Always there for you-episode 5

Hii all thank u so much for ur comments sorry for the blunder mistake I just forgot that I used tanu in previous episodes I was just typing it in between my revisions so my aim was just to complete the episode as u all will be waiting so didn’t realize it sorry for that now no more bak baks back to the story..

Abhi and pragya were so busy with their college cultural. As being the college representative abhi was spinning around so as to make their college win. But still he didn’t forget about his sweetie he would call her at the correct time for her food or juice or medicines abhi was so cautious about that.
As for pragya being the leader of arts group pragya had to work really hard to bring everyone together and to make the big group of that college win. Pragya organized the students for their performances. As for her special sand performances she thought the theme would be popular faces. For that she was in constant practice so she would give her best.
Even though he was hectic abhi waited for pragya daily at their usual place. One day while he was waiting, he saw pragya running towards as she was really late. He didn’t know from where did the anger came. When pragya neared him, he blasted out on her.
Pragya : hey abhi.. sorry I was late
Abhi : what do u think u r doing pragya?

Pragya know that whenever he called her name it would be because he is angry or sad or upset. He was not sad or upset recently so surely it must be anger o her. She thought ‘ what I did that abhi is so angry on me?”
Pragya : what happened abhi.. what did I do?
Abhi grabbing her shoulders,: what did u do? U should ask that urself pragya.. why don’t u understand that u r not alone u r pregnant and a life is growing inside u why cant u just understand?
Pragya : abhi..i am sorry I didn’t meant to run..
Abhi again grabbed her shoulders : why u r telling sorry when u didn’t mean it come on pragya u know that u should be careful but u r not. I am just so scared sweetie that u will harm urself and the baby.
Pragya with tears: I am sorry abhi.. sometimes when u have something which didnt came out of ur knowledge u don’t get the real worth of it. My case is the same I am sorry abhi.
Abhi wiped her tears as he felt bad for scolding her.
Abhi : I am sorry sweetie I was just scared as I don’t want u to harm urself or my baby as u know u both are important to me.. please take care of urself sweetie or else I would die.

Pragya closed his mouth and said : no abhi don’t talk like that ok I promise I wont harm myself or ur princess ok now please don’t be angry on me. Please (with puppy eyes)
Abhi melted : I am not angry on u sweetie I am just worried and u better know ur importance in my life ok stay here and don’t u dare to move from here or run from here. Ok I will get u food ( he bent down to her stomach and said) darling make sure ur momma stays here if she try to move just give her ur ronaldo kick ok love u darling.
Pragya glared at him as he was saying the baby to kick her. She pouted cutely and looked at abhi. Abhi was so mesmerized but said
Abhi : ur pout wont work here ok and don’t give me ur puppy looks I am not gng to fall for ir wait here itself. U better wait her or else u know the consequences.
Abhi went to get her food. Mean while pragya took her diary. A habit which she took when she went with rakesh to share her emotions. She started to write,
Pragya : dear diary, today whatever I am having I am so happy even though my life was not decided by me now I love the way life is gvng me. Yes now life has given me happiness which I will cherish my lifetimes. I am having a wonderful friend who will give his life itself for me and my baby. I don’t know what I have done in my previous birth but I just know that I am so blessed to have him as my friend. Wish we always remain like this. But my heart doesn’t accept it. It has some weird feelings whenever abhi comes near me or take care of me. It starts beating rapidly, and I feel all my world stops whenever abhi is near me is it called love??? But..
Before she could write abhi called her bringing her food. So she immediately closed her diary and hid it in her bag but forgot to zip it.. abhi came with a box of food.
Abhi : see sweetie what I have got for u. he opened the box and showed it to her. Pragya nearly shouted.
Pragya : what??? U got me dhal baati. Yaay…
Abhi closed his ears : what have I said sweetie? Don’t shout on my ears u home theater now finger on ur lips. stop shouting and start eating. He shoved the box to her. Pragya immediately stopped shouting and put her finger on her lips. Abhi fed her slowly as if she is made of glass. After eating, abhi washed her mouth with his hands. When he was washing his hands, pragya got a call that archana is calling her to finalize one contestant. So pragya went from there immediately informing abhi. Before abhi could react she went away fastly.
Abhi shouted : sambhalo.. go carefully ( he thought to himself) this sweetie na never listens to me.. what am I gng to do with her?

Suddenly he saw her diary peeking out from her bag as it was not zipped correctly. He took her diary out. On the cover it was pasted. “ ANGRY BIRD INSIDE DARE TO COME IN”abhi smiled and said “ but I will come in”
When he opened the diary, he saw a photo of him and pragya in a cowboy costume which they had clicked in an amusement park which they went weeks ago. Both were looking cute. Pragya held a gun on abhi’s head and abhi was giving crazy girl look to her. That was his fav photo. Abhi smiled at the memory and turned the page. He saw a book mark in the last page. That is pragya wrote minutes ago. He read it and felt so happy that pragya started getting feelings for him
Abhi : I know sweetie u will reciprocate my feelings soon. As u r still the same but ur doubt scares me the last ‘but’ scares me I wont leave u ever sweetie I will always love u even though u don’t. hmm sometimes I feel like I am expressing to a wall that it cant reciprocate what to do my fate?
When he was closing the dairy he saw a angry emoticon sticked on the fourth page of the diary. He got curious about it. Even though he thought” reading others diary was wrong” he couldn’t help with it. He checked the time and thought it will take time for pragya as whenever she is in arts department she will take time.
He started turning the pages. The first four pages filled with her memories on her tanu dii and her buddy and he fears on her new environment that is her uncles house and her uncle’s son arvind constant pester.
After that it was filled with how arvind tried to woo her and his constant efforts to make her love him.
Abhi felt an unknown anger on that blo*dy arvind as he know it was all a drama. he clutched his fist strongly so as to control his anger. He continued to read.
08 August 2014
Dear diary,
It’s a really hectic day. As arvind was pestering me to accept his love for me. Even though I love him but I don’t want to tell him as my uncle don’t like me. Arvind said that he loved me from my childhood when he visited our orphanage for his birthday but I don’t any similar face to him. But I believe him as I love him. He also sadi he only said to uncle to bring me home so to love me and marry me. I was touched with this. In this house, there is only one fellow who loves me like my dii and buddy does. I miss them both badly if they were here I would have shared my happiness with them. Tomorrow I am going to accept his love I cant hide it anymore. Wish my life becomes more colorful u arvind…
Abhi didn’t know what to do now. : does she love arvind till now? Then how did she became pregnant?

He turned the next page.
12 august 2014
That page had so many tear strikes. And it was like it has been dried due to so much of tears. Abhi started reading it.
Dear diary,
I don’t even thought in my wild dreams that I will face this day. I confessed my love to arvind yesterday only as he went to Bangalore for two days. After I confessed to him he said he was really happy and he would thank me for his whole life for loving him. I was so happy hearing those words from him. He asked me for a dinner date with him. I too accepted it as I was flying high with arvind’s love. We both went to a posh dinner where I cant even imagine me gng. He made me sit like a gentleman. He ordered whatever I wished. We both ate while he was continuously thanking me. I said even though I accepted u we have to maintain a considerable distance as I am still 17 and uncle wont accept me. Arvind assured me that uncle will surely accept me and he will maintain distance but he also said I cant stop him from loving me unconditionally. I was on ninth cloud. Then he ordered drinks. I said I am not used to it. He said to try once as it was their first date and it is not so heavy and also he said he ordered alcohol only for him and light wine for me. So I accepted it as he asked me for something after we started loving. Then the waiter came with the drinks. We both drank it and I ordered for another glass as I rarely liked the taste of it. Then I started feeling giddy. I don’t know why. I lastly remember arvind grinning at me and carrying me in his arms continuously talking about something. Then I passed out. When I woke up next morning, the scene which I saw was enough for me to die there itself. Yes I was there on his bed without any clothes and he was lying beside me in the same state. I was so shocked. I started crying terribly. How could I do such thing? Arvind woke up and saw me crying. He asked me what happened. I told him crying that whatever we did was wrong and continuously telling him that it is wrong. Arvind hugged me and said nothing like that pragya we are lovers we love each other. U accidently drank my drink so only u got giddy. We both were drunk so only we made out but don’t think it is wrong. Just keep in mind that we are lovers and soon we r gng to be married when u turn 18 ok. I nodded believing his words. Then I escaped from there hurriedly as I don’t my uncle to see us together and scold arvind for dng such a mistake. I cant see him hurt as I love him.
Abhi had tears and thought “ how much my sweetie loved him but he and his father betrayed her and put her in this state I will never ever leave them rakesh patel and arvind patel u both are never ever gng to escape from abhishek mehra’s wrath”
He turned the pages further. It was blank for one and half month. He further turned to read.

2 october 2014
Dear diary,
This day I will never forget in my life. This day made me learn I am an educated idiot who believed in that man’s words and gave myself to him. Yes this is the black day in my life. After we made out, arvind started behaving differently, he didn’t speak to me much. Whenever I tried to talk to him. Either he will reply in monosyllable or he will tell that he is busy that he cant talk to me. It didn’t affect me much in earlier days as I believed him.
But after 1 month, my body started showing different signs, I started vomiting in mornings, even the smell of food made me throw my guts out. I became so tired lately, even I cant sit in one place continuously. One day when I was climbing the stairs, suddenly everything blacked out. My uncle’s servants brought me to my room I think when I woke up I was I my room. They also called the doctor. When I woke up the doctor gave me the happiest shock in my life. I AM PREGNANT. I didn’t know how to react to it. I just stared at him blankly. The doctor advised me to take care of me as I am in the first trimester and it may affect the baby and I am also in young age. I don’t even get a word what he was saying. Just I know is I am pregnant and a life is growing inside me. He gave me some medicines. I thanked him for coming. And he replied that it is his duty.
I was waiting for arvind to come to inform him this news as I itself don’t know how to react to this. I was waiting for him in my room till midnight. Then I don’t know how did I slept.
Next morning, I woke up sorry my morning sickness woke me up. After throwing up and freshening, I went to arvind’s room to inform him about my pregnancy, and what I saw was enough for me to know that I am betrayed.
That cheap guy was sleeping with another girl.
I stopped in my tracks, and stared at their sleeping forms with tears flowing through my eyes. I saw arvind and that girl waking up.
Arvind saw me looking at them with shock and slowly slowly that shock turned into a devlish grin which showed to me that I was played with.
Screen divides with pragya’s crying face. Arvind’s devil face, and abhi’s shocked face with pragya’s diary.

Precap: pragya slapping arvind tightly “ do whatever u want arvind. But I will give birth to this child come high hell or waterand don’t think I will ever fall in ur trap again”
Abhi and pragya talking with each other. And someone tries to kill abhi from behind.

Hii all thank u so much for ur comments again and sorry for my idiotic mistake hope u will forget me. Please leave ur comments to let me know that u like my story whether it is worth or not and please do mention what u like in this story or if u want any changes in it. Waiting for ur reviews thanks for u r wished for my exams hope I will do well with ur wishes. Please do leave ur comment whether positive or negative or chappals, rotten tomatoes everything is accepted. And as akshaya asked posted quickly hope u all like it and this is one hell of a long update please bear with it

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