You are and always be my life (KKB) Episode 31

Days passed and Abhigya were enjoying the moments of togetherness……Sometimes Abhi made all those around him confused with his behaviour towards Pragya….Sometimes he was frustrated towards her and sometimes she was friendly towards her…..

Dadi especially was confused with his behaviour….Dadi, Was he acting or was he just being normal? This is was the question that was keep on running in her mind….

As for Pragya, she was clueless of Abhi’s next action. He seems to be not in planning of anything. He is always after her either disturbing her or romancing her!

Why is he like that? That too she is clueless and just decided not to think about it as always her thinking only makes her even more worried…..

It was Abhi’s important day as he had to sign a contract with an international music brand! Pragya wished him good luck and he left house as early as he could since he wants to be on time.

Time passed very swiftly….but Pragya was wondering why did he never call her even once? Aaliya too never accompanied with him! And I can’t call and ask her too! She thought maybe he was busy in the meeting….

It was 10 in the night! Pragya was feeling uneasy as whatever it is he would somehow call or text her but until now there was no call or messages! Why?

Pragya tried calling him and texting him multiple times! But it was no use…..Aaliya returned home after going out somewhere….Aaliya saw Pragya in the living room. Pragya asked “ Aaliya! Do u know where is he?” Aaliya “ Bhai still haven’t returned yet? I heard the meeting ended very earlier in the afternoon itself!” Pragya “ What? But I have been trying to contact him since afternoon but he is unreachable!” Aaliya “ Let me try contacting him!” She tried to contact and there was no response too…Aaliya “ It’s switched off! Maybe we wait for him! Let me go and freshen up! Inform me if he is back! I will be back in a while!” Pragya “ Ok I will wait here itself!”

Aaliya, Where did Bhai went? He always inform me about his whereabouts….

Aaliya after a while came back to the living room and found Pragya still trying to contact him through phone…

Aaliya “ Maybe the phone’s battery is low. Did he called u?” Pragya “ No Aaliya! He never called me since morning! I thought he was busy and I also never tried to call him…only in the afternoon I texted him but there was no reply!” Aaliya “ Oh I see! Let me call Purab and ask him!” Pragya “ I called him too and he said Abhi never contacted him too….” Aaliya “ Hmm then we wait for some more time and then decide what can be done….” Both of them waited impatiently in the living room and were keep on checking the phone too….Pragya, Suniye I don’t know whether u can hear me talking to u now…but please come back soon! It’s really very scary and I feel like something is wrong too….

By then Dadi and others had also came to the living room as they realise the living room’s light was still on…..Dadi “ Why u two are here?” Aaliya “ Waiting for Bhai! He still haven’t reach home!” Dadi panicked hearing that too as she knows whatever it is Abhi will be back before 11 but now the time is 12 am!

Dadi “ Did u called him?” Aaliya “ Yes but he is not picking up the calls and it is switched off too!”

Just then Pragya received a call from his number and she quickly answered it. Someone “ Hello! I am Abhi’s friend and he passed me his phone before leaving somewhere but he is still not back yet! May I know can I drop at his house tomorrow to pass his phone?” Pragya “ Ok but do u know where he went?” Someone “ No! He just said keep the phone with u and my wife or my sister will call to check where he is! He is not at home yet?” Pragya “ Yes he is not at home yet! Please inform us if he comes back to get back his phone or if he contacted u!” Someone “ Sure no problem! And don’t worry too much Bhabhi! He will be back!” With that their conversation ended and Pragya informed the rest about this.

All were worried and were lost on what to do next!

Pragya, Where are u? And why did u leave me like this? This loneliness is slowly killing me! Can’t u feel that?

Aaliya, Where is Bhai? After all he is my Bhai who always cares for me but now it feels like nobody is there to care for me!

I don’t think i can upload this in the evening tmrw so i upload this in the night and hopefully it comes in the morning or afternoon tmrw! I hope no words are being changed in this update ??

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  1. Both Updates_ the previous one and this one was Just Fantastic Di ! That was An Unexpected Longgg Update ! Love itt > Thanksss Di for Updating I was very curious to read abt the precap yesterday ! This was Awesome ! You are writing so well !

    1. Maya

      Thank u Shree and glad that u loved it!???

  2. Is this abhi’s planning for making aliya to know his value…..

    1. Maya

      Maybe or maybe not! I am also not sure Nirmal!???

      1. very good…

  3. B.k.maha

    Superrrrrrrr…………… But y abhi’s sudden change………….. Please update soon next episode……….

    1. Maya

      U will know the reason soon! I hope so? and just uploaded the nxt one??

  4. Asmithaa

    Superb Di…. U rocked it…. That too Pragya’s and aliy as concern.. Hats off to u..?????????

    1. Maya

      So sweet of u! Thank u Asmithaa???

  5. Abhi is again planning for any surprise… Oh pavam prags and aaliya feeling sad….really nice to see her….

    1. Maya

      U have to wait Varsha to know what is it surprise or something else…..??

  6. Im his chashmish

    Di u r just mind blowing writer i luved this episode feeling sad 4 this confused pragya

    1. Maya

      Thank u sis! And hope u will enjoy the nxt update too!???

  7. ImRagela

    Maya !!..Superb !..Very nice akka !!..I loved this ..Keep rocking ..Will be waiting for the next episode love u a lot??

    1. Maya

      Thank u Reji for loving it!??????

  8. It was unexpectedly unexpected?? eagerly waiting to know y abhi is doing like this!

    1. Maya

      Thank u Aliza???

  9. Saranya24

    Superb my darlu akka?????

    1. Maya

      Thank u Saranya sis!?????

  10. Nice update omg abhi s missing, aaliya too cares for him??keep rocking eagerly waiting for ur nxt update sissy

    1. Maya

      Thank u Mokshi sis!????

  11. Maahi

    ohhhhhh niceeeeee!!! ?????in dramebaaziiiii stlye u nailed it dr awesome

  12. Prathi

    Abhi is missing!?? ??? waiting for your drama

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