You are and always be my life (KKB) Episode 19

Pragya called Abhi in the night again ” What is the important thing that u want to tell me?” Abhi ” Ok listen carefully and this is going to be very fun!” Pragya ” Fun?” Abhi ” Yes now its Abhi’s fun time!” Pragya ” Ok carry on and I am listening” Abhi explained to her everything and Pragya was so confused hearing all that.

Pragya ” No way! I can’t do this!” Abhi ” Fuggi! U have to do this! For our love….” Pragya ” How can i do this?” Abhi ” Just need to follow my instructions babe!” Pragya ” No I can’t!” Abhi ” U believe me right?” Pragya ” Haan but this is….” Abhi ” This is nothing compared to the belief u have on me!” Pragya ” I…will surely mess this up…” Abhi ” I am there yaar! I won’t let anything like that to happen…” Pragya ” Ok fine!” Abhi ” Fine to do this right?” Pragya ” Do I have a choice? No right?” Abhi smirked and said ” You got my point Fuggi! Ok now u have to wait for her call and do as what I said!

Pragya, He is just making all these very tough for me! I hope i don’t make a mess!

The next day….

Aaliya called Pragya now ” Aaliya here!” Pragya ” I know and why did u call me?” Aaliya ” Bhai wants to work with u and u have to agree for this! But this is only for once! Bhai is very stubborn to work with u and I don’t want him to get disappointed if he can’t get what he want!” Pragya ” Aaliya! That much u care for him ah? Its impressive….” Aaliya ” I don’t need your compliments! Just work with him once and after that u have to leave from his life!” Pragya thought to herself, Leaving from his life? That’s impossible….

Aaliya ” U are listening right?” Pragya ” Aaliya! I told u before that I wish to be with him as wife only and not like a model…” Aaliya ” If u never agree then I will have to make Tanu to work with him!” Pragya ” No…I mean how can she work with him??” Aaliya ” Why can’t she? She is a famous model in town and Abhi also likes her before!” Pragya ” He liked her before and not now! Ok fine! I agree to this!” Aaliya ” That’s good! Come to house and I have to talk u regarding the conditions!” Pragya ” Conditions?” Aaliya ” Of course I don’t want u to get close to Bhai and its for that!” Pragya, We are already very close to each other Aaliya…its just that u are not aware of that!

Aaliya ended the call and was thinking of how to irritate Pragya.

Pragya texted Abhi:

P: I did as what u said but still very scared
A: Ok meet u soon Fuggi!
P: I am saying that I am scared but u are saying ok we will meet soon??
A: I will talk to u when u are here! I am waiting for your arrival Fuggi!
P: U are just making me confused!
A: It’s my pleasure!

Pragya after seeing that only got irked and started to get ready to go to Mehra mansion.

Pragya while entering Mehra mansion had so many mixed feelings….Now she is entering it after a long time….She felt the moments that she was with him and then how after he lost his memory, she was made to leave the house…..

Dadi who was coming down the staircase was shocked to see Pragya coming inside….

Abhi was already in the living room and he winked at Pragya. Pragya tried not respond as she could see Dadi approaching them. Abhi now whistled at her and Dadi was now right behind Abhi. Pragya, Oh no! Why is he like continously doing funny things?? Dadi ” Abhi! Do u remember her?” Abhi was taken aback by Dadi’s voice…Abhi turned back and saw her. Abhi ” Dadi! Yes I remember her!” Dadi was very happy and was about to ask something but by then Aaliya was there. Aaliya ” Dadi! This is Ms Pragya and she worked with Bhai sometime back….” Dadi ” She worked with him?” Abhi ” Haan Dadi! She worked with me as a model for an ad recently….And now she is back again to work with me!” Dadi ” Oh ok then I am going back to my room. U all carry on…” Pragya, Dadi is still feeling bad and she is not even looking at me to talk! Dadi left from there with disappointment….

Abhi ” Ok Ms Pragya! Aaliya will explain to u on how u will work with me and Aaliya before that I need to talk to u personally!” Aaliya went with Abhi a bit far to talk to him. Aaliya ” What u want to tell me Bhai?” Abhi ” I want to work with her smoothly! So u have to make sure she have her meals properly!” Aaliya ” Are u going to work with her today itself?” Abhi ” Haan yes! I don’t want to delay it!” Aaliya with a puzzled look ” But why I must check on her meals?” Abhi ” Because she seems to be weak as if she will faint at any moment! I don’t want her to faint while shooting the ad!” Aaliya ” Ok bhai! I will do that!” Abhi ” Now u go and talk to her and I will be back after going to my room!” Pragya was wondering what is this brother and sister talking secretly. Aaliya came near Pragya ” First u have to eat the meals provided here and then we will leave to shoot the ad!” Pragya ” What?? Today? I thought I am just here to listen to the conditions!” Aaliya ” Bhai wants to work with u immediately! And before that he wants to have meals here first!” Pragya ” I have already eaten!” Aaliya ” That I don’t know…U just have to follow his instructions!” Pragya, What is with him? Is he torturing her or me?

Aaliya ” Come to the dining table and have your meal first!” Pragya went to have her meal. And Abhi was also coming down to have meal with her. He sat beside her. Aaliya got frustrated seeing that. Abhi ” What are u seeing Aaliya? I know u have already eaten. So why don’t u serve us?” Aaliya ” Me?” Abhi ” Haan Aaliya! I know u like to serve me!” Aaliya ” Ok all for u Bhai!” Aaliya served food to Abhi and Abhi ” Why are u only serving me? Then who will serve Ms Pragya?” Aaliya felt irritated but tried to give a fake smile and served Pragya. Pragya was keep on smiling at that and said ” Thank u!” Abhi, I want more of this to happen! Its so fun!

Precap: Aaliya spoiling Pragya’s costume!

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