi? And the is making me desperate to read the next episode! Pls try to upload the next part soon!

  5. Mokshi

    Omg double dhamaka thank you sissy but i didn’t expect this twist totally unexpected aaliya’s care for her bhai and so sweet when she called pragya as bhabi superb lovely update sissy but if possible try to update tomo eagerly waiting for ur nxt update sissy keep rocking ❤❤❤😍😍😍😘😘😘👏👏👏👏👌👌👍👍

  6. Maahi


    |Registered Member

    oyeeeeeeeeeeeeee plzzzz now dont make diz much suspense dr like seriously who r u?????? my god thn it vil b back to the square one which CVS always do but i nvr wrry bcoz the one writing over there is my IB thn it would be Fantastic!!!! in juhi stlye😂😂😂😉😂😉

  7. Maya



    Sorry! Unable to reply everyone! Will try to update if possible! Very soon all your doubts will be cleared! Nirmal haha no lookalike character was in my last ff! I can’t handle it again!😂😂



    |Registered Member

    feeling like sing a song for you so let me say it Maya Maya Maya bachhe ki logi jaan kya 😂😂 OMG you are really unexpected piece on earth everyday the thing happens which I can’t guess I thought he will be back but you turned into a twist lol anyways as always it was FANTASTIC and you are taking twist like bingo tedhe medhe lol I love them so I love this one too😘😘😘

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