You are and always be my life (KKB) Episode 30


Pragya, Time is running out! And I can’t think of anything to escape from this! Why??

Aaliya came into her room and saw Pragya walking here and there in the room.

Aaliya ” They are here! And u have to get ready to leave!” Pragya “They are here?” Aaliya ” I sent u a message just now that they will be here at
any moment!” Pragya in a low tone ” Ok! ”

Aaliya left the room smiling and Pragya, Just like this she told me! No argument or anything! Oh god! Now what she is upto? Both brother and
sister are just making me to think too much!

They entered the room and saw her top to
bottom. Someone said ” Abhi sir wants her to
work with him as the model? I saw her  before but now she looks so homely and how to change her?” Andy ” Leave that to me guys! I
already know her and made some fantastic
designs for her!” Pragya looked so tensed that she felt like fainting at that moment… There were about 10 of them including Andy the
fashion designer. All are make up professionals
but she seriously did not want to do this!

Andy ” Pragya dear! Here you go! This is the first
outfit that u will be wearing and the rest is all
will be worn at the spot!”

Pragya held the dress…She was totally shocked
at how revealing the dress was! Pragya, What is
this? It is sleeveless! That’s ok as i have worn like that before but now it’s backless too! How to even wear this and go out?

Pragya was keep on shaking her head in a response to No and moved everywhere as she
could to escape from them but no use they even
locked the door so that she can’t escape from
the room.

Andy “Enough Pragya darling now u have to get
ready if not Abhi will be damn angry! And who
knows better about his anger other than u?”

Pragya ” Ok fine but please….i don’t want my
back to be exposed when i leave out of the
room!” Andy ” That’s not a issue dear! We can cover it! No worries!”

After sometime, Abhi called Andy ” Andy! Is it
done?” Andy ” Almost Abhi! Just some final touches!” Abhi ” Great! I am waiting!”

Abhi, She would be so angry at me for this!
Furious Fuggi! I am waiting for u!

Now scene shifts to the place where Abhi is

Abhi is waiting at the same place near the waters where he carried Pragya in his arms
Conincidence or part of his plan but he was also
not sure! He agreed to a promo shoot now a real one but its a longer one compared to others and also a outdoor shoot! All the while he was
doing only indoor shoots with Pragya but this
one is going to be special as they would be doing it at the same place that they first met.

He was initially surprised when the director told
him the location as he remembered the place very clearly as it was the first time he was
having Fuggi in his arms! He never knew at that
time she would be his life! And now he made her
to come here and act with him again!

He didn’t care what others will think as now its
only about his Fuggi’s reaction when she comes
here to see him!

He saw the car arriving and he knew it was his
Fuggi inside but he can’t go and receive her as
there were so many people around him! He saw his Fuggi stepping out of the car. Abhi, Wow she looks fantastic in this dark blue outfit!

He was madly mesmerized and was just looking at her but Prayya was fuming with anger by looking at him…..

Abhi, But she is too hot in anger!

Pragya was ushered to the spot where she
needs to act and Abhi was also there. As usual
the director was explaining but Abhi’s attention was only on Pragya…..

After the director left from there….

Abhi ” Hey Pragya! Feeling hot right?” Pragya stared at him and was fuming with anger.
Abhi ” It’s so hot here and why are u covering
yourself with a shawl?” Pragya remained silent so that she can control her anger…..Abhi ” Why are u so silent? Did anyone scold u?”

Pragya ” Mr Abhi! It’s my own personal issue whether I want to wear a shawl or not! Could u
please leave me alone?” Abhi, Damn she is really
very angry! It’s ok later i will make her feel

Abhi winked and said ” I can’t leave u alone and
u also know that!”

Director ” Abhi! The shot is ready and both of u can come and do it!” Abhi walked in front and
Pragya still in tension walked behind him.
Abhi ” Someone get her shawl yaar….She is acting as if its so cold!” Pragya once again stared in fury at him.

Abhi was stunned when she took off her shawl and he mentally slapped himself. Abhi, What is this? She is so exposed at the back and no
wonder she was so angry!

Pragya with a sacarstic look ” Shall we do now?” Abhi ” Wait wait!” He signalled the director to come close to him. He whispered something to him and Pragya was now wondering what is he planning to do now!

The director smiled at Abhi’s suggestion and he went off from there near to the camera.

Abhi winked at Pragya while walking close to
her. Pragya, What? Again? He is going to kiss
me that too in front of so many people?? Oh god! Please save me! Can i just run into the waters?

Abhi once being near her,  just lifted her in his arms and smiled towards the director!

Abhi whispered ” Fuggi! How can I let u stand
when your back is exposed like this?” Pragya was just puzzled due to his sudden lift…

Director gave the signal to recite the

Abhi looking into Pragya’s eyes ” I was never like
this before until u came in my life! What can I
tell when I am carrying my life itself in my arms! Only one word that I can tell and that is Pleasure! ”

Pragya, Huh? He is not telling the dialogues that was given…What is he trying to do? Now how do I respond? Ok Pragya just tell something….

Pragya ” Pleasure is not something u carry but it is something is with u all the time and that is what u are to me! You are always with me as my

The director who heard all this got confused as
this was not that he told!

Abhi looking at the direction where director was ” Done right? For now?”

Director using his mike said ” This was not supposed to be dialogues!”

Abhi from where he was still carrying Pragya in his arms, shouted ” But my dialogues was better than yours! Just fix this! Already I am carrying her for so long and I need to rest for a while!”

Pragya, So much of attitude! And what’s that? He needs rest for carrying me? Am I that heavy? He is going to be finished by me later!

Abhi smiled and said ” Do u want me to carry u until to the caravan?” Pragya exclaimed ” No!” Abhi ” I am also not doing that!” He let her down
and she adjusted her dress and by then Abhi
also had signalled to a person to bring her shawl….
Abhi walked to his caravan and Pragya walked towards hers.

Pragya, He is over the board today! I never expected this from him! He usually informs me
before doing this kind of thing! And he still wants me to the kind of promo shoot after whatever happened after the kiss issue! He is
just gone mad!

Abhi opened the door and looked at Pragya who was sitting there and mumbling to herself in

Abhi ” Hey Fuggi! Still angry ah?” Pragya was shocked to see him there and realised the
caravan was a connected one and that’s why he
could enter hers….

Pragya ” I am not talking to u! U are still doing
this even after we faced the kiss issue! How
could u not care about others? And what if others think about us?”

Abhi ” Why do u care about others when we first need to care about us! We need to care about our feelings!”

Pragya ” What feelings?” Abhi ” You know right
this place that we were just now is the first time I carried u in my arms!”

Pragya ” Yes I know and I do have a lot of
feelings about that but….” Abhi ” Then what?” Pragya ” But u know what will others think? They would think that why u are just after me to work with u?” Abhi ” Does it matter to us of what
others are thinking?” Pragya ” Sometimes it is not about what others are thinking but it is about what that makes others to think on what
they are thinking…..”

Abhi” You mean we have to think what makes others to think in the way they are thinking?
Does it matter? I mean why we need to care?”

Pragya “It’s not about caring but its just to make sure that all is fine around us with the thoughts
that are pleasant and not with any

Abhi “Whatever it is I am not going to hear to
this and u just have to finish this off with me!”

Pragya, why is he not understanding me? I am not wrong but maybe he is right too….but
whatever it is i am happy being around him!
Then whatelse do I need?

She looked at him walking in front to his part of
caravan and she remained in the place she

Abhi, This Fuggi na always thinking about others
but not herself! I have to think about her now!

Pragya went to his side where he was standing
with frustration and said ” You are saying that I
am always thinking about others but did u even realise that u are also doing the same thing! U also think about me and my well being! What is
that? Like just now carrying me to hide my back
and then signalling to the guy there to bring back my shawl! All that was to make me fine right? Which means u care about what others
think also right?”

Abhi “You are not like others! First of all u can’t even consider that u are like others to me! You
are my life Fuggi! You are and always be my life
from the moment i fall in love with u! How can I not think about my life Fuggi? Is that even possible?”

Pragya had tears welled up in her eyes hearing him saying that she was his life! She knew she means a lot to him but not to the extent that he thinks her as his life….

Abhi ” I know that the moments we spent before are very limited and most of them were with so
much of disturbances or hatred around us…..but
all the while u were there for me at all times… That is my life Fuggi! My life revolves around u and from this day onwards I always want u to
see u at every moment as I missed the time to
be a good husband to u! I want u not to feel that I am always around u to bother u but if u feel that way then…..”

Pragya placed her hand on his mouth and said “I never said that i am bothered when u are around me! U always bring the pleasant feeling that I
wanted! The pleasant feeling that makes me
have peacefulness and always make me forget my sorrows and pains…..”

Abhi removed her hands from his mouth and
hold it tightly towards him.
Abhi “Fuggi! sorrows and pains are your past and in the present I am your life and since I am
here I won’t leave u that easily and now your life
will only make u filled with the eternal happiness that u deserve!”

Pragya “Eternal happiness? I deserve that?”

Abhi “Yes Fuggi its only u as it’s a lot that u fought for your love and now it’s my turn and in
that process I will make u only to have
happiness that brings a everlasting smile on your face!”

Pragya “But why? We can just leave this and go
somewhere and live peacefully right?”

Abhi “We are here! Our family is here! Our living
is here! And why do we need to leave all these
and live somewhere else just for a few people who don’t know how to live their life properly? Listen Fuggi! I am here and if anything wrong
happens too then it will only face me before u
face it! I assure u that but u have to believe me and trust me that I am capable of doing all these! If u don’t have the belief then how would I
do all these? I just need your belief on me! Will
u give that belief?”

Pragya “My belief itself is u! And how can I not
believe my belief? But don’t ever say that u will
face any danger before me! That i can’t stand it!”

Abhi “Fuggi! I just said that but if u believe me
even dangers are like gingers to me!”

Pragya “Again? We are talking so emotionally
and u are linking danger with ginger? Do u ate
ginger just now?”

Abhi “Ya u are right! I ate ginger just now in the
food served! U know it was so awful!”

Pragya could only laugh out loud to his weird expression remembering the ginger taste….

Abhi “It’s not funny! U should have tasted it too!”

Pragya “Did i say it’s funny? No right?”

Abhi “Your laughter says it Fuggi! And now u better come and do the shot properly! I am so excited Fuggi! It’s our very first outdoor shoot!”

Pragya “Why are u so excited? It’s just a normal promo for a song right?”

Abhi “But it’s with u Fuggi! What else do I need?
It only makes me excited and so much so that I want to carry u in my arms!”

Pragya “What?? Again??” Abhi ” I don’t mind!”

Pragya “Ok already it’s quite some time that we are talking and luckily the caravan is a connected one to mine so let me leave now!”

Abhi “Fuggi! You think its a conincidence that the caravan is a connected one?”

Pragya “Ya then what? Wait! So it’s your plan again!!”

Abhi “Finally Fuggi u got it! I said right in your
house that day…Lots of surprises are waiting for u!”
Pragya, Now what is he upto?? Nevermind I am

not going to think about it! Let him do whatever he wants…..Let me feel his surprises as all only filled with his love…love only for me!

Pragya came out of her caravan first followed by Abhi a while later….

Aaliya, I seriously want her to mess up in this
shoot! And of course Bhai will definitely make her fall when dancing with her! Just like the last time! This will surely make her embarrased to
the core and that too in a outdoor area with so
many people around…..

Abhi at times look at Pragya but he also realized Aaliya also had arrived there….

Abhi, Let me make my sister busy and get her tired!

Abhi called Aaliya and said ” Aaliya! Sorry but u have to go to office to check whether the payment for my next album is processed or
not!” Aaliya ” Bhai what’s the hurry? I will check it
later!” Abhi ” No Aaliya I just remembered about it and they already delayed the last time! It’s very large amount and only u can demand them if
they are delaying it now too!” Aaliya ” But Bhai I
want to see her embarrased!” Abhi ” Aaliya! U know it will happen but is she more important than our money?” Aaliya ” No Bhai! Ok I will
leave now!” Abhi ” That’s like my pyaari Sister!”
Aaliya smiled and left from there glancing at Pragya who was still worried about something….

Aaliya ” I guess Bhai is making her more worried than usual!”

Abhi, Now one problem solved but why is this
Fuggi is worried?

Pragya was nervous now as she had to dance
with him now!

Pragya, It’s not that I have never danced with him before but not like in this way…It’s so much in a professional way!

Abhi came closer to Pragya to sit opposite her. He sat opposite to her and asked ” Are u ready

Pragya just looked at him worriedly and in return he just smiled. It only made her irritated.

Abhi ” I guess u are worried too much and that’s what I want too!” Pragya in shock” What?” Abhi ” I have no time to explain! Just do as what I say!”

Pragya, always making me confused! I seriously have nothing to think now! Even if i think it makes me even more confused!

Abhi signalled with his hand that they have to go and do the shot now…

Abhi was thinking, What can I do? I don’t feel like doing romance with anyone except for my Fuggi! She changed me to this way and what
can I do?

Abhi ” By the way Ms Pragya! I realise that u forgot something!” Pragya ” What now?”
Abhi ” I assume that u have to change into
another outfit! But nobody informed u?”

Pragya ” Huh? Like really?” Abhi ” Yes! U never
realise that I have changed mine?”
Pragya looked at him and said ” Since nobody cares about that to inform me then I shall just remain in this outfit!” Abhi with a smirk ” If u are
lazy then maybe I can help u! U know I am very
good at helping others!” Pragya ” Chee!

I didn’t expect u to talk like this!” Abhi ” Then in what way did u expect me to talk?” They were keep on arguing with each other ignoring the people
around them. The director who saw all these was just feeling that this is not going to end if he never raise his voice!

Director ” Abhi! Pragya! We are all leaving and take as how much time u all want to argue!” Abhi yelled back ” Thank u for the
understanding!” Abhigya again continued their
nok jhok leaving those around them to laugh at them continously. Even some of the crew members tried to stop them but Abhigya
brushed off their effort by still continuing their
nok jhok….

After some time both lost their energy and left in
opposite directions!

Meanwhile, already the director lost hope and said pack up to the crew members and all were
just waiting for Abhigya to stop their quarrel….

Abhi, Why is the place suddenly different?

Pragya, Why no one is doing their work?

Director ” Abhi! I am glad that finally you two
have stopped it! And thank u for that!”

Abhi ” It’s ok but shall we do the shot now?” Director ” Sorry to tell u but I have lost my
energy under this hot sun and please leave us! I
beg u and never ever do this to us again!”

Abhi ” What happened that u are begging me?”
Director ” What happened ah?” Pragya also
came near them and said in a sad tone” Sorry sir! It’s all our mistake….We always argue to the extent that we forgot what is happening around
us….” Abhi then realised that it spoilt the mood
of others due to their nok jhoks….

Abhi ” I am also sorry! And I will make sure
something like this won’t happen next time…”
Director ” It’s ok at least now both of u understood and by the way it’s good to think about others and their feelings too as it gives
them the feeling that u respect them!”
Pragya looked at Abhi and Abhi, Oh so this is what Fuggi was also trying to say but in a different way!

Director ” By the way I think I have to change the romantic concept to something else that suits both of u! And I know what is that too…”

Abhi ” Anything is fine as now we have to take it as a punishment for our act just now!” Pragya too nodded her head in response and that’s how
the day of Abhigya came to end…..

The next day Abhigya completed the infinished portions of the promo. It was modified to
something like both are arguing in the song

Abhigya did felt how childish they are during
their nok jhoks but at the same time without that
they can’t live too! As that what makes their love for each other different from others!


Abhi is missing!

I thought of something special but it turned out
to be something else???! I am S_ _ _ _ if it was ???

Thank u everyone for reading despite the
defects on this update??

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