You are and always be my life (KKB) Episode 20


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Abhi ” Aaliya! Let’s go and Ms Pragya will come in the same car as me!” Aaliya ” But Bhai…She can come in another car right?” Abhi ” I am telling u Aaliya and not asking u! Did u get that? Don’t spoil my mood if not I won’t be able to work!” Aaliya ” Okok let her come in the same car as us!” Abhi smiled and ” Then what are we waiting for let’s move!”

Pragya, What is he planning to do? Not even telling me properly!!

Abhi ” Ms Pragya! Move!” Pragya stared at him and moved out from the house and walked towards the car. Abhi ” Aaliya! U sit beside me! And Ms Pragya u sit at the back seat!” Aaliya, Thank god! He is not sitting beside her!

Abhi drove the car and at times he was secretly admiring Pragya through the mirror.

Aaliya ” Bhai! Why are u driving the car so slowly?” Abhi ” Its safe that way!” Aaliya ” But this is too slow compared to your normal speed!” Abhi, My Fuggi don’t like speed driving….Abhi ” We will reach on time! Don’t just irritate me!”

Pragya, I know he is doing like this for me…

They arrived at the studio to shoot for the ad.

Abhi ” Aaliya! You explain to Ms Pragya the shots after hearing it from director and i am going to my caravan now!” Aaliya with a shocked look ” Why me??” Abhi ” Just do as i said!” With that he left from there leaving Aaliya and Pragya to be shocked.

Abhi, Now i want to play the real game!
Pragya was totally lost of what is happening around her and Aaliya did what Abhi said. She explained to Pragya with frustration and Pragya couldn’t understand what she was trying to say too.

Abhi ” Done?” Aaliya ” Done Bhai!” Pragya was looking very tensed and she said “I need to change dress right?” Abhi ” Yes but before that Aaliya will choose a dress for u too!” Aaliya smiled as she now can spoil Pragya’s costume! Aaliya ” I will choose a nice one and bring it for her!” She went from there and now Abhi and Pragya were there. Abhi ” So Ms Pragya are u ready?” Pragya ” What ready? And have u gone mad? Why u ask her to choose dress for me? She will surely do something to it!” Abhi ” I know that too!” Pragya ” Then u are doing it purposely ah?” Abhi ” Once u go to ur Caravan u will know what i have done!” Pragya was about to tell something but by then Aaliya have reached there and she couldn’t tell anything….

Pragya with a faint smile said thank u to Aaliya after receiving the dress and went off to her caravan without looking at Abhi.
Abhi, Fuggi looks very cute while being angry!

A while later……

Pragya came back to the sets and Abhi was now totally lost in her beauty…….

She was wearing the red saree ( The same type as she wear during Abhi’s love confession)

Pragya looked at Abhi and was thinking, for this only u want to come here……
Abhi also looking at Pragya, Smart fuggi! I wanted to see u like this again….O Karam Khudaya plays at the background….

Aaliya ” Bhai!!!” Abhi ” Haan!” Aaliya ” Why is she wearing saree? This is not the one i choose for her!” Abhi “Haan why Ms Pragya u wear something different?” Pragya raised her eyebrows and said with hesitation ” That dress was too revealing and i found this in caravan…so i thought this is better…” Abhi ” Oh then its ok time is running up and let’s do this!” Aaliya, Oh shit my plan failed again!!

Abhi held Pragya’s hand and brought her  in front of camera. Aaliya, Oh god! Bhai is holding her hands now!

Abhi whispered to Pragya ” U will be shocked of what i am going to do now!” Pragya opened her eyes widened after hearing that….

Abhi ” Hey we are ready and why is nobody saying start and action??” Director ” Sorry sir! Start! Action!” Abhi cupped her face in his hands and looked at her. Abhi ” I was waiting all the while for this moment…i was waiting no i was dying for this moment….now i am not going to delay! I will do it now!” Pragya, This is not the lines that they said what is he trying to do?? Abhi brought her face very close to his….Pragya was getting more n more nervous….Abhi winked at her and gave a liplock to her…..He carried on his liplock for very long and Pragya was shocked to the core. Aaliya was just blinking her eyes to see whether is this truth or not!

Director “Done sir! Very romantic shot!” Abhi stopped kissing and gave a witty smile to Pragya! Pragya looked very puzzled….Abhi ” Shocked ah?” Pragya ” You!! I hate u!!” Abhi ” Me too!” Pragya left from there with tears as she didn’t expected this at all….

Aaliya ” Bhai! How can u do this? It was so sudden? Do u love her or what?” Abhi ” Its my torture to her! She said no to work with me first right? And thats why i did this!” Aaliya ” Just for that?” Abhi ” Then u think its for love? Me love? Are u kidding?” Aaliya, I am relieved its not love but still this is not good!

Pragya, How can he do this to me? And that too in front of so many people! What is he thinking? Just because i am obeying what he wants to do, it doesn’t mean he can do anything!

Abhi came secretly to Pragya’s caravan….

Abhi ” So Mrs Pragya is angry with me?” Pragya ” Don’t talk to me! How can u do like that in front of so many people?” Abhi  ” So what? U are my wife right? I have all rights!” Abhi was about to sit beside Pragya but she stood up. Abhi pulled her back with force to sit down with him. Pragya ” Leave me!” Abhi ” I told u many times I won’t leave u!” Pragya ” Leave all this! U are not irritating your sister but u are purposely irritating me!” Abhi ” O Fuggi! Do u know how cute u look when u are angry…I want to kiss u again!” Pragya ” Stop this! I hate u!” Abhi ” I love u!” He pulled her again towards him and kissed her again!

Pragya ” U are just too…..” Abhi ” Too romantic right? I know!” Pragya ” No! Unpredictable!” Abhi ” Hey Fuggi! U no need to worry yaar this promo shoot is not at all real one…its all drama and all are my close friends acting for me!” Pragya ” Aaliya does not know this?” Abhi ” Haan Fuggi! She never really cared about my friends and that made me easier to ask them to act for me today!” Pragya ” But still u shouldn’t have kissed like that! Its so embarrasing!” Abhi with a sad face ” I wanted to be more romantic but the time is short na…that’s why I just gave a liplock….” Pragya ” Even romantic??” Abhi ” U want to see now??” Pragya ” Chee! Just go away now!” Abhi ” Okok now u come down with same sad expression to make Aaliya believe that u are upset with me” Pragya ” No I will be with a happy face!” Abhi ” Fuggi! Dont do this!” Pragya ” Really?” Abhi ” What u want?” Pragya ” U know that i want something! Ok i will tell u tommorow!” Abhi ” Ok but act Fuggi!” Pragya ” I will try!”

Someone managed to listen to their conversation…..

No precap

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Take care and God bless u all!

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