You are and always be my life! (KKB) episode 14


Pragya saw the message from Abhi’s phone and she can’t believed how can he do that!

Pragya ” What message was that?” Abhi ” Why? What’s wrong in that?” Pragya ” Everything is wrong!” Abhi ” Chasmish….Why are u saying like that?” Pragya ” Then what? U are still texting Tanu and u have mistakenly sent it to me!” Abhi ” Oh u got that message? Its ok just ignore it dear….” Pragya ” How can I ignore it? U said that u are meeting me in the evening but u texted her saying that u want to meet her in the evening too!” Abhi ” I will meet her before u…and not after u so its ok…” Pragya ” Its not at all ok!” Abhi ” Okok u don’t get angry! I am not at all meeting her!” Pragya ” Really?” Abhi ” Yes really I won’t meet her….” Pragya ” Ok then I will meet u later and i am also waiting for my surprise!” Abhi ” U still remember about that?” Pragya ” Yes i am thinking about that since yesterday night….” Abhi ” Ok then wait until evening…then u will know it….” Pragya ” I can’t wait for it!” Abhi ” But there is no choice Chasmish! U have to wait!” Abhi, So now I know Chasmish is possessive about me…It means I can play with her too! But playing with her will be more fun!

Pragya, How can he still even decide to meet her after I explain whatever she had done to us! Today I will teach him a lesson when I meet him!


Pragya again called Abhi ” U said u will meet me but never even inform where to meet!” Abhi ” Hey Chasmish! I am just seeing u! Can u please talk more softly….” Pragya softly said” You are here?” Abhi “Much better…” Pragya ” Where are u?” Abhi ” Walk in front from your college and then u will see a black car and there I am! I can’t come out as all the students here will go crazy at me!” Pragya smiled and said ” Ok I understand that….I am coming…”

Pragya walked in the direction as he told and saw him inside the car….Pragya went inside the car….Abhi ” First time!” Pragya ” What first time?” Abhi ” First time I am picking u up!” Pragya ” Oh where are we going and where is my surprise?” Abhi ” Why are u keep on asking that? I said I will give u…Just be silent until we reach the place!” Pragya gave a pout and Abhi smiled for that….

Abhi ” Ok reached!” Pragya ” Here?” Abhi ” Then u expect where? At your house ah?” Pragya ” No! But why everytime u choose the places are so dark?” Abhi ” I like black may be that’s why!” Pragya ” Very funny! I know what color u like!” Abhi ” Ok first we get down and then we can talk!” Abhi got down first followed by Pragya….

Abhi ” Chasmish look up your friend is there!” Pragya ” My friend?” She looked up and in that moment Abhi carried her in his arms….

Pragya ” What are u doing? Let me down!” Abhi ” I won’t let u down at any moment!” Pragya ” Oh god! U are even telling lines at this time….” Abhi ” Just be silent and I know u like me to carry u! I can see that in your eyes…” Pragya smiled widely and kept on look at his eyes…Abhi “Good! Just be like this until we reach the place….”

Pragya was remembering the times that he carried her but was feeling sad when she thought that after everytime he carried her with love something bad happened…first it was when he carried her to confess his love under the moonlight….and then next he carried her to the kitchen after knowing all the truth….Abhi realised that Pragya was feeling sad but never asked her anything about that…..

Pragya, Why is he not asking anything about me being sad? He can’t feel that I am sad now? How is that possible? May be he forgot to feel for me….

Abhi ” Close your eyes Chasmish!” Pragya ” Why?” Abhi ” Just do as what I say! No more questions from now onwards…” Abhi let her down and she adjusted her duppata while still closing her eyes… Pragya ” You are here right?” Abhi ” Yes I am here but a bit far from u….” Pragya ” What? Then I will open my eyes now!” Abhi ” No! Then u won’t get your surprise! If not I will have to give that to Tanu!” Pragya ” No way! Don’t say her name again! I won’t open my eyes!” Abhi, Now I know whatever I want her to do…just need to use Tanu’s name!

Abhi came closer to her and held her hands….Pragya ” Now can I open my eyes?” Abhi ” Not yet Chasmish! I will tell u when to open your eyes until then just hold my hands and I will bring u to the place….”

Pragya, He is just testing my patience but still I like all this….

Abhi ” Now u open your eyes!” Pragya opened her eyes and was shocked to see the same scenery again….The same moonlight…..The same set up when he confessed his love!

Abhi ” How is it?” Pragya ” U remembered all this?” Abhi ” What this?” Pragya ” Tell me the truth! U remember confessing your love to me over here right?” Abhi ” Really? I did here?” Pragya turned behind not facing him…Abhi ” So u don’t want to face me now!” Pragya ” Until u tell the truth…I won’t face u!” Abhi ” Fuggi! How can u do this now?” Pragya turned to face him hearing that. Pragya ” What did u called me just now?” Abhi innocently told ” Chasmish!” Pragya ” No! U are lying! I heard that…” Abhi ” What’s that?” Pragya ” It’s ok if u want to lie…then I am leaving from here!”

Abhi grabbed her waist and pulled her towards him…Pragya ” Leave me! I want to leave if u are not telling the truth!” Abhi ” I thought u want to live with me…But u are always asking me to leave u…” Pragya “Even if I leave u its only to live with u…but please tell me the truth!” Abhi ” Ok I will tell u Fuggi! I remembered everything a few days back… I want to surprise u! But u are always making it difficult yaar….” Pragya with widened eyes ” Really?” Abhi ” Yes….I don’t know how also…but suddenly I remembered everything as in our marriage…the kidnap period and everything….and….” Pragya ” And?” Abhi ” Fuggi too!” Pragya smiled and had tears in happiness….Abhi wiped her tears and said ” I don’t want to see this tears anymore…I only want to see your smile…” Pragya ” I still can’t believe this!” Abhi ” U can’t believe this right?” Pragya ” Haan!” Abhi seductively said ” Then as this place is conducive and romantic…can we do something to get Prabhi and Abhigya?” Pragya ” What? U even remembered that?” Abhi ” I told u right I remembered everything!” Pragya hugged him tightly and Abhi closed his eyes in the pleasure of her hug….

Abhi ” So shall we do the something here?” Pragya ” Chee! No way!” Abhi ” I was just kidding! Anyway its too cold here too!” Pragya ” Oh god! Can u stop talking like this!” Abhi ” I am your husband Fuggi! No need to be shy for this…Anyway I am just telling and still there is no actions!” Pragya blushed badly hearing that and just hugged him back….

Abhi ” Wait! I remember something else too…” Pragya ” Now what?” Abhi ” I am tired and I want to be on your lap…just like the last time…” Pragya ” Ok!” Pragya sat down and he placed his head on her lap….

Abhi ” Its feels like heavenly to be on your lap…” Pragya while touching his head said ” Hmm..” Abhi ” What hmm?” Pragya ” Then what else u expect me to say?” Abhi looked up at Pragya and said ” U no need to say anything…but have to do something!” Pragya ” U won’t change at all!” Pragya kissed his forehead….Abhi ” I love it!” Pragya ” I love u!” Abhi ” What else?” Pragya ” I don’t want anything else…Just want this moment to freeze and be with u forever!” Abhi ” I also wish so but….” Pragya ” But?” Abhi ” It’s getting late again…” Pragya ” When did u become so conscious of time?” Abhi ” Don’t know…may be after becoming your husband!” Pragya giggled hearing that…Abhi ” I love your giggle too!” Pragya ” Ok since u told about the time…then we need to leave now!” Abhi ” I just want to sleep on your lap for all my nights…..” Pragya ” I know that very soon u will make it happen!” Abhi ” Let’s go now before I get addicted to your lap!”

Abhi once again carried her in his arms to the car. Abhigya cherished the moments that happened a while ago in their drive….

Pragya ” U can’t do this to me now!” Abhi ” I have no choice Fuggi! I am very sorry!”

I am a bit busy with household that’s why I couldn’t reply u all… I saw all your comments and thank u for the lovely comments! And Princess Krisha its ok for not commenting and all the best for ur exam results!

And to all others thank u again for the valuable comments??

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  1. superbb yarrr………………………but what is that precap

    1. Maya

      Thank u Nannu! Wait for the nxt update to know that?

  2. Abhi’s memory return and remember everything wow sooo sweet and the line” Just want this moment to freeze and be with u forever” wonderful line… Even all viewers want that….?

    1. Maya

      Thank u Varsha! Ya me too want to see Abhigya always together in kkb!?

  3. Awesome!! Eagerly waiting for the next episode!

    1. Maya

      Thank u Aliza!??

  4. Fantastic epi dr. Awesome

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      Thank u Rithu dr?

  5. superb yaar………….

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      Thank u Divya!?

    1. Maya

      Thank u Pinky!?

  6. Di my exam is over today hereafter I will comment hats off di super surprise di you love me na you will always talk to me na I am always your princess na di love you so much super abhigya romance scene amazing episode di

  7. Super episode loved it abhigya romance scene too di my exam is over today di I am always your lovely sis princess na you love me na di you will always talk to me na loved your episode

    1. Maya

      Thank u Princess for the cute and lovely comment!???

  8. whats a precap

    1. Maya

      U will know what is that in the nxt update!?

  9. Suppperrrr yaarrr???

    1. Maya

      Thank u Sandy!?

  10. ImRagela

    Wow Maya !!..You are just rocking yaar !!..Keep rocking..Eagerly waiting for the next episode

    1. Maya

      Thank u Reji!???

  11. Saranya24

    Wowee akka awesone epi my fav loved to tge core love u akka?????

    1. Maya

      Thank u Saranya!????

  12. Asmithaa

    Superb yaar… Luv u????

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      Thank u Maha!?

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      Thank u Nirmal! U have to wait for that!?

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      Thank u Sugan!?

  17. Maahi

    omgggggg……so he remembered everything i realllyyyy cant blv till now nd dont knw yyy i liked the moment ven my SH said I LOVE IT nd Praggyyy said I LOVE U tht was magical nd each nd evry scene u nailed it lol now tanu has bcome a machine to use to our acordings its happppyyyyyyyy wala time again the precious confession evr i just loved itttt the surprise is just dammmnmnnn gud lol see how i am blabbering bcoz of craziness u gv to me now wats in the precap cant wait sia!!!!pzz post Asap Loads of crazyyyy hugs keeeep rockinggggggg sia

    1. Maya

      Your comment is as usual cutely crazy just like u!??

  18. Awesome episode really superb one bt precap s somewhat shocking…

    1. Maya

      Thank u Durga!? u will know that in nxt update?

  19. Waiting For Your next rocking episode which will be rocking like Abhigiya’s love

    1. Maya

      Thank u Bharathi!?

  20. Wow abhi got his memory back????❤❤❤❤???? lovely……. episode abhi’s suprise awsm❤❤❤❤ loved to the coreeee…???❤❤❤keep rocking ???eagerly waiting for ur nxt epi sisyyy?????

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      Thank u Mokshi!??????

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      Love u too sissy! Yes the nxt epi is already out! Hope u enjoy reading it too!??????

  22. I would love to know what does abhi means playing games with pragya? Your making me feel something going to happen? Your precap is giving me lots of different thoughts. What is the precap?

    1. Maya

      Hey Razzy the nxt update is out so u can see in that!??

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