You are and always be my life (KKB) Episode 23


I am so sorry but If i write something for this ff means I thought it should be something that you all find it worth to read and my mind had nothing special coming for this too but suddenly I got this idea and not sure how is going to work but let’s see how it goes…….

Certain things happen in an uncertain way that was the Precap for the last episode of this ff and now the story will go in those lines………

Pragya, I never felt that I will have to face this again….I thought he will not bring this topic again but why every time something makes us to face this topic again! Is our love for each other that weak that everyone around us makes use of it? I love him and he loves me but why others don’t understand that at all? What is the big deal in accepting us as husband and wife?

By thinking all that she could only have tears filled in her eyes thinking of her destiny again playing with her love……

Abhi, I know Fuggi that how difficult for u to even hear the word again….The word u always don’t want to interfere in our relation….The word I don’t even want to hear that will makes us apart but that word will now bring you closer to me! And now I need to make you understand that in my rockstar way!

Abhi called Pragya many times but she never picked up as she really don’t want to talk to him about something she hates the most! Divorce!

Abhi even directly went to her house not caring about Sarla ma and others presence. He just want to meet her and persuade her to agree for this divorce. But Sarla ma and others were stubborn in making sure he doesn’t get to meet her. Abhi “Fuggi! I know you are upset but just listen to me before you jump into any conclusion! I had to reveal that I am going to divorce you publicly so that others believe that I don’t feel for you anything….Did you get that? Do u understand who I mean by others?” Pragya was listening to all that in her room but still couldn’t accept the fact that for Aaliya and Tanu he wants to break his relation with her……

Sarla ma harshly said “You can see right? She is not even interested to see your face and whatever u are telling is enough and whether u got your memory back or not, it doesn’t make any difference as all the while there is only troubles caused by u!” Abhi kept on looked at her door in the hope that she will open the door and run to him. But it was not happening. Abhi sadly said “ I am leaving….” Pragya was still in her room crying and looking at his photo……

Abhi, Fuggi! You will slowly understand why I am doing all this! Until then please wait and don’t lose hope on me…..

Pragya, I never lose hope on you but sometimes I just lose hope on my love as it is always being tested by something……

Abhi,I know Fuggi your love for me is always tested but your love is always there for me….only for me….and that makes me to protect you and save you from all obstacles. Without your love, I am lifeless! Why can’t u see that Fuggi?

Pragya, If all this is life then when will I live a life just by being with you…Just being beside you looking at your eyes and getting my love from it….How long do I have to be near you only through my feelings but at the same time far from you physically??

Abhi, Very soon Fuggi you will be near me and I will never let you go far away from me after that. I will show you how much close you are to me when you come near to me!

Pragya, I am hoping for that day but what if it does not happen? What if again something miserable happens?

Abhi, missing you is the only thing that is miserable to me and whatever others do to us is just going to make them miserable and I will show you that too!

Pragya looked at his photo and kept it near her chest as for Abhi who was still in the car outside Pragya’s house said “ Bye Fuggi!” Pragya “Bye! Good night!”

This is how they talk to each other through their hearts and what will happen next? Please look at the Precap!

Pragya saw Abhi coming towards her and she slapped him when he was near her! Abhi with a smirk said “ It’s not painful Fuggi! Try again” Pragya slapped him again! Abhi ” Your touch makes me crazy!” Pragya ” You are just ridiculous!” Abhi ” All for you!”

Why did she slap him? Please wait for the next update!

I guess this update is a bit emotional but this is what I think will be right way to move the story forward…..I am so sorry again for the irregular updates but I really can’t help it as my mind is occupied with so many assignments and may be that’s why its not working properly…….

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  1. Very nice episode.Hats off to u maya.

    1. Maya

      Thank u Ashika??

  2. Thank you sooooo much maya sissy ???its not bit emotional but full and full of emotional episode heart touching & lovely talks btwn them now lots of ques arises in my mind 1. y abhi s asking divorce 2.who s behind this 3.wat made him to ask????? this s totally truly unfair sissy and precap omg y pragya slapped him and his reactions 4 her slap s very funny.This update driving me more crazy than before sissy i can’t handle my wait anymore so pls update as soon as possible keep rocking loved to the coreeeeeeee sissy ????❤❤??

    1. Maya

      Please wait for the nxt update Mokshi…I need sometime but i won’t be that late and all your questions will be answered in the upcoming updates??? Thank u for the love for my writings?????

  3. superb yaar it realy a bit emotional and abt recap??????????????

    1. Maya

      Thank u Divya very soon u will know abt the precap??

  4. Princesskrisha

    Today’s episode was so much lovely n too emotional I also felt why every time they join they are separated?? Di you’re very cool di always

    1. Maya

      Very soon u will know the reason behind being joined together and seperated?? Until then pls wait sis!??

  5. Thank you sooooo much for updating! I missed this a lot!! The episode is unexpectedly unexpected! So many questions are arising in my mind!!! But only u can tell the answers for them so I am eagerly waiting for the next part! And after reading the precap my eagerness is increased! Once again I am saying the episode was superb!?? keep rocking! Love u???

    1. Maya

      Thank u Aliza so much for ur eagerness! I hope i can answer all ur questions in the upcoming updates??????Keep reading and love u too!

  6. Awesome epi maya di u r giving more suspenses but we ll wait to know that di.

    1. Maya

      Thank u for ur wait Sandhya???

  7. Tooooo good ??

    1. Maya

      Thank u Varsha!??

  8. Trisha

    Awesome epi Maya….waiting eagerly for next update!

    1. Maya

      Thank u for ur eagerness Trisha!??

  9. Reshma_Pradeep

    It’s Superbbbbbbbbbbbb Dearrrrrrr

    1. Maya

      Thank u Reshma dr???

  10. Madhura

    I missed your update a lot. ???pls update the next episode soon yaar ????

    1. Maya

      I will try Madhura to update the nxt part asap??

  11. B.k.maha

    Superrrrrr….. Waiting for next episode…… Please give a long episode… Today episode is too small….

    1. Maya

      Sorry Maha but i will try to make it longer for the nxt time??

  12. Superb Di….

    1. Maya

      Thank u Asmitha??

  13. Saranya24

    Superb akka unexpected twist loved it waiting fr nxt part love u akka??????

    1. Maya

      Thank u Saranya sis??? Love u too???

  14. Sis I have done graduation in Electronics & Communication Engineering. I am from Andhra Pradesh.Bye Take care?

    1. Maya

      That’s great Anu sis!?? Bye and Take care sis???

  15. Maahi

    hahahaha divorce again rofl now wats my sweetheart is planning dr but dizzzz heart talking issss sooooo fab ur amazinggggglyyyy manufactured nd now wats the precap many questions arounfd my mind but i know u hv ur way to ans them soooo just keeeeep rickinggggg dr

    1. Maya

      Haha ok u will know all that in the upcoming updates with something that u like??? I think so???

  16. Nice episode yaar… Don’t worry u just update next time when ur mind free from all worries about studies… Make ur mind fresh after finishing ur assignments then upload…. We will wait…

    1. Maya

      Thank u so much Nirmal for the understanding!??? Its really so sweet of u to tell this and ya i will upload once i am done with my assignments for the day….

  17. Prathi

    No worries! Update whenever possible!! And divorce again ?? Don’t become Ekta yaar. I know you are planning something waiting to be carried away by your magic

    1. Maya

      Thank u Prathi for the understanding! Haha no I am not trying to be ekta???? You are right! I am planning something???Let’s see how it works! But will there be magic? That i am not sure???

  18. U r always giving rocking episode and it is so super

    1. Maya

      Thank u Sonika!???

  19. Mukundraj

    nice dear but plz upload next one na

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