You are and always be my life! (KKB) episode 13

Abhi was shocked to her in front of Pragya’s house!

Abhi ” You?” Aaliya” Yes its me! But how come u are here Bhai?” Abhi ” I came here to meet Ms Pragya!” Aaliya ” Pragya? U know her?” Abhi ” Ya she is the model who worked with me in the ad! But wait I came to talk to her about the ad but why are u here?”

Aaliya, I can’t say that I came here to see how Pragya is living now….what do I say now?

Abhi ” Aaliya! I am asking u something but u are remaining silent….” Aaliya ” Oh I saw your car here when I was passing by and thats why I came here….” Abhi, I know Aaliya that u are lying and u are here to disturb my Pragya….

Abhi “My car? I don’t see it here as its parked quite far from here but still u managed to find me….By the way I didn’t expect that u have work at around this area….But Its ok let’s get going now…”

Aaliya ” Ok Bhai!” Aaliya, Now I have to end this Pragya’s bonding with Bhai!

Abhi, Firstly I have to play games with my sister! And then that Tanu followed by Nikhil!

At Mehra mansion…..

Abhi ” Aaliya! I have decided something…From now onwards in all my music videos or any kind of ads, there will be only one person working with me!” Aaliya ” Who is that Bhai?” Abhi ” Ms Pragya!” Aaliya ” No! This can’t happen!” Abhi ” Why? I like her work that day when she worked with me! And she is also a nice person!” Aaliya, Oh god! What will I do now? If he worked with her then he may regain memory again….No way then he will never listen to me!

Abhi ” I have decided and I am just informing u!” Aaliya ” Then what about Tanu?” Abhi ” She is busy now in her other assignments so until then its only Pragya now!” Aaliya ” But” Abhi ” No buts and all! This is my work and my decision! I am informing all these as u are managing my contracts and that’s it!” By saying that he left to his room leaving Aaliya in shock….

Aaliya, Did he remember about Pragya? Why is he so stubborn to work with her? May be I should warn that Pragya!

Abhi, I know Aaliya what u will do next! But I won’t let u do that!

Abhi called Pragya ” Chasmish! I want to tell u something important and do what as I say!” Pragya ” Ok….” Abhi explained everything to Pragya…..Pragya after listening to that, Pragya ” When did u start to think like this?” Abhi ” I am always like this…. like a rockstar!” Pragya ” U are really being too proud as a rockstar!” Abhi ” Yes I am as it is my desire to become as a rockstar!” Pragya ” I know that!” Abhi ” Ok u are very sure of what I told u right? I don’t want u to make mistakes in this!” Pragya ” No! I won’t but I am a bit scared…what if Ma hears about all this?” Abhi ” I know but if u do like what I said then nothing will be wrong….” Pragya ” Ok…” Abhi ” Chasmish! U can do it! I have full faith in u!” Pragya with a smile ” Just like the faith that I have on u….” Their conversation ended but Abhi’s continous planning did not ended….

Pragya’s home….
Aaliya entered her house. Aaliya saw Pragya and Pragya was shocked to see her….Pragya ” Why are u here?” Aaliya “I should be the one asking why are u here again in Bhai’s life?” Pragya ” His life? What do u mean?” Aaliya ” U worked with her in a ad right? How can u do that? What if he had strain after seeing u?” Pragya ” If u cared so much for him then u should have stopped him earlier from working with me! ” Aaliya ” Don’t talk nonsense and I know even if i had stopped him, U still would have done some magic to make him work with u!” Pragya ” Magic? What are u talking Aaliya? If i can do magic then I would have made him remember me…” Aaliya ” Whatever….But I am here to say that u should tell Bhai that u cannot work with him!” Pragya ” I have already told him that clearly! Don’t u know that?” Aaliya ” What? No! U are lying! U love to be with him and u had agreed to work with him! Thats what Bhai said to me!” Pragya ” Its true that I love to be with him but not as a model but as a wife! I told him when he met me in the morning that I am not interested to work as Model and he was the one who challeneged me that he will make me to work with him!” Aaliya was now confused hearing that and said ” Wait! Let me call him and ask him whether are u telling the truth!” Aaliya placed the phone in speaker….Aaliya ” Bhai! That Pragya agreed to work with u right?” Abhi ” No Aaliya! I only had decided to work with her…But she never agreed to it! Only u have to make her agree to work with me! Only u can do it!” Aaliya ” Bhai! I call u later!” With that she ended the call….

Pragya with a smirk” Now u know that he is the one after me! And not me….This is called love Aaliya….No matter what happens he still wants me…..” Aaliya in a stern voice ” Just stop it! I will see u later!” She left from there in anger…..

Pragya, Thank god! Ma and Dadi went to market if not they would be even worried hearing this argument….Its really nice making Aaliya getting confused and all was his plan….

Abhi called Pragya again” Chasmish! Great job done! I saw Aaliya with so much of frustration when she entered house….And I know that u had done it!” Pragya ” But all these is not necessary right? I mean we can just ignore what they have done and start our life with a new start….” Abhi ” Are u mad? They just made our lives so miserable….and in return we have to do something also…They deserve this Chasmish!” Pragya ” But still….All this I tried once and failed miserably…and in the end it even affected your life….I am really scared what if something happens to u again! I will not be able to bear it….” Abhi ” Listen Chasmish! The last time when u do all these against them, then I was not with u….Yes I know Purab, Dadi and others were helping u…but now I am with u…the one who u were fighting for is now with u….It really makes a difference…..” Pragya had tears of happiness hearing that as this is what she wanted all the while….Abhi ” Are u crying?” Pragya ” No! Its just….” Abhi ” U should never cry from now onwards….and I know what to do to make your tears vanish!” Pragya ” What?” Abhi ” I will tell u tommorow….Until then expect a rocking surprise from your rockstar!” Pragya ” Surprise?” Abhi ” Haan Chasmish! Good night! If i continued to talk to u then I am scared that I will tell my surprise too!” Pragya giggled hearing that and said ” Goodnight!” Abhi ” And one more thing…I will meet you soon in your dreams too! So u can’t escape from me that easily!” Pragya ” I don’t want to escape from u too!” Abhi smiled and said ” Ok bye Chasmish!” Pragya ” Bye!”

Pragya was now wondering what surprise is waiting for her…..Both Abhigya slept in their respective rooms with the thoughts of each other….(Bol na mahi bol na plays at the background…..)

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  1. Abiya

    So cute episode dr pls upload next episode also

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  3. Super di awesome hats off super nose cut for aliyah cute abhigya scenes loovvveee you di pls update di had chem exam so unable to update di n like you soooo muchhhhh

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    Maya.. too nice episode… I am waiting for the surprise dear

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  8. Saranya24

    So cute epi akka loved to the core u r winning my heart day by day love u loads akka??????

  9. superb yaar it was just amazing ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  10. Very cute episode akka

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  12. Very very cute epi suga

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    wowwww dr rockstar’s plannning is much smarter than anything haha vry crazyyyyy role in love with diz now wat is the surprise now i am eagerly waiting to now its a super coooool episode keeep rockingghg dr

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    nice update maya

  15. Superbbb yaar… Now our rockstar is playing… Waiting for the surprise yaar…

  16. That’s the way to speak to person like aliya, that was really good, she needs more affecting words that wil hit her hard. I’m loving it so far the part with aliya, it’s good if your thinking of playing aliya’s game with her.

  17. Awesome episode yaar

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