You are and always be my life! (KKB) episode 12


Pragya after a long time was able to sleep peacefully…..As for Abhi, he was getting restless, he was unable to sleep properly as he wanted to see his Chasmish again!

Pragya turned to the other side of the bed and was shocked to see Abhi on the other side of the bed! He was sleeping too….

Pragya, Huh? Am I dreaming? How can he be here? I think I am just dreaming of him…let me wear my glasses and see properly….She wore her chasma….Pragya, what? I am still seeing him!

Pragya pinched his hand. Abhi still closing his eyes said” Let me sleep na…I am now tired of looking at u sleeping just now….” Pragya ” Are u really here?” Abhi opened his eyes and said ” Yes i am really here!” He pulled her close to her and hugged her in his sleeping position. Pragya ” What? Did Ma saw u? What if others come here? When did u came?” Abhi ” Oh Chasmish all that doesn’t matter! I am your husband so I have all the rights to be here in your bed!” Pragya ” But still….” Abhi ” So it actually doesn’t matter when I am hugging u like this right?” Pragya realised that she was so close to Abhi and now was breathing heavily….Abhi ” Now u are nervous!! But it looks very cute to me!” Pragya couldn’t complete her words properly and started to blabber ” I….now…don’t know…just….” Abhi ” Just kiss u!” Pragya in a loud voice” No!!” Abhi ” U are so loud!!” Pragya ” Then leave me….” Abhi ” I said to u before that I am not leaving you!” Pragya ” I know that but what if Ma comes here now?” Abhi ” She won’t!” Pragya ” How come?” Abhi with a smirk” I had locked the door from inside!” Pragya ” What? But she still can knock the door to call me!” Abhi ” She won’t as I made a fake call from your college saying that there is no college today due to strike! So now she won’t bother her beti’s beauty sleep!” Pragya ” But all this is ok! Can u pls leave me? Its very tight….” Abhi ” So unromantic… I am hugging u after a long time and u are saying its tight!” Saying that he broke the hug and turned the other side of the bed where he is not facing her……

Pragya ” I am sorry….but now I am very scared….” Abhi ” Why?” Pragya ” How will u leave from here?” Abhi ” Why do u care? U are not even caring my hug….” Pragya ” I am saying sorry na…what do u expect me to do so that u can forgive me?” Abhi ” Kiss me!” Pragya ” Chee!” Abhi ” What chee? I am your husband and not some rubber band!” Pragya laughed hearing that….

Abhi ” Stop laughing! Its not funny!” Pragya ” If u are thinking urself as a rubber band then how u expect me to stop laugh!!” Abhi now turned back and stared at her in anger…..

Pragya ” Ok fine! I will kiss u but not here!” Abhi ” What? U need a perfect location to kiss me?” Pragya ” Hmm…ya may be…once I am at your home then only I will kiss u!” Abhi ” Its our home and not just mine!” Pragya ” I am sorry again…” Abhi ” How many times will u say sorry?”

Just then Sarla ma knocked the door….Sarla ma ” Pragya! Why did u lock the door from inside? Are u still sleeping?” Pragya ” Haan wait Ma! I am coming!” Pragya whispered to Abhi ” Oh no! U see now may be there is call from college asking for me!! Thats why she is knocking the door!” Abhi ” No way! I called ur college and already informed them that u are not feeling well and will not come for work!” Pragya ” What??? U are seriously crazy!” Abhi ” Yes I am crazy…Crazy for u!” Pragya ” Now how do I open the door when u are here?” Abhi ” Doesn’t matter..Husband and wife are meant to be in the same room!” Pragya ” Oh god! Only u can save me! He is just….” Abhi ” No need to call god! I will save u now!” Pragya ” How?” Sarla ma was still keep on calling out for her but Abhigya were still whispering to each other….

Then Pragya opened the door with a panicking face….Sarla ma ” What are u doing for so long? Do u know how long i was knocking the door?” Pragya ” Sorry ma! I was….just….talking in phone…” Sarla ma ” For that u need to lock the door ah?” Pragya ” No ma…I couldn’t remember when i locked the door…so sorry ma! I was just too tired to come and open the door…” Sarla ma ” What? Tired? Pragya something is wrong with u…Ok faster get ready! Come and have your breakfast!” Pragya ” Ok Ma! Again I am sorry!” Sarla ma ” Ok! But next time open the door once I call u!” Pragya nodded her had as response of yes….

Pragya just closed the door and opened the bathroom door there….Abhi ” Saved?” Pragya ” First u have to leave from here! If not I will surely blabber something about u!” Abhi ” Its kind of difficult to leave now…I can only leave when all your family members leave the house!” Pragya ” What?” Abhi ” Haan Chasmish…No other way!” Pragya ” Oh god! Then u stay here and I will be with them in kitchen…In that time u leave from here….” Abhi ” How would I know that u will be in the kitchen?” Pragya ” I will drop some vessel! Thats the sign that we are in kitchen!” Abhi ” Ok! But u are just chasing your husband away in a rush!” Pragya smiled and said ” Sometimes chasing u its also fun! Okok no more talking and I am leaving now!” Abhi in sad face” So bad!” Pragya left from there and she did what as she said.

Abhi left from there but was shocked to see someone outside Pragya’s house!

Abhi’s rockstar games will happen from next update! Sorry for the delay as I feel it should be done gradually….

Really overwhelmed by the response for the previous update! I replied to all ur comments and hope u all had seen my replies as that is my way of expressing my joy! Once again thank u!

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  1. Superb episode di… I loved it a lot.. waiting for the next episode…i.e. abhi, the rockstar’s games…

    1. Maya

      Thank u Vishu for loving it and waiting for the nxt one!?

  2. Maahi

    omg sia he is sooi crazyyy man hv answer fr evry question lol its amazinggg uvrockeddd it siaaa nd i loved it nd ibam waiting fr the game to start !!!!!

    1. Maya

      Haha ya its on the way so u will get to know that soon!??

  3. Abhi n his ideas r super
    If this ff is directed as kkb serial then the trp of show will be unbeatable
    The way pragya said that abhi is giving happiness through his songs in previous episode ,Ur also giving happiness to us through this ff
    Maya sis U have great n amazing talent.
    All the very best for Ur future n thank you so much for your ffs

  4. Wow super, abhi n his thoughts r just incredible
    If this ff will be directed then the trp of kkb is unbeatable . Maya sis U r just amazing , hatsoff to Ur creative thoughts. The way pragya said abhi that he is giving happiness through his songs in previous episode, Ur also giving so much happiness to all of us through these ffs. Hope u have a great future n thank you so much for making us happy ????

    1. Maya

      So sweet of u Anu!???Thank u so much for such sweet words and ur words is also making me very happy????

  5. Amazing episode yaar…. Really superbbb…. ????

    1. Maya

      Thank u Nirmal????

  6. nice one please update big episode

    1. Maya

      Thank u Mukund Raj!? Will try to make it bigger but now I am quite busy so maybe the nxt one can be short as well!

      1. Maya

        Longer* not bigger

  7. Wow loved todays episode evry line i read was very interesting
    Keep it Maya
    U rock!!!!!

    1. Maya

      Thank u Zara for finding it interesting!?

  8. Superbbb yarrrr …

    1. Maya

      Thank u Nannu!?

  9. Awesome lovely cute update??❤❤??omg abhi rockzzz loved to the core keep rocking sissy ???????eagerly waiting for ur nxt epi ????❤❤

    1. Maya

      Thank u Mokshi sis! ???? the nxt epi is on its way!??????

  10. ??????? reallyyy a awesome, funny, romantic episode each scenes need a praise ?????. Waiting 4 the next one

    1. Maya

      Thank u Sandy!??? for the sweet words!???

  11. Semma epi dr. Romba nalla iruku

    1. Maya

      Nandri Rithu! ???

  12. here I have new word today for one and only Maya jisne mera sara dhyaan apney ff se churaya aur wo word hai DHASU episode tha boss ????? DHASU means solid hahah to episode tha DHASU

    1. Maya

      Haha Dhasu!!??? I dont know why but i find it very cute haha???? Ok then may be Next u will say liquid or gas haha i can only think in scientific way lol solid, liquid and gas????

      1. SURBHI

        hahahhaha maya here in Delhi Dhasu aka solid is always use in the sense of Super hit not like that lolz solid liquid gas

  13. Superb episode really awesome n super cute episode yaar

    1. Maya

      Thank u Durga for finding it superb and cute??

  14. Awesome!!!

  15. Saranya24

    Loved diii superb love u loads????

  16. Super love it….

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