You are and always be my life (KKB) Episode 26


Hope u all enjoy this one!?

Abhi ” Fuggi u are clear right?” Pragya ” Crystal clear!” Abhi grinned and said ” Crystal clear ah? I hope later u don’t make any confusions out of this!” Pragya ” No I won’t! You will see later how clearly I will execute your plan! After all its to make Ma feel better!” Abhi ” Your Ma is also like my Ma and u know that too so its my responsibility that she understands both of us….” Pragya smiled widely hearing that and hugged him!

Abhi too liked her hug as its not all the time she hugged him first!

Pragya ” I think u have to leave now!” Abhi ” Really Fuggi? U are the one hugging me and not me!” Pragya’s face turned crimson red and she tried to move away from the hug….

Abhi ” Now u are moving away! It’s fine Fuggi u can hug me in our place! More hugs and more love!” Pragya ” Sure and u leave now!” She said that by pushing him from his back and ask him to leave the room.

Abhi in his taunting tone ” So strong in pushing! What else are u strong in ah?” Pragya ” Enough! Leave and I will see you tommorow!” Abhi ” Okok I am leaving! See you tommorow!” Pragya ” Goodnight!” Abhi ” Goodnight too Fuggi!”

He walked off from there thinking about Pragya being with him soon and as for Pragya went back to her room and looked out her window to see him. Abhi turned back and saw her standing near window…Abhi gave a kiss from where he was standing and Pragya turned behind looking at that in shyness……

Abhi, Fuggi u are always shy for simple things like this! First i need to get rid of your shyness once u come back to house!

Pragya, I am so excited! Finally after so long I can live with him at the same place! The same place I fell in love with him! The same place I realise that I am worth enough to be loved….loved by him… There were bad things happened there too but I only remember the good things that happened there between the two of us….

Abhi went off to house and was restless for the whole night with the thoughts of Pragya’s arrival and the same situation was with Pragya who was restless in going back to Mehra mansion.

The next day…..

Pragya after somehow convincing Sarla ma and others went to Mehra mansion. She just want to see him and that’s all she wanted. Abhi walked down from the stairs and looked at her….Eyelock between the two of them….Saiyaara saiyaara plays at the bg……

Abhi in his mind, Control yourself if not others will find out!

Pragya, I must stop looking at his eyes like this especially when others are around!

Abhi ” Hello Pragya!” Pragya ” Hi!” Abhi ” Arjun! I am telling u again that I really don’t understand why u can’t proceed with divorce but must make her stay with me!” Arjun, the lawyer” Abhi! U know right it’s because of your memory loss and if not there won’t be this issue at all!” Abhi ” Yes I know all that!  But this is just funny! A rockstar staying with a professor! Very wrong combination man!” All the other family members were also there and they were also confused with what was going on….

Dadi ” Abhi! Why Pragya is here and that too with luggage?” Arjun who was there explained everything to Dadi and she smiled hearing all that….Abhi ” Dadi! Don’t think anything that I will live with her! I like her as I worked with her but will not like her as my wife!” Pragya frowned at him but he was not responding to that and was keep on talking to Dadi…..

Dadi ” Pragya! I am so sorry to what I have done to you but at least now u will stay with him!” Abhi ” She is not staying with me!” Pragya was shocked hearing that as well as the others too….

Abhi ” I mean she is staying here but not with me! I need sometime so she will be staying in the guest room for one week and then later she will move to my room!” Pragya ” Maybe u are scared that u will fall in love with me!” Abhi ” Scared? Me? Rockstar will never be scared of such emotions like love!” Pragya ” Then why not I stay at your room?” Abhi ” No way!” Pragya ” When there is a will there is a way!” Abhi ” Fine! But if i don’t like your presence in my room then u have to move to the guest room!” Pragya nodded her head in response and headed to the room.

Abhi looking at his family members ” What are u all looking at? Get back to work if u all have any and Dadi! She is so arrogant! I thought she is very polite when she worked with me! But i am wrong!” Dadi ” No Abhi u will slowly understand her nature and character….” She too moved to her room after that…..Dadi, He agreed to her so fast? How is that possible?

Abhi, What is this?? I wanted the Aaliya and Tanu to be here to see this! But don’t know where they are!! It’s ok! Later i will see them and now i need to see my Fuggi!

Pragya was unpacking her stuff in the room and heard the door lock sound realising it was Abhi who locked the door!

Abhi ” So how’s the unpacking?” Pragya ” Why did u lock the door?” Abhi ” Locked to love!” Pragya ” What?” Abhi ” I don’t want any disturbances like last time! So I locked it!” He walked near to her and the more close he was coming towards her, the more scared she was…..

Abhi ” I was waiting for this moment all this while!” He hugged her and said ” Fuggi! May I help u in unpacking this stuff too?” Pragya ” Only unpacking my stuff right?” Abhi in a seductive tone ” Then what are u thinking of Fuggi?” Pragya ” Nothing like u are thinking!” Abhi winked and asked” What am i thinking?” Suddenly they heard  someone knocking the door and they moved away from their hug and Abhi ” U have to tell me later what I was thinking!” By saying that he went to open the door.

Aaliya was the one knocking the door. Aaliya ” Bhai! Why did u lock the door?” Abhi ” I was in the washrooom Aaliya! I think she locked the door!” Pragya, Always blaming me for what he is doing!

Aaliya ” I know Bhai! Only she can do like this and try to trap u!” Pragya ” I am not here to trap anyone! He is not a rat to be trapped!” Abhi ” Aaliya! Just leave her and we shall go out and talk!”

Aaliya ” You are right Bhai! We can’t talk in front of her!”

Both of them moved from there to talk and Pragya was just irritated by Aaliya’s presence….

In Aaliya’s room…..

Abhi ” Before u tell anything let me clearly tell u! Its all because of the ad that  we two did!” Aaliya ” I warned u not to do it with her but u were so adamant!” Abhi ” Sorry Aaliya! I should have listened to u that day!” Aaliya ” If the photos were not published in newspapers and all then u would not have known that u were married to her!”

Abhi, I felt so angry for whoever doing that but now I am thankful to the person doing that as now everyone knows that I was married and only thing is that i need to act that I don’t remember being married to Fuggi!

Aaliya ” Bhai! What are u thinking?” Abhi ” Nothing! Just thinking of how to avoid her and also stay away from her….”

Aaliya ” Why not I bring Tanu to stay here?  And u can act being close to her to irritate her!”

Abhi, Always thinking like this only! What kind of sister do I have who don’t understand my love?

Abhi ” No Aaliya! It will upset Dadi! And I myself will irritate that Pragya but u just have to help me!”

Aaliya ” Ok Bhai I am always here to help u!” Abhi thanked her and left from the room.

Aaliya, Thank god! At least Bhai also want to stay away from her!

Abhi, My dear sister! I will make sure u get irritated first of all!

Abhi went back to his room and saw Pragya hiding under the table….

Abhi, Why is she hiding under the table?

Abhi too went under table and asked her ” Fuggi! Looking for something?” Pragya ” Yes…I mean no!” Abhi ” Yes or no? Why are u so scared?” Pragya ” Ur plan…I mean i don’t think I can do…its so difficult!” Abhi ” Yesterday u told me that u will do it and today u are saying u can’t!” Pragya remained silent and was keep on thinking about something….

Abhi was keep on admiring at his Fuggi who is so cute while being scared and confused at the same time. Pragya was now keep on mumbling to herself that this won’t work out! Suddenly they heard someone entering the room. Pragya whispered ” Suniye! I think someone is in our room and we are here like this!” Abhi ” Oh no! What do we do now? It’s all your fault!” Pragya ” My fault? Who ask u to come here?” Abhi ” Then what u expect me to do when u are under the table….and that too alone!!” Dadi ” Abhi! Where are u?” Pragya ” Oh no! Its Dadi!” Abhi ” Ok I will go out first and u just stay here! You are doing what i told u yesterday!” Pragya whispered ” Suniye! Do u think it will work out?” Abhi ” Sssh! How many times will u ask like this?” Pragya ” I am so scared…can we do something else?” Abhi ” Just do it! And don’t think too much!” Pragya gave a pouting face and looked at him…..

Abhi came out from being under the table.

Dadi ” What were u doing under the table?” Abhi ” Exercising Dadi!!” Dadi ” Exercising?” Pragya still under the table….Pragya, what is he trying to tell now? He is just blabbering…..

Abhi ” Dadi u know its a new exercise where u have to crawl under the table and then crawl back again out of it to stand up! If u do this every morning our stamina increases!” Dadi laughed hearing that and asked ” How many times?” Abhi with a smirk” As long u can do and get tired!” Dadi ” Ok all this is fine! Where is my bahu?” Abhi ” Bahu? Who is that?” Dadi ” Pragya!” Abhi ” Now her name is Bahu! I didn’t know that! ” Dadi ” Don’t change the topic! Where is she?” Abhi ” I don’t know… i think she went out of room…” Dadi ” Ok i will go and see…”

Pragya came out sensing that Dadi left the room…Abhi ” All because of u!” Pragya did not say anything and went out of the room just by smiling….

Thinking about the person u love and forgetting yourself is called love!

Who is telling this line? Abhigya? Or somebody else?

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  1. VarshaVenkat

    No idea of who’s saying dat line……its captain cool episode di….u r rocking d world …..keep goin

  2. Wow as always u did awesome dear…. Keep going and congrats for crossing 25 epi successfully ??? love it

  3. I will tell u how was this update after reading tomorrow’s update… So Sissy U need to wait for adoring my comments till tomorrow! He..he I still did not get what u were trying to tell yesterday in your reply to my comment! So sorry!
    But I wanted to tell… That I enjoyed as well as Loved it!

  4. This s for u Maya sissy?????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤awsm super duper lovely episode u r just unbelievable incredible❤???? Abhi’s funny excuse to dadi ???loved to the coreeeeeeee sissy ❤??I really don’t know frm whr did u get these awsm lovely cute thoughts in ur busy schedule ??keep rocking sissyy???i think it s abhi’s wrds to pragya in precap??eagerly waiting for ur nxt update sissy❤???

  5. Reshma_Pradeep

    It’s AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!Loved it toooooo muchhhhhhhhhh

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  7. awesome episode IB???? u rocked it!????

  8. Maya

    Thank u Varshavenkat (u r also rocking in ur writings!), Varsha (u always wish me whenever I cross a significant number in episodes!? so sweet of u!) Rithu! Shree ( Then i have to wait until Friday! I am unable to update nxt few days…) Mokshi, i also don’t know where all this come from? manufacturing defect! Thank u Reshma for loving it tooo much n also thank u Asmithaa!??

  9. really cute..epi….

  10. B.k.maha

    Wowwwww….. Superrrrrr….. Amesinggggg….. Mind blowing…… I loved it to the core…… Really don’t know what to say….. Because this episode super duperrrr hitttt…… Lot’s of love and hug and kisses to u…….. Waiting for next episode egarly……


    Wow… Maya you are amazing dear… what an episode.. I don’t knew how you got this type rocking ideas and plans.. I feel you are just like your character abhi… ???.. keep going.. as now it’s quite interesting with new twist and turns…

  12. Saranya24

    Superb to the core akka love u loads muuaahh???????

  13. Maahi

    hahaha uu made my evng just adorable magic of urs is the cure fr my stress love uuu fr tht nd yeahhhhhh they r toooooooooooo crazyyyyy to handle man hahaha abhigya rocked aliya shocked lol under table she is thinking abt all dizz whether she can do it r not nd haha exercise of crawling lol uuuu must bbb crazyyyyyy amazingly amazing u rocked it dr nd the precap uffff…..those lines r soooo lovely but who is saying tht no idea MY IB UUUU ROCKK ALWAYS

  14. Trisha

    Absolutely awesome???

  15. Sandy

    Really good episode very funny?? How pragya convinced her ma ??

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  17. Superbbb yaar….. Waiting for the next update….. ?????

  18. Sorry for late comment ?? but this was a way too brilliant! Loved it to core! Haha exercising ?????? lol! It was superbly superb and Magically Magical update ☺

  19. Prathi

    That exercise idea was hilarious now I am reminded of that Purab’s dance step don’t know why!! Only you get these type of ideas

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