You are and always be my life! (KKB) episode 3


First of all I need to say sorry for not uploading Is this called love? as nothing right is coming to my mind. I know that I said there will be a twist for that but I can’t find the way to write that too…idea is there but don’t know why its not working! So give me more time so that I can work on it, most probably after 17 aug. This is a long update according to me and the next one I seriously don’t have idea when I can update as my last paper is a killer!

Purab reached Mehra mansion to inform Abhi about Pragya’s decision to work with him. He entered Abhi’s room while Abhi was keep on looking at phone and was smiling at it. Once he saw Purab, he hid his phone at his back.

Purab ” What Abhi? Like a small kid u are hidding the phone from me! What were u looking at?” Abhi with a blushing face ” I was….looking at her….” Purab ” Who is that her? Tanu ah?” Abhi ” No! Why do I have to look at her? It was Pragya that I was looking at!”

Purab ” Oh so u like her?” Abhi ” I don’t know Purab but I like looking at her! I feel i like myself when I am looking at her!” Purab ” Why?” Abhi ” As i feel she likes to look at me and that makes me like myself even more!” Purab, This is what I was expecting for! And Abhi is already having feelings for Pragya di….Just need to direct him in the right way!

Abhi ” Why are u silent again?” Purab ” Oh I was just thinking how to tell that u can look at her tomorrow itself!” Abhi ” What u mean?” Purab ” Pragya di agreed to work with u! But on one condition” Abhi ” Really? And what’s the condition? Is it about money? I can pay as much as she wants!” Purab ” No its not about the money! Its actually about talking to her….She said that u cannot talk to her unnecessarily in between breaks….She wants it to be very professional while working with u….”

Abhi ” Strange! I told u na she was strange…now after hearing her condition, I feel she is very different! Many girls are dying to talk to me and want to spent time with me…..but she is saying I shouldn’t talk to her that much!” Purab ” Haan Abhi! She is different and so do u agree for this condition?” Abhi ” I can but at times its very difficult to shut my mouth! But I really want to work with her so I agree to this!” Purab ” Ok I will inform her and by the way she is a professor!” Abhi ” What? Professor! Wow! Now I feel even more proud that even boring professors like Abhi the rockstar!” Purab laughed at his words and said ” How do u know she is boring?” Abhi ” Professors are usually boring na…” Purab ” U will know that only when u get to know her!” Abhi ” Ya true! And u faster inform her now!” Purab ” Okok I am going to call her now!” Purab left the room and Abhi who was staying there look at his phone for Pragya’s pic.

Abhi, So chasmish u don’t want me to talk to u unnecessarily….which means u are scared that u can’t resist from liking me by my talks! Of course no body can stop liking me from the way I talk! Actually u know what? My looks itself is enough to make u like me and also talk to me! I am coming to meet u chasmish! And u better make sure your chasma is working to see how my looks towards u will make u fall for me!

Pragya, He had agreed to my condition but his looks towards me itself will disturb me a lot. What will I do when he looks into my eyes? I will not be able to handle his eye contact with me…I always get lost in his eyes, his smile, his closeness towards me! Oh god! What have I agreed to? But I am his wife right? I want all these but now not in the name of his wife…but in the name of Pragya who is his fan…..

Purab ” Aaliya! I need a favour from u!” Aaliya ” Favour? Am I dreaming? U are asking me for favour for the first time!” Purab ” I know but its regarding Abhi and I dont know who to ask for help apart from u” Aaliya ” About Bhai? What is it about?” Purab ” Tmrw he is gg for the ad right? I want to accompany him as his friend is also my friend too. After the shoot we all have planned to go out! So can u take care of Dadi at home?” Aaliya ” But Mitali babhi and others are here to take care of her right?” Purab ” Yes I know but if u take care, Abhi would feel better as u are taking care of Dadi! And u are also her grand daughter even though u had hurt her a lot before!” Aaliya thought for a while and said ” Ok I will stay at home and look after her! I will also call Tanu to home too. She can also help me in some way….” Purab ” Thank u Aaliya!”

Aaliya, This feels good as he now after a long time he even said thank u to me! He also talked to me so convincingly…..

Purab, The worst feeling ever when I need to talk to her in such a convincing way. But I have no choice if not she will be with Abhi too! Now at least she will not be able to see Abhi and Pragya di together! Ok now what? Abhi should not tell Pragya di’s name to Aaliya too!

He immediately called Abhi and he picked up the call too. Abhi ” Ya Purab! Why u call me now? U know I was looking at something important!” Purab smiled and realized he was still looking at Pragya di’s picture. Purab ” Sorry Abhi! U dont tell about Pragya di to Aaliya!” Abhi ” Why?” Purab ” Let it be a surprise na…I mean u are working with a new person so when the outcome is nice then u tell about her to Aaliya!” Abhi ” Oh ya! If i tell her now also she would point out the mistakes why u choose her and all….Ok I would tell her after everything goes well!”

They ended the call but Abhi never ended his gaze at Pragya’s picture…..

The next day…..

Pragya was very excited to meet him again and was wearing his favourite color of red salwar kameez.
Sarla ma ” Pragya! You look very different today! Very happy to go to work?” Pragya, How can I tell ma that I am meeting him? No let me not tell now…Pragya “Haan Ma! A very pleasant day in my life!” Sarla ma ” Then I am also happy for this pleasant day of yours! Have your breakfast and leave for work!” Pragya ” No ma! I am not feeling hungry! I will have something on my way!” She rushed from there after hugging Sarla ma and getting blessings from Dadi.

Sarla ma, Pragya was never like this before! She never skips her meals like this and what work is that is very pleasant to her?

She reached the venue and was looking for Purab. Pragya ” Purab! Where are u? And where is he?” Purab “Di! U reach there so early? The shoot is only at 11 am and the time now is only 9 am!” Pragya ” Oh! I know….but I can’t control my eagerness in meeting him again!” Purab ” Ok di! I will come with him soon and just wait for us there!” Purab went to Abhi’s room to check what he is doing….Purab, He never even lock his door! What is he up to now? Purab was shocked to see the sight in front of him…..

Abhi was already awake and had messed up his bed and couch with his clothes all over the place….Purab ” What is this Abhi?” Abhi ” You are here! So early! I am trying to choose a good one to wear from 6 am! And nothing is matching!” Purab ” You are selecting for 3 hours? And matching to what?” Abhi ” Matching to her….” Purab with a smirk asked ” To who?” Abhi ” Don’t keep on act that u don’t know who I am referring to!” Purab ” Abhi! I didn’t know that u want to be matching to her….and do u know what she will be wearing? No right?” Abhi ” Haan that’s why I am confused!” Purab ” Anyway both of u will get matching costumes when u act in the ad!” Abhi “Oh ya right? Ok then I just wear something that I would look hot in! Hot enough to melt her…..” Purab smiled at him and left the room saying that we can leave as soon as he gets ready. Purab, Both are so eager to meet each other and I really wish at least this time they have a fresh start in their love with no complications……..

In car…….

Abhi ” She reached there before us? So early?” Purab ” Ya she is a professor na that’s why she wants to be on time!” Abhi “This is not on time! This is more like before time!” Purab ” So what? Being punctual is good right?” Abhi ” Ya ok! But I am not like both of u! My name starts with A and not P!” Purab ” What does it have to do with being puntcual?” Abhi ” Punctual Purab! Punctual Pragya!” Purab ” It’s so lame!” Abhi ” When did u understand my jokes and now its not new for me that u find it lame!”

At the venue…….

Pragya was already inside the caravan. She was trying to remain calm by reading a book…..Friend “Abhi! Thank u so much for agreeing to this and the girl that u are going to work with is inside that caravan! She is so early man!” Abhi ” Ya I know! May be its her first time and thats why she is so early!” Friend ” Ok fine! Purab and u can go and talk to her as the shot is only after 2 hours as there is some technical issues that we are facing! So sorry about that!” Abhi “Why sorry for this? I know this kind of thing happen but this is new to her so let me tell her about this!”

Abhi and Purab headed towards the caravan where Pragya was and knocked on the door before entering….Pragya “Who is that?” Abhi ” Its me Abhi!” Pragya, He is here already? Oh no! How do I face him? I hope he is not alone! Pragya “Coming!” She opened the door and was lost again in his looks……Pragya, He looks so handsome! Abhi, She is wearing my favourite color red! It suits her so perfectly! Purab interrupted “Abhi! Can we go in?” Both of them came back to senses after hearing his voice….

Pragya went in front as Abhi followed her behind, once again lost in her simple yet mesmerizing beauty….Purab “Abhi! Control yourself! U have to sit opposite her and not beside her!” Abhi “Huh?” Purab just pulled him down to sit beside him as for Pragya smiled at him for being lost. Purab was talking to Pragya but Abhi was keep on admiring Pragya and couldn’t hear anything from their conversation. He felt his world was just silent with no noise except for the beauty in front of him…..He felt her voice itself is like a music to his ears….

Purab pinched his thigh! Abhi “AHH! Why do u pinch me?” Pragya ” U are lost somewhere and I was asking u something! Thats why he pinched u!” Abhi “Oh! What were u asking me?” Pragya “When are u going to change as already 1 hour had passed….Abhi “What 1 hour? How is that possible?” Abhi, What is this? 1 hour had passed but I was just looking at her! And she didn’t mind me looking at her like that….What will she be thinking about me? Crazy rockstar? What do I do now? Pragya ” You need to change now if not it will be late!” Abhi in a sad tone ” Oh ok! I am going now…..” Pragya smiled widely at him as she finds her Abhi is back again for her……

Outside the caravan….
Abhi “Purab! Why u never pinch me earlier?” Purab ” You are just out of mind Abhi! It was the third time that I pinched u! When I pinched u two times u were just smiling away!” Abhi ” What I was smiling? and did she saw that?” Purab “Of course and that’s why she was laughing at u!” Abhi ” Oh so that laughter was for that ah? I thought it was for some of ur lame jokes!” Purab “This is a lame joke! When did i start to tell jokes?” Abhi ” She was the one who told that I should never talk to her unnecessarily…..” Purab ” Ok we can talk about this later! U go and get ready now!” Abhi was walking towards Pragya’s caravan and Purab stopped him. Purab “Where are u going?” Abhi “To caravan yaar…” Purab “Yours is there and this is Pragya’s caravan!” Abhi with a smile filled with embarrassment and rubbing his head ” I was a bit lost….” Purab ” Not a bit Abhi….It’s a lot!” Abhi now went to his caravan to get changed.

Pragya couldn’t believe what Abhi is trying to do! Abhi ” Chasmish! Welcome to the rockstar’s world! The world where terms and conditions don’t apply!” Pragya ” I can’t do this….” Abhi ” You can do this if not also u will have to do this!” Pragya, I am trapped badly! Now how to escape???

Thanks for reading! Bye!

Happy Independence day to both Indian and Pakistani friends here!
Enjoy the independence day with no unnecessary dependence on others!

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