Why always friends?why not like love? Kyy, vishkanya, kkb and krpkab intro


Guys Hi guys! This is Reena and Narendran here once again to introduce one of our newest stories!! Pls support us and comment what you guys think of the intro!! So let’s start!
Malhotra Family

Manik- Cool, Hot, Arrogant, and the youngest in family. Musician in College with his friend Cabir. Loves his sisters and will do anything for them. Attends SPACE college and has a band with Cabir and more friends (not important and will be mentioned later)

Pragya- Sweet, Beautiful girl who is a little shy. Just returning from US with her best friends Nandini and Navya. Loves her family and missed her siblings a lot. She is also an amazing singer and will attend SPACE college with her brother.

Sona- Oldest in the family. Cares for her brother and sister and is like their mother after their parent’s death. She is a dietician.

Dixit Family

Dev- Oldest in family and cares for his siblings.. Businessman.. Knows Apu is a vishkanya and tries to protect her at all times.

Apu- Vishkanya and tries to keep it a secret.. Loves her brothers and is very sweet and caring.

Cabir- Naughty Prankster and is Manik’s best friend.. Drummer in band with Manik and friends.

Mehra Family

Dadi- Malay, Abhi, and Nandu Dadi.. Loves them and takes care of them

Malay- Oldest. Nice guy who cares for his brother, sister, and Dadi.. Looking for love

Abhi- Rockstar and is a funny guy.. Will do anything for his brother and sister. He is was a senior in SPACE college and is now a rockstar.. Will beat up anyone who goes after his sister and missed his sister a lot.

Nandini- “Nandu”.. Just returning from studies in US with her best friends Navya and Pragya.. Sweet.. Bubbly.. Will stand up for what is right! She sings amazingly and will go to the SPACE college.

Navya Naveli- Best friend of Nandu and Pragya.. She is a fantastic singer.
Pairings will be:
-Manik and Nandini
-Abhi and Pragya
-Apu and Malay
-Dev and Sona
-Cabir and Navya
So what do you guys think!?pls comment guys

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  1. Interesting intro

    1. Reena_Narendran

      Thnx ayushi.. Hope u liked intro!!
      Soon we will post first epi!!!

  2. Nice intro.I Liked it .Actually I only watch kkb so no idea abt vishkanyan the characterd in it..sry .but I hope from ur ff I may hav interest in those characters also.don’t take it wrong yr .plzzz continue.writing.

    1. Reena_Narendran

      Thnx rosy.. Sure. We won’t spoil.. I am big fan of vishkanya.. So don’t worry.. I makebu addict to that show!!??????????

  3. Kathy

    Nice intro…. Looking forward …. Keep writing… Good luck….

  4. Reena_Narendran

    Thnx Kathy Akka.. For the comment..???

  5. nice intro……i loved their relation………. pls continue………

    1. Reena_Narendran

      Thnx anjalyk for the comment

  6. there are to much character can you please short the character please i think 2 or 3 pair is more

    1. Reena_Narendran

      Then there will be no masti!! Don’t worry all pairs will be given equal imp!

  7. so nice intro dr…..

    1. Reena_Narendran

      Thnx tharu keep commenting and smiling ???Soon we will post first epi!!!

  8. Madhuri

    So nice. I like it

    1. Reena_Narendran

      Thnx madhuri for the comment.. Hope u liked it..???From narendran!!

  9. RANdomfANCreationz

    this one is nice too i have no idea about kyy but will still read it whenever I m free n i only watch krpkab here but i know about the other shows

    1. Reena_Narendran

      Thnx Jo Akka.. From narendran.. Me too don’t know about kyy and krpkab.. But Reena helped me.. In that part..

      1. Madhuri

        I think Kaisi yeh yariaan

  10. Nice intro…..
    Plz continue…..

    1. Reena_Narendran

      Thnx kavya for the comment…..

  11. HarSHaN

    new combo once again..superb reena&Naren.. keep ffs rocking

    1. Reena_Narendran

      thnx harshan..but we have dropped idea off writing this ff..sorry guys..but new ff..which will make u stand stunned..no one imagine such a type of ff…so be waiting

      1. HarSHaN

        Oh..tats k bro..Bt we ll reloading happy because of ur new ff announce..keep rocking

  12. Sarayumane

    Naren and reena, awesome intro guys, I know it will be rocking

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