You are and always be my life! (KKB) episode 11


Purab ” Di! Abhi wants to meet u at the restaurant again…Is it possible for u to meet him this evening?” Pragya ” Again? Purab if he wants to meet me frequently then Aaliya and Tanu will get suspicious right?” Purab ” Di! Why are u scared for them when I am here to manage! Just don’t care about them and Tanu is going overseas and Aaliya is now busy in fixing another contract for Abhi….so both don’t have the time to think about Abhi now!” Pragya ” Oh ok then! Text me the timing as I am busy now…” Purab ” Ok di! Bye!”

Pragya, I also like to meet him but something inside me makes me very scared of each and every meeting with him….

Pragya reached the restaurant but he was not yet there…thats when she received a call from Purab. Purab ” Di! He is sending a car there and u take that to meet him at nearby place that he is waiting for u!” Pragya ” Huh? What are u saying? And how can i go like that?” Purab ” Di! It seems that he is busy and couldn’t make it to the restaurant but he is nearby to it and thats why he is sending the car to meet u! And no need to be scared that as the driver is the same person as before when u were with us!” Pragya was hesistant and said ” But still….” Purab ” Di! U know very well about Abhi’s anger if u never go there now…then its up to u!” Pragya ” Okok I will go!” Pragya waited outside for the car and took it once it arrived. But she was very tensed about this sudden plan…

Driver ” Pragya ji! We reached the place and sir ask u to walk straight from here and turn to left once u see postbox then u will be able to find him….” Pragya ” Oh ok bhaiyya thanks!” Driver ” I will be here only and call me if u want any help!” Pragya nodded her head in response and went in the direction as she was told….

Pragya, What is this? Its so dark here and its so scary…Where is this postbox?? She managed to find the postbox in the brightness of her phone’s flashlight…

Pragya, Ok now I am here but where is he? I can’t call his phone too! What is this? And how to find him??

Pragya ” Are u here? I am scared of this darkness and why is this place so dark??”

Abhi ” Light tells that darkness I am here” The lights gets on but Abhi is still not in front of Pragya….She could only hear his voice….Abhi continued ” Victory tells defeat that I am here. Now i am telling u that I am here and nothing will happen to u. Will you believe that?”

Pragya was lost for words to respond…Pragya, what is he trying to say?

Abhi ” I am telling u that I am here!” Pragya heard his voice just behind her now and turned behind to look. Abhi ” Whats your response?” Pragya was still very confused and was wondering why is he telling all these now!

Abhi ” I need an answer and not silence Pragya!” Pragya ” I don’t get u!” Abhi ” I am saying I am here for u! And do u believe that?” Pragya ” But…u are the one who ask me to come here…and it means u have to be here for me right?” Abhi could only smile at her confusion…..Pragya ” Why are u smiling?” Abhi ” Then what u expect me to do when I am expressing my feelings to u and are not understanding it!” Pragya ” Feelings?” Abhi ” Then who do u expect me to express my feelings to Mrs Pragya Abhishek Mehra?”

Pragya ” No! I am just Ms Pragya and there is nothing else…” Abhi ” Nothing else? Then look over there!” It was a screen which was now flashing all the images of Abhigya right from their marriage to the pictures taken in public events….

Abhi ” All that is nothing! And this one u are in the marriage attire being married to me is also nothing right??” Pragya couldn’t hold on to her tears and blurted out ” It’s my everything! Everything that made me as your wife!” Abhi ” Then why u hide all these from me?” Pragya ” For u to be safe…” Abhi ” Safe? From what?” Pragya ” From everything…from everything that made u face troubles and pain just because i entered in your life as wife…if i never married u would be more lucky! I am very unlucky and thats why all kind of misery happened in your life!” Abhi ” U are just hiding something again…Its not because of u…its because of something else and thats why u are away from me…Tell me now what is hiding all that who are close to me hide u from me?” Pragya ” Nothing…Its just…” Abhi ” Its just that u want to leave me?” Pragya ” No! I never wanted to leave u…I only want to live with u…” Abhi ” Then? What is stopping u from telling me? Am i not that trustworthy?” Pragya ” No! Ok i will tell u everything again and i know u won’t believe me but still let me tell everything that happened in our lives …..”

Pragya told everything to Abhi and Abhi was shocked to the core….He remained silent in front of Pragya….Pragya wiping her tears turned behind and said ” I know its hard for u to believe all these…and especially when i am telling….but i never wanted to leave u that is the truth…i always wanted to live with your love….when it always fail to happen i had the mindset that i shall just live with the memories of your love….but again u came in my life…or may be i came into your life…whenever i meet u now it only made me to feel that meeting u like this enough…this is more pleasant than the pain that was caused by many reasons when i was living with u….Your silence now is telling me that u don’t believe me so I am leaving….”

Abhi held her hand and managed to turn her and hugged her. He looked at her and told ” I said to u before that I am not leaving u! Don’t u remember that?” Pragya ” U mean u still believe me?” Abhi ” U still don’t believe that? And thats why holding u this tightly towards me!” Pragya ” But how is that possible? I mean u have lost your memory about me but u still believe my words?” Abhi ” I know that u are telling the truth and its only my memory that forgotten u but not my heart….Thats why I always think about u and feel to be with u…At first i was thinking all these is an attraction towards u….but its actually the affection towards u…. And all those who are around me failed miserably in hiding u as all behaved weirdly with me…Then i had to search these all by myself! About u too! and then i know u are my wife! Do u know how bad it feels when your own family and friends are hiding about your life?”

Pragya ” I am sorry! But its just to make sure that u are safe and also not to strain yourself!” Abhi ” I am only safe when my loved ones are with me! Which is u! And how can u even think telling me the truth will give strain?” Pragya laid her head in his chest and was still crying….

Abhi ” Look at me!” Pragya looked at him…Abhi ” Get this point clear! I know we had faced defeats before and it was tough for both of us to handle…but all these we never deserved it! So will u be with me to make those defeats as victories?”

Pragya ” What u mean?” Abhi ” U won’t understand anything easily despite being a professor! I have to give lectures just like u right?” Pragya ” Are u teasing me?” Abhi with a sacarstic smile ” What is this? That also i have to explain to u!” Pragya wanted to beat him lightly on his chest…Abhi ” So u want to beat me now? U can but before that i will beat u with my kisses!” Pragya was shocked but before she could react he already kissed her lips.

Abhi ” I guess my beat made your heart to beat faster!” Pragya blushed and Abhi ” Ok its already late right?” Pragya ” Yes….Ma would be worried by now…” Abhi ” Ok u give her a call that u are on the way and I will drop u near your house!”

Abhigya left from there and reached near Pragya’s house….Abhi ” Call me again Wifey!” Pragya ” Wifey?” Abhi ” Whats wrong in that? U are my wife so its wifey in my style!” Pragya ” But I prefer the previous nickname more!” Abhi ” Chasmish?” Pragya ” No! After that u named me something!” Abhi ” Tell me na…I dont remember it know!” Pragya ” But u are smart enough to find it!” Abhi ” So now u are testing my smartness? Ok then i will find it!” Pragya ” Ok bye! Its already late!” Abhi “Until then bye Chasmish!” Pragya kept on looking behind while going towards her house….

Abhi, so now its our turn to play games! Lets see how interesting i can make this game in my rockstar style!


Abhi’s rockstar games….

To Maahi haha i totally forgot about the message part lol…ok take this epi as the msg since your sweet heart had done something smart  to get back his love!

Ok just not to drag this and then to satisfy all your eagerness I came up with this! Hope u all liked it if not sorry!

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  1. Amazing episode waiting for next episode

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    Maya…. what an episode dear… really too cute… awesome… really different style….. so I am eagerly waiting for rock star style games

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    episode??????keep rocking??????i expect this to be happen in real kkb soon ?love you lotzzz ??❤waiting for ur nxt update???omg wat u did to me iam reading the update again and again lovely ❤❤????????

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    Awesome Maya!! I loved this epi so much and plz let Abhi name her again as Fuggi pretty please!! Then his games Awaiting them ?

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      Glad that u liked it so much! Let see how it happens!?

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    How r u di has your fever gone amazing di hats off di you rocked it di take care di bye by your lovely sis princess

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  10. How r u di has your fever gone amazing di hats off you rocked it di take good care di by your lovely sis princess

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  11. Superb episode….

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    Hw can u evr think so its awesome to the coreand thanks fr long update akka loved it hope tis really happns un kkb but love u akka????

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      Your words too make me go like this ?????! Haha we can only hope somthing like this happens in real kkb ???

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  20. Awesome update suga!? I loved it a lot! Keep rocking! Love u!?

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      Glad that my writings made ur mind calm and this kind of comments also make my mind calm and peaceful! So thank u for that Jubi! Hope ur depression gets away soon! And I will try to update but not sure…lets see how my mind cooperates!

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  23. Hi Maya u r very talented n Ur fan fiction is so nice
    At first I had read a fan fiction in which Abhi is detective n pragya is dead ( abhi think that she is no more ).But in final episode it is revealed that pragya is also alive.
    Can anyone tell the name of that ff please?

    1. Maya

      Thank u Anu! ?? Sorry Anu! I am not sure about the name about the ff u are refering to ?

  24. Maahi

    omg sooo dizzz was the msg its all abt cmplte SMARTNESSSSSSSS SIA YY NOT AFTRALL HE IS PLAYING THE ROLE IN UR MAGIC SOOOO HE VIL DFNTLY B SMART ENOUGH ND HAHA HE IS THE SWEETHEART OF AN EXTREMELYYY STUPID GIRL NAAA SO HE MUST BE SMART TO EQUALISE DR WELLLL abhigya’s emotions r killllinggggg me u rockedddddd it sia each nd every word is amazinhggly amazinggg my IB ALWAYS ROCKZZZZZZZZZ PROUD TO B HER CRAZYYY FAN !!!!!!now wat is his games i am waiting like anything!!!!!!!well thnq uuu fr dizz incredible msg filled with smartnesssss

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    This One has become My Fav Fantastic Update! And My MTMP is Really Awesomeee To The CORE! Intact I am still missing your Is This Called Love Ff! But This New one is compensating that! But still I am Missing it!
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    Abhi is Really Smarter Here! Intact I wish This way of Abhi’s Character is portrayed in The Real Show!
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        And u uploaded the Ff! Again U r The Best! Waiting for the Shock! But I wish it doesn’t cause any side effects as I hav comp tom and U know Wat I would do !Tomorrow and Day after would be a very tiring day again! And those tiredness will fly away only by reading your updates! I need My Sissy ‘s Wishes for My Events tom! Bless Me Di! I would Love to Remain Your Funniest Follower Forever!
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      Haha I know u are busy yr and u also break the rule like Surbhi??? its ok and u can just use ur short forms like FF and BB to tell how u feel abt the update! U know it can save some of ur time too! Its just my lame suggestion.. haha btw ur comment is ????

  30. Hi Maya this is the first time I’m reading ff and I found your one is really good. You have good ideas. I like the jokes and things. Will there be a twist or are you just writing short ff? I know it’s hard to find time but you doing really good and I’m enjoying reading your ff. It would really good if there was more romance in it. I hope you didn’t mind by me giving my opinion no offence, if you do then i will apologise.

    1. Maya

      I am always open to opinions and suggestions. I never really thought about the end of this ff yet so until then u will get to see some twists and more of Abhigya scenes….Will include more romance but my level of romance may not reach ur expectation as I am not good at writing romantic scenes! Btw Thank u Razzy for ur compliment!?

      1. It’s ok and about romance don’t think about my expectations becoz I think your doing great so keep going with your thinking.

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