You are and always be my life (KKB) Episode 22


Pragya, What do I do now? I know he did that to me out of love and the belief that those who around me won’t misuse his actions but….Ok let me leave this and think of a way to divert him!

It happened the day after his lip lock with her….someone over there had take a picture of that and leaked it in websites. Within a few days Abhi was able to track who did that and it was his own friend. He did manage to get rid of the pictures too. But he was unable to get rid of people’s talks. All kinds of assumptions were going around in the media and with everyone around him. He was helpless and that is when Pragya cleared all this with a interview saying that it was for an ad shoot and nothing else beyond that. Even Sarla ma was angry with Abhi and Pragya for doing something like this in front of so many people. But Pragya made it clear that he have all that rights to do that as he is and always her husband.

Abhi was feeling bad that he couldn’t even trust his friends now! He thought they were not like Aaliya, Tanu and Nikhil! But he was wrong again…..

Pragya could understand all this but for that he can’t blame himself! Just because some people around him are misusing his trust it doesn’t means he can’t lose his trust on himself!

Abhi picked up Pragya’s call. Abhi ” Fuggi! I said to u right? I don’t want to talk to u!” Pragya ” Wait! Don’t end the call!” Abhi “Ok!” Pragya ” I….actually…” Abhi ” Can u just tell me faster?” Pragya “matro ekṭi bhasha jotheshṭo noe to tell u something…” Abhi ” What???” Pragya ” Find out the first half of the sentence!” Abhi ” I have no mood to find anything and i don’t even get what u were trying to say too!” Pragya ” I know that u are very lazy to find things! When i was with u, you were always like this and I end up finding for your things! I just asked u to find a simple thing of what i have said but that too u are not interested to find!” Abhi ” Can u stop your bak bak! Ok tell me the line again and let me jot down in a paper!” Pragya repeated it again and said ” U will also have to find the meaning of the something that i was refering to!” Abhi with irritation said ” Fine!” Pragya ” Find if not I will not be fine!” Abhi smirked and said ” I seriously can’t guess what u are up to!” Pragya ” Find that too!” Abhi ” Fuggi! So many findings! I think i have to name u something now…Finding Fuggi! Finding fuggi is fine or not!” Pragya chuckled hearing that. Abhi ” I need to go now and find something too! Bye Fuggi!” Pragya ” Me too! I need to find something! Bye!” Abhi ” Copycat!” Pragya ” Arrey! I am also busy as a professor and i also have work to find certain things ok?” Abhi ” Haan I know that!” Pragya ” Then how can u say that I am copycat?” Abhi ” O Fuggi! I have no energy to fight with u in phone! I will find a way to deal with u soon!” Pragya ” Oh! U are tired ah? Ok bye!” They ended the call and Abhi smiled at the phone looking at Pragya picture in it. Pragya too smiled looking at his wallpaper in her phone.

Abhi, I know u are doing all this to divert my mind….It feels nice to talk to u and u are also talking to me nicely so that i feel better….But I am always end up giving troubles to u….Whatever it is, something is for sure that I can’t be myself without talking to u….

Pragya, So let me do something else to keep his mind occupied and also make him feel that his trust is not always misused by everyone! But how??

A day later….

Abhi still could not find what Pragya said! It was not even hindi! That’s for sure that Abhi knows but before knowing what language it was he was already cracking his head as he was not sure whether he even wrote what she told correctly or not!

Pragya called him again. Pragya ” I know it’s not fine to meet u nowadays after what had happened…but….” Abhi ” Where are u?” Pragya ” I am outside your house!” Abhi ” What? How can u even come until here?” Pragya ” Why not? I am your wife so I have the rights to come here!” Abhi ” Just wait there I am coming out!” Abhi quickly changed his tshirt and rushed to see her outside the house. On the way he was stopped by Dadi. Dadi ” Where are u rushing like this?” Abhi hesistantly told ” Dadi..Its…my friend..she…no he is waiting outside!” Dadi ” Ask him to come in! Our house is so big and why do u have to go out and meet?” Abhi ” No! I mean he is rushing to somewhere and came here to pass me something! I need to go now Dadi! I will explain to u later!” Abhi left from there and Dadi was thinking why is he panicking a lot….She decided to follow him too….

Abhi looking around at different directions called Pragya again. Abhi ” Where are u Fuggi? I can’t see u here!” Pragya ” Did u see a black car?” Abhi ” Haan so u are inside there?” Pragya ” No! Why are u just assuming like this?” Abhi ” Then what u expect me to do? I am already panicking!” Pragya ” Relax! Ok go near the car!” Abhi ” For what?” Pragya ” For finding me!” Abhi “Finding again!” He walked towards the car and there was a paper on top of the car sticked onto it. Pragya ” U are seeing the paper right? Take it and read!” Abhi ” Ok!”

Finding Fuggi……
Find me with fun! If not i will not be fine!

Abhi ” Like seriously? Are u playing games with me? And why are u keep on repeating the line if not i will not be fine! I am not at all fine with that line!” Pragya ” Do u think only u know how to play games? No! I also know how to play games and this is just the beginning to it!” Abhi ” So where are u?” Pragya ” There is clue in the line that i told u find me with fun!” Abhi ” U expect me to laugh all the way to find u?” Pragya laughed at that. Pragya ” No!” Abhi ” Then where are u?” Pragya ” Find me with fun to get fun from a fun filled place!” Abhi ” Fuggi! U are just making me look funny finding for u early in the morning!” Pragya ” Really?” Abhi heard sounds of children at the background from Pragya call. Abhi ” I will see u soon!” Pragya ” U found me?” Abhi ” U will see that soon!”

Pragya, Oh no! I thought of making him find for me longer but he somehow managed to find me so soon!

After a few minutes….

Abhi ” Fuggi! Is this the age to be here?” Pragya turned behind and looked at him. Pragya ” So fast?” Abhi ” Ya! I found u!” Pragya ” I don’t know where it is fun! So i just came here!” Just then some kids run in between them….Pragya ” So cute!” Abhi ” Ya I know I am cute!” Pragya ” I am not refering to u! Look at those two kids! Their cheeks so cute!” Abhi ” U came to this playground to talk to me or admire the kids here?” Pragya ” Both!” Abhi ” U should admire our kids Fuggi!” Pragya blushed hearing him saying our kids….Abhi ” If u want we can try for that!” Pragya ” Chee! How can u talk like this here?” Abhi ” Then what u expect me to think when u are here!” Pragya ” Ok coming to the point!” Abhi ” The point is what i am telling u!” Pragya ” Please let me tell what i want to tell!” Abhi ” Ok continue…” Pragya ” Did u find the meaning what i told u yesterday?” Abhi, how can i tell her that i never even wrote what she told properly! Then she will start her lecture again! Have to manage this now!

Pragya ” Where are u lost?” Abhi ” Lost in u!” Pragya ” Huh?” Abhi held her hands and brought it close to his chest. Pragya ” What are u doing there are children here!” Abhi ” I am just having your hands on my chest! I won’t do anything that u think of!” Pragya ” How u know what…” Abhi pressed her nose to ask her stop talking. Abhi ” I am finding u in myself from the moment u are with me. I am something to u that is what i thought in the beginning but no…I am everything to u….One language is never enough to tell u something that how much i love u!” Pragya ” U found the meaning?” Abhi, What? Which line is the meaning that she was refering to that i told! Ok anyways what i told in a fluke had matched to what she was telling!

Pragya ” Arrey! Why are u not answering?” Abhi ” Huh?” Pragya ” Ok fine now u are so good at finding what I meant! I didn’t expect u will find that as it was in bengali!” Abhi ” Its Bengali ah?” Pragya ” What? U found the meaning even without knowing the language?” Abhi ” No yaar i was just kidding! Of course i know its Bengali!” Pragya smiled widely and said ” Actually….” Abhi ” Actually?” Pragya ” I want to hug u!” Abhi ” Then hug!” Pragya ” But not here! How can I? So many kids here!” Abhi ” O Fuggi! If now itself u are feeling like this then imagine when we are having 10 kids at home next time, then i am wondering how u will be with me in their presence!” Pragya took back her hand and in shock said ” What? 10 kids??” Abhi ” Ya 5 boys and 5 girls! 5 like u and 5 like me!” Pragya ” Riduculous! 10 totally imposssible!” Abhi ” Possible as our house is huge and I want it to be lively with our kids!” Pragya turned away to walk in front. Abhi held her hand to stop her and said ” Don’t get angry yaar! We will dicuss about this later!” Pragya smiled and said ” Ok I have to go now…” Abhi ” Come let’s go and I drop u near your college!” Pragya ” No! I mean it would be difficult for u too…” Abhi ” Everything is easy for me when u are with me! I don’t care about others! Just come with me!” Pragya couldn’t say anything after that and just followed him.

Certain things happen in a uncertain way…

Thank u all for the lovely comments! Thank u friends and siblings! Thank u silent readers! I know i am very bad but so sorry for the irregular updates! I will try to end this if i get a proper idea for ending! Until now i can’t think of it! So sorry for that! Love u all and i also miss u all as much as u all do!

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