You are and always be my life! (KKB) episode 10


Abhi in a serious tone” Dadi! I want to ask u something important! And will u tell that?” Dadi ” Why are u this serious? And what is it about?” Abhi “Do u know anybody called Pragya?” Dadi turned away not facing him….Dadi, How do I tell him? And how did he know her name now?

Abhi ” Dadi! I am asking u and u are silent!” Dadi ” I don’t know anybody by that name…Why are u asking this suddenly?” Abhi ” Really? Are u very sure that u don’t know her? U are telling the truth right?” Dadi ” Why do I have to lie? I never heard that name before….” Abhi ” Did I say that u are telling a lie? I was just asking are u telling the truth there is a difference between telling the truth and lie Dadi…. Ok fine! I believe u that u are telling the truth as I strongly believe that my Dadi won’t lie!” By saying that he left from there…..

Dadi, Why did I say like that? I could have told him the truth but I am scared what if Aaliya and Tanu knows….Then again troubles will start in his life…He just recovered from a very big accident…I don’t want him to face any strain again….But how did he know Pragya’s name?? Shall I ask this about Purab? No…may be Abhi just heard this name from some press people…

Abhi, Dadi is also hiding…she never even look at my eyes and tell the truth…she was keep on avoiding to look at me to talk to me…What is really stopping all around me from telling the truth?? Are they scared of something or someone? Whatever it is I will have to find this out….If hiding is their way then I will also hide myself to show my way…..If Chasmish is related to me then I am always ready to accept it……..

Aaliya came into his room…

Aaliya ” Bhai! It seems that nowadays u are going out very frequently! And u never tell me about this!” Abhi ” Why I have to inform everything to u and go out is it?” Aaliya ” Nothing like that but u always share with me everything!” Abhi ” Ya I am just going out to meet my friends and also to get fresh air….U know right fresh air to breathe then fresh ideas to make music!” Aaliya, That’s good! He needs more idea so that he can more music….and for me to make more money!!! Abhi ” Are u here?” Aaliya ” Haan Bhai! Then its good and u carry on! I just came to tell u that Tanu is going to overseas for one week for some modelling assignment…” Abhi ” Oh ok! I will call and talk to her!” Aaliya ” And by the way how was the ad that u did for your friend? And how was the model?” Abhi ” It was a wonderful experience and She was too good!” Aaliya ” Really? What’s her name?” Abhi ” U will know that soon when the ad comes out!” Aaliya ” Why u can’t tell now?” Abhi ” I don’t want u to research on her and comment…U have to see her in ad to comment!” Aaliya ” So that model impressed u that much?” Abhi smiled and said ” May be…” Aaliya ” Ok then let’s see how impressive is she!” Abhi ” U will know that soon!”

Aaliya, Oh now Tanu is having competition! Let me tell her and make her jealous!

Abhi, She is not only impressive but also interesting too….Making me more interested in her but now my interest is having doubts on her too….


Pragya ” Are u here? I am scared of this darkness and why is this place so dark?” Abhi ” Light tells darkness that I am here… Victory tells defeat that I am here….Now I am telling u that I am here that nothing will happen to u…Will u believe that?”

I managed to write this but pls wait for the nxt update for tommorow regarding the precap… may be late tmrw…i am not sure but just informing u all!

I realise that i forgot something….It is Thank u to all my silent readers! Ok bye….

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    So abhi is in mission.. mission pragya.. hope he will clear his doubt fastly

    1. Maya

      Ya kind of on a mission. Yes hopefully his doubt is cleared fast!

  2. superb …….

    1. Maya

      Thank u Divya!?

  3. Saranya24

    Superb but agaun short i want long one akka pls love u????

    1. Maya

      Will try to make the nxt one longer just for u!????

  4. Nice episode… But again this one is too short…. ?

    1. Maya

      So sorry but will make the nxt one longer Nirmal!?

  5. Maya

    I am extremely sorry but I am very tired and not feeling well so thats why my updates are short?

    1. Don’t say sorry yaar… I can understand your condition… So no problem… Take care ☺

  6. Superb akka ??take care of yourself akka??

    1. Maya

      Thank u Suhani for the compliment and concern! ??

  7. Superb episode hat’s off di eagerly waiting for next update don’t mind me calling you as di please update soon eagerly waiting

    1. Super di hats off di please update soon eagerly waiting for next update give a long update soon get well soon

      1. Maya

        Thank u Princess for both your appreciation and concern!

    2. Maya

      Ya sure will update soon which is only possible for tommorow! Sorry for that! Thank u Krisha for ur appreciation and I don’t mind u calling me di!

  8. ImRagela

    Hey maya !!..I think u r the same maya i mean suga ryt ??..Do u remember me ??..i am reji !!..How r u maya ?? only i read your ff ..and it is awesome ya !!..Keep rocking

    1. Maya

      Yes the same Suga aka Maya!!! Of course I remember u as I didn’t forgot u! Ya I am fine and how are u? Glad that u read my ff and ya hopefully it continues to be awesome….

  9. Prathi

    It’s ok Maya!! Take care and then come back and Rock our world! Woo was awesome! Now Abhi will start his games

    1. Maya

      Thank u Prathi and ya hopefully he will start his games?

  10. Super maya sis…

    1. Maya

      Thank u Sugan bro!?

  11. LakshmiSiva

    haa it’s ok maya … nice epic….

    1. Maya

      Thank u Lakshmi for the understanding!?

  12. Trisha


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      Thank u Trisha!???

  13. No problem suga! Take care of ur health! Nd coming to the episode it was superb… Waiting for the next part..

    1. Maya

      Thanks for the understanding n concern Aliza!?

  14. Superb epi …..waiting for next episode

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      Thank u Loli??

  15. Maahi

    dizz is amazingggg again nd dr trust me the precap is killllllling me i love poetry nd it turned out more crazier by ur magic how do u manage to write luke dizz man i cant evn try ur rockingggg nd its awsome nd u didnt said me abt the msg u hv fr me

    1. Maya

      Haha sorry dr i totally forgot abt the msg part…and its in the nxt update! Phew i uploaded the nxt part and i am really not sure how would u all react as it is……ok i let u all decide??

  16. Monesha

    Awesome rocking di I loved it to the core. I will wait for ur episode patiently even for one month. Love you a lotttttt ❤❤❤ di. Lot of huggggggs and kisses to u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Ummmmmaaaaaaa…..

    1. Maya

      Aww so sweet of u ??????but hopefully i will not have that kind of situation to make u wait for 1 month! Later i will turn mad for not seeing all ur comments?? and of course lots of kisses n hugs to u sissy!❤❤❤❤

  17. Superb yaar really nice one n precap s interesting eagerly waiting for next part

    1. Maya

      Hopefully it turns out nice as i just uploaded the nxt part Durga!?

  18. Please unite abhigya

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      Ur wish will be fulfilled soon and look out for that in the nxt epi!?

  19. nice track

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  20. Superb superb…..

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      Thank u Loli!??

  21. Wow abhi started his mission ??superb lovely epi❤❤❤?????? interesting precap ???take care of ur health ????waiting for ur nxt update ??

    1. Maya

      Thank u Mokshi!???? Ya its better now and nxt update I uploaded early in the morning! Lets see when it comes out! I am very interested to know how u all react!??

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