You are and always be my life! (KKB) episode 17 (Special)


First of all I really don’t have the mood to write ff after hearing the news yesterday about Suha…but I felt that I should dedicate this episode to her….I really loved her writings and especially love from sky….U all can’t imagine how much I loved it as I am a person who have fantasies about aliens and UFOs…and when she wrote about that I was super excited…So this epi won’t follow the precap given ytd..its totally for Suha, my unseen choti and friend…Suha wherever u are Suga over here will always remember u….That’s for sure….

Abhi was looking at some things that were in his room and had tears in his eyes….Abhi, how i wish they were here now…they were here just like before whenever i feel that i need them to care for me….whenever i feel that I need them to scold me….

Pragya on the other hand in her room felt something strange…She felt that Abhi was feeling upset…So she decided to call him…

Abhi heard his phone rang…He picked up the call ” Haan Fuggi…What’s the matter?”  Pragya ” Are u ok?” Abhi ” Ya I am ok…Why did u call at this time?” Pragya ” No…actually I felt that u are not ok…I mean just felt that u are worried about something…” Abhi, She knows me very well…Pragya ” Are u there?” Abhi ” Hmm ya…” Pragya ” Then tell me…” Abhi ” Ok Fuggi! I will tell u but….” Pragya ” It’s ok if u don’t feel like sharing it with me…” Abhi ” Nothing like that Fuggi…I will tell u…Just had the memories of my parents who are no more…I saw the toys that they had bought for me when i was young and it made me have tears….made me feel how badly i miss them now…” Pragya ” Can i tell u something?” Abhi ” Haan…” Pragya ” I know its not easy to accept that your loved ones are not with u anytime…..but at the same time its not difficult to accept that they are with u every time…” Abhi ” What u mean by that?” Pragya ” If u think they are not with u at anytime that u want then u are wrong…actually they are with u every time…..with your feelings…whenever u feel for them…then they are with u…whenever u think about them…then they are in your thoughts…This means that they are with u everytime…its just that u can’t see them but it doesn’t mean that u can’t feel them right? It doesn’t matter if u can’t see them but at least u can feel them…feel them through whatever they had done to u…that is what matters the most… Sometimes what we feel has more emotions than what we see or hear….when u remember the times how they talked to u, it means that they are still talking to u…its just that u can’t hear them now but u can feel them…feel their presence…” Abhi remained silent as he was trying to feel them…feel his parents…their words…their affection towards him…and he felt that they are with him now…it felt as if they are with him at anytime and everytime too…

Pragya ” Suniye! Are u there? Why are u still quiet?” Abhi ” I am feeling them Fuggi….and it makes me feel that they are with me everytime and also anytime that I want now!” Pragya ” Ok go back to sleep now as they are always with u…” Abhi ” Thank u Fuggi!” He ended the call and felt some kind of peace and calmness as his feelings were filled with the memories of his parents….

Ok guys don’t feel that Suha is no more…she is always remembered for her works here and whatever she have written is all unimaginable…a special talent of hers including fantasy and love together…very rarely u can see…so just have to say that life is very unpredictable…anything can happen at anytime….I am always accepting that and that’s why I try not to get myself attached to so many things but still its difficult…Suha reminds me of someone i know before… she was my primary school classmate…she was very popular and intelligent in school…i only know her for short period of time as she came from india and studied with us for 3 yrs….her death was also unexpected to us… she was only 12 at that time…it was my first time seeing death too…I also felt bad as my friends and I went to hospital but we were not allowed to meet her as we came right after school and they were saying its not hygiene enough to see her….I only spoke to her like few times but she was a  very warm hearted person loved by everyone as she talked to us so jovially…i dont know why but she reminds me of Suha now…that’s when i realise that death can happen at anytime…Until then I was thinking death is for old people…but its not the truth…truth is always not easy to accept….So please don’t say that Suha is not here but she is all here in our hearts and mind as long u all remember her writings….That’s all I have to say…As i previously mentioned in one of my ff…Think those who u miss as they are within u…within u with their thoughts and memories…then u will not miss them anymore…. And yes like what Monesha said just like how Suha don’t like others to cry…I also don’t like others to cry and hope this update of mine had made u all feel that Suha is filled in our thoughts and feelings…..and don’t cry but try to remember her as always a friend of us….

And to Monesha and Saranya, I understand that both of u are very close to Suha…Its difficult to accept but stay strong for Suha as even she will want that….

Maybe I am like talking too much about this even though my interaction with Suha is very little but I felt it very memorable…and that’s why I felt like writing this update just for her…..

I am also sorry if any of my words had hurted u all…its just my genuine thoughts and i just hope it made u all feel better…

And one more thing…I really don’t know whether is this right or not….just had this sudden thought I really love her ff…love from sky and love from eternity….I find myself now bad for not commenting regularly in one of my favourite ffs…I was just overthinking about certain things in my life which made me not even to read some ffs properly….and one of them is hers…but still i read that lately and now i am really feeling bad for not commenting on them….Coming back to my sudden thought….I wish to continue her love from eternity ff, may be i am getting this idea because both of us share the same liking for aliens and stuff….. I am not sure if  i can match up to her standard….but still I can try if u all are ok with it…I seriously dont know why i got this sudden idea…I am sorry if my thought on this is not correct…As i consider u all as my friends and thats why I am sharing with u all what i thought of…. I am uploading one episode of love from eternity that I have written keeping her style of writing in my mind…if u all are ok then i will continue…I am doing this as a way to show my love and appreciation for her writings and the short conversations we had….This is a very small way of showing respect to Suha from Suga….

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  1. Silent reader 33 Kristy

    It was good buy it was really short like really really short.

  2. Asmithaa

    wonderful… di.. luv it..

  3. Im his chashmish

    S when v remember the people who passed away we can feel their presence which tells that i am there . So great emotional epi maya.i know suha is around us .RIP SUHA

  4. Im his chashmish

    S when v remember the people who passed away we can feel their presence which tells that i am there . So great emotional epi maya.i know suha is around us .RIP SUHA.

  5. Riyashri

    Heart Breaking and Emotional On the whole!
    I dont hav to tell anything as U hav told whatever I felt and also more than that ! I am a person like your both… A girl who loves fantasy and stuffs… Especially I travelled in the World of Fantasy only Becoz Of My CreaTina’s Stories…
    My one and only request is to Please do Continue The Love of Eternity FF. Atleast through that I would be able to feel My CreaTina’s Presence. But still it’s your wish… She would remain in My Heart and Life Forever as CreaTina.
    This Special Update for CreaTina would really Make her feel Happy and I know She is Happy and Peacefully Living Forever in Mine and all her sissy Choti…funds heart forever.
    Love u CreaTina! And Lufe Magical Maya! Thanq Whole Heartedly for doing such a Wonderful thing! Love U Both My lovely Sissy Suha and Suga.
    SuHaGa Rockzzz!!

    1. Riyashri

      I am a person like *you both
      *frnds heart

  6. superb it was very emotional movement for all but we have to overcome that i dont know what 2 say but we will have presence by her thought she was around us .rip suha

  7. Really i don’t know what to say i too felt the same when my grandma left she s such a caring and lovable person to me she s like another mother to me but after ur words i felt that she s around me i felt her presence like that suha sissy s also around us and always will be miss u suha and maya sissyy love u lotzz don’t be sry as this s truly needed for all of us thank you for ur true words and care suha will be happy for this love u suha

  8. Saranya24

    I broke down to tears readng it akka my heart is feelng broken i feel frustrated ka but still iam trying to control myself as i dnt want my dii to sre me crying i knw she wnt like it but still again iam crying while typing tis??akka ystrday nyt i was keep on yhinkng abt her really i felt her presence i got a dream tat she told me
    u shld not broje down iam always wit u as a sister to protect u i hve not seen her but still i felt vety bad i panickd and got up frm sleep i feel her presence evn nw i dnt knw to share wit
    whom so i told u i wil try to control
    mysrlf i knw my dii wil be back soon fr tis choti fr sure rip suha diii love u loads??????thank u maya akka fr tis support i feel good?

  9. Monesha

    Di really you gave good news di. Thank you so much for ur good news di. I really loved it. I am feeling good. Love you di. Keep rocking. I will remember your words di

  10. Maahi

    u made me feel her more with the love fr her which i hv deep down my heart her love frm sky was my fav though i was nt a regular cmnter fr tht but still i njoyed tht a ltt nd yes she is a unique combination of love nd fantasy nd her heartbeat OS my god she wrote abt My Sun nd now i flt tht she took the sunshine of hers on us but i was wrong she is with us in evry mrng before v start our day she is saying tht sweetheart i am here itself right nxt to ur window nd the cool breeze of evng is sooo pure as her love fr us sooo dr ur each nd evry word is sooo true nd amazinggg nd yes she lives in our heart frever but SUHA V MISS UUUU ND V KNOW THT U ALSO MISS US BCOZ UR SUCH A SWEETHEART nd dr plzzz do continue her fantasy bcoz its nt less than any fairy tale nd u didnt hurted anyone indeed u make us love her evn more soo dont be srry nd keep rockingggg dr

  11. Thanks maya… U r share with us about suha…

  12. Nice episode yaar…. It’s really emotional one tat last part… She vl b in tz world only yaar bt in different place by different name in different way… Thn another one thg plzzz continue life 4m eternity yaar coz I want to feel tat she s still in touch with us I don’t want to thk she s no more nu…

  13. Very nice akka.truly said we should feel that suha di is always with us.Moni di and saranya di take care of yourself.

  14. please continue that ff and this also regularly

  15. Suga …what say…u make me cry yr….i can’t control my tears…..And suga please please continue her ff….And it’s for sure we will never ever forget her and when u will continue her ff na we will her writings…..we always remembered her…May her soul rest in peace….?

    1. Will feel her writings*

  16. U r right suga we should feel that suha is always with us! Loved this update!

  17. What happen to Suha?
    Can anyone tell me what happen?

  18. who is suha?and what happened to her ?can anyone tell me please…………….

  19. Maya

    To both Husky and Swara, Suha passed away recently and she is the author of ffs like love from sky, love from eternity, Vampire vs Warewolf and phobia. Read the following link of what happened to her

    1. Thank u Maya n i still cant believe Suha passed away.


    maya…really touching episode yaar…..not i cant be called as episode…its about our suha…the one who loves everyone..and who loved by everyone… must continue her ff…

  21. Reshma Pradeep

    Now Really feels Relaxed Yaar……Your Words are True……She is with us all……Through our Thoughts……I’m also a great fan of her Fantasy Stories……. I’m not at all close to her so much…..But still…..When I know about her, I Cried……But Now Your words are making all of us to feels better………I ll never ever forget her in my life…….LOVE UUUUUU SUHA….. YOU R WITH US ALWAYS THROUGH OUR THOUGHTS………MAY HER SOUL REST IN PEACE

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