You are and always be my life! (KKB) episode 18


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Abhi ” Fuggi! Why u never pick up my call immediately?” Pragya ” I was busy just now in lectures and how do u expect me to pick up the call?” Abhi ” Ok sorry but u have to meet me in the evening again today!” Pragya ” What again? Do u think its safe?” Abhi ” What do u mean if its safe or not? Just meet me and that’s it! I will pick u up from college and bye!” Before Pragya could say anything he had ended the call.

Pragya, What is this?? He just ended the call without even listening to me! And this is like he is ordering me! I have to go mandhir today and he is asking me to meet me! Now what do i do? Ok let me meet him and I will tell him that I am not free today….

Abhi was waiting for Pragya inside the car. Pragya ” Suniye! I need to go mandhir today and can we meet tommorow?” Abhi ” First get inside the car! I need to tell u something!” Pragya ” But…..” Abhi ” Fuggi! Just get in!” Pragya had no choice as she could feel that he is very serious. Pragya sat inside the car beside him. Abhi ” Which mandhir?” Pragya ” The same one as we went together once….” Abhi ” Oh that one…ok…” Pragya, Why is he like this? He is not even talking to me properly…Shall I ask him? Is he upset that i am not spending time with him? What will I do now?

Abhi ” You no need to do anything!” Pragya ” What? U knew what I was thinking?” Abhi ” Of course! I am your husband na…so I knew it!” Pragya ” So sorry but Ma is already waiting at Mandhir and that’s why…” Abhi ” Let me ask u something? I know u believe in god a lot but do u think he really is there? I was just thinking how come u have so much of faith in something that cannot be seen!” Pragya ” Cannot be seen means it doesn’t mean u can’t feel it right?” Abhi ” So u are feeling it?” Pragya ” Yes…Feeling in your presence too!” Abhi ” In my presence? Are u kidding?” Pragya ” No! The way u care for me and protect me na it only makes me feel that god is around and he is in your presence…”

Abhi sacarstically asked ” Which god? I mean there is so many gods right?” Pragya ” All gods are the same…they all give us positivity and strength…its just that they have different names and forms…” Abhi ” Oh really?” Pragya ” Ok let me tell u like this! U know water right?” Abhi ” Why u think I never drink water is it? I know i am a rockstar but that doesn’t mean i eat rocks!” Pragya ” Wait! Don’t crack silly jokes when i am trying to tell something!” Abhi ” Ok continue….” Pragya ” Water is needed by everyone and different people call it in different way….it also have different names according to different languages like paani, thaneer,neeru, Wasser and many more but all is refering to the same thing right?” Abhi ” Haan…” Pragya ” So god is also the same, he is like water that is essential to us and called differently by different people!” Abhi ” Sounds logical Fuggi!

No wonder u are a professor!” Pragya smiled and said ” So now u are clear?” Abhi ” Clear but still I believe in myself more and then its u who I believe the most!” Pragya ” God also believe those who believe themselves the most!” Abhi ” Fuggi! I know i shouldn’t have started this! And leave me yaar! Actually no need as we have reached the mandhir!” Pragya ” I am sure that one day u will also believe god just like how u believed in love!” Abhi ” Let’s see!” Pragya ” Bye rockstar!” Abhi ” Bye Fuggi! Call me later and I want to tell u something important!”

Pragya, What is the important thing that he wants to tell?

Same as the last time….Abhi asking Aaliya to do service to Pragya.

I will upload another part later by today as I know this is short! But sorry again as my mind is working slowly like tortoise?

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