You are and always be my life! (KKB) episode 1

I know there is already a couple of ffs here with the current memory loss track but since one of u all requested me to write on this, I am doing it for that…..

Pragya finally found a job as a professor in a college and the news of Abhi’s biggest ever rockstar concert was spreading very fast in her college. Some of her colleagues knew that she was Abhi’s wife and they are not together anymore. Her heart was telling that she should go for the concert and meet him at least once among the crowd. But her mind was keep on repeating the words of Doctors and Dadi….His life would be in risk if he strains himself to think about u….

Pragya, Oh god! What sin have I did that I am always separated from him…my life….

In Mehra house….

Abhi meeting Tanu after a long time….

Abhi ” Tanu! Why your face changed like this?”
Tanu ” Changed like what?” Abhi ” Changed like a normal girl! Oh no not like a model at all!”

Tanu, I think my face changed due to the abortion stress and everything. But I can’t tell him about that!

Abhi ” What are u thinking? I thought of working with u for the new ad but looking at ur face, I think I have to look for a new model!”

Tanu ” What? Give me some time and I will be back with the same face as before!”

Aliya ” Yes Bhai! Give her some time! She will be back with the same charm!”

Abhi ” How is that possible? The ad is day after tommorow! The day after my concert!”

Aliya ” What? I thought u were refering to the ad in nxt week! When did this new ad came up?”

Abhi ” Haan that one is nxt week! But this one just came up and I am doing it for my friend!”

Aliya ” So u are not being paid right?”

Abhi ” No! Its just for my friend!”

Tanu, Great escape! I dont want to work for free of charge too!

Aaliya ” Then why not we find for a fresh face? A new model? Tanu can join u for the ad next week as it is a big one!”

Abhi ” It seems to be a good idea Aaliya! Ok I handover u the job of finding a new model to work with me! I need to go and practice now for the concert!”

Aaliya agreed to it and said to Tanu ” One month also is not enough for u to work on ur face! Better get back to the model look if not Bhai will not work with u at all!” Tanu ” Dont say like that! Let me have some treatment or something in this week!”

The day of concert….

Pragya who was still in the thoughts of meeting Abhi in concert received a call….

Student ” Mam! I am Reeta here! We are having a big problem and can u come to the place where rockstar Abhi’s concert is happening?” Pragya ” How can I? But what is the problem?” Reeta ” No mam! I cant tell it but pls come and save us!” Pragya ” Okok I am coming now!”

Pragya rushed to the place in a taxi and looking at his big size posters all over the place made her remind of the last concert that she was with him…..

Reeta ” Mam! U are here! Thank god! We were all scared that u won’t come!” Pragya ” What’s the problem?” Reeta ” Mam…Its actually due to security reasons..we all should enter as pairs to this concert and in last minute my boyfriend cheated me! So thats why I want u to come along with me like my sister….” Pragya gave a stern face and said ” Oh Reeta! What u had done to ur boyfriend that he is even scared to come with u for a concert?” All the other students laughed at Pragya’s statement…Reeta ” Mam! Pls! It will be fun and this is the biggest concert ever of Abhi sir!”

Pragya ” I know…but….” Reeta and her friends gave a sad face and Pragya couldn’t say no to it…Pragya ” Ok fine but not too long! I will leave earlier!” Reeta and her friends ” Sure mam! Its gonna be fun to enjoy the concert with our fav professor!” Pragya smiled widely and all entered the concert.

Pragya had mixed feelings…The feelings of meeting him again…She had the glimpses of the times that she was with him at various concerts…all are her memories of love….

She was even more surprised as they all stand very near to the stage… Pragya, I really hope that he don’t get disturbed after seeing me! Pls god! I can bear any pain or disturbances as I am used to it but don’t give him anything like that becoz of me….

Ladies and gentleman! No Lovely ladies and Gaga gentlemen! I am back with the India’s biggest ever concert! A rockstar concert! Do u wanna see me!

The crowd ” Yes! Abhi! Abhi!” Everyone cheered his name but Pragya was already mesmerized hearing his voice and now she was just hoping to see him once….see her love and life again…

I can’t hear u! I need more!

Again everyone cheered his name loud like a thunder!

Pragya closed her eyes and told Suniye! Its the same moment he came on the stage under the spot light on!

Abhi ” So what are we waiting for? let’s begin this right now!” He began to strum his guitar which made Pragya to open her eyes and see him…..

Pragya couldn’t control herself and was keep on looking at him with the only feeling of love…

Abhi began to sing the song Sadda Haq with so much of energy where all were cheering for him and also singing the lines with him…some were jumping around in excitement but Pragya was the only one who was mesmerized by his performance and was just looking at him…just looking at his love for music….just wished that he could have remembered her just like his music….

Abhi did noticed Pragya. He found it strange especially the way she was looking at him…He felt her eyes are trying to tell something to him….

He continued with a couple of songs and before the concert was about to end, he came near to the audience while still standing near the stage…

Abhi ” Surprise for one of u all! I am going to give autograph right here to one person here!”

Everyone cheered Me! Me! Abhi pls me! As for Pragya she was never telling anything….she just held her hand forward while looking at him closely….Abhi noticed that and pulled her up to the stage…

Reeta ” How lucky is Mam!!!” Abhi ” Hey chasmish! Whats your name?” Pragya who was still having her hand forward was lost in thoughts after seeing him closely especially after a long time…..Abhi asked her again louder ” Whats ur name?” Pragya ” Pragya!” Abhi ” Nice name! U are still having ur hand like this! Oh u wanna me to autograph here! Ok Let me do that!” He wrote her name together with his and looked at her again….Abhi ” Ms Pragya! U can have ur hand like this but I have to leave now!”

He left from there saying goodbye to all! And noticed Pragya was still standing at the same position…

Abhi, She have such a captivating eyes…If i stayed there a bit longer especially looking at her eyes then its sure that I would have been lost in her! How i wish she can be the model to act with me tommorow! Such a mesmerizing face!

Pragya, I am already lost in your love…your mesmerizing love….And now what u have written on my hand…our names is what I want in my life…Pragya ❤ Abhi! You are and always be my life no matter what happens! Do u know why? As my life is filled with your love….

So how is this? Shall I continue? ?

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  1. Maya

    Ok I seriously don’t know whether u all want me to continue this….If it is continued then what I can say is that this will be a story not of love at first sight but love at every first sight. Hope u all can understand the line.

    Thank you and bye for now!
    Maya (Sugashini)

  2. Superb yaar please continue ……. eagerly waiting for next episode

    1. Maya

      I just uploaded the nxt epi as I can’t do it tmrw for both my ffs! Thank u divya!

  3. Oh maya this is perfect…and why u r asking just continue yr…u r our random writer….yr…i just luv it…..This is fantastic….I want next epi… .I want next epi…….. .I want next epi………………. .I want next epi…….Common maya …..just continue…it…yr……??????????????????????

    1. Maya

      Perfect ah? May be its the effect of paracetamol that I am taking! Nxt epi should be on the way as I uploaded it just now! Ok I will continue!

  4. superbb yarr…………………i loved it

    1. Maya

      Thank u Nannu for loving it!

  5. superb….pls continue

    1. Maya

      I am continuing it! Thank u priyanka!

  6. Saranya24

    Of course no doubt u must continue akka and nw iam really jumping in joy tat u r writing tis as i was worrued tat u r endng tat ff love u loads akka

    1. Maya

      I am gg to end the ff as nothing is coming up in my mind for it! Will work on it but its under major maintenance! Only god should show me the way! Love u loads also sissy! Will continue this as I have alrdy uploaded the nxt update!

  7. Abiya

    Its so cute pls continue

    1. Maya

      Thank u Abiya! Ok sure I will continue!

  8. Always welcome ur ff..keep on write it…

    1. Maya

      Thank u Rajesh! Sure will keep on write for this….

  9. Really superb n awesome episode n plzzzzzz continue yaar….

    1. Maya

      Thank u so much Durga! And I am continuing on this!

  10. just awesome yar

    1. Maya

      Thank u Vigan for considering it as awesome!

  11. Superb perfect❤? so pls continue waiting for ur update ???

    1. Maya

      Should be coming soon Mokshi! Thank u for the awesome comment!

  12. VarshaVenkat

    Its adorable…pls continue dii….sry….vry vry sry for not cmntg in ur posts….u know today only I reached first page of kkb in tu??there was lot to read along with my xams…so only I couldnt cmnt….also keep rocking

    1. Maya

      No worries dr! Exams are more important! ffs are always out here and u can comment whenever u are free! All the best for xams! Rock in ur exams! I am continuing this…

      1. VarshaVenkat

        Sure n tq for ur support n understanding me di

  13. superb fantanstic i love it

    1. Maya

      Thank you Kitty!

  14. Maahi

    Sia in a hope tht TU accepts atlest my dizz command its awesome awsome awesome ur amazinggg always pzzz dp continue ur magic all of us r waiting amazing love story

    1. Maya

      Ur comment received dr! Thank u so much for ur awesome comment!

  15. Superb!!

  16. Definaty you should continue…it is awesome di

  17. hey please upload next part as soon as possible

  18. superb man 😉 i never thought tht this track can be intresting haha

  19. Awesome maya..

  20. Monesha

    Rocking Di whether you forgot me i am really sorry for my late comment and not commenting in your ff it is all bcoz of my school. And really sorry for saying sorry. no no no ……… for saying ……… now there is no sorry right. You just rocked it di bye love you a lotttttt ❤❤❤

  21. Trisha


  22. Nice one yaar.. U should continue this….

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