Always Be Besides Me – Introduction


Hello Everyone,
I was a silent all this time actually guyzz I am still really scared of bashing so I’m not revealing my name but my Name starts from an “N”

Coming to the story this will be a SwaSan story but at some point Ragini will be a Villian at a right place so please don’t bash me for that


Swara POV

How ruthless you are how can you leave me just like that I hate you Ragini you were my sister you made me marry Sanskar my best friend Sanskar for your stupid dreams

Sanskar POV

Ragini I will never forgive you for what you did you made me marry my best friend you broke our friendship for your so called dreams

Ok so let me introduce you to our main leads

Swara – best sister title to be given girl she is a cool minded Awsm girl

Sanskar – he is the best tycoon in the world in love with Ragini not love but infacuation actually he felt good near Swara and mostly stayed around her

Ragini – our mystery girl excuse me I am not telling see the flashbacks and I will tell after seeing flashbacks you will love Ragini and her upcoming negativity??


So basically I will give you basic idea about the story -:
Why did SwaSan marry??
What did Ragini do??
Does this story have some hope or?!?!???

Guys I want atleast 30 comments or else I’m not continuing!! Joking I want people to comment on how this is and should I continue or not????

Credit to: Sanskar And Swara Maheshwari Ki Deewani

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  1. Abirsha

    Awesome….. I think ragini left him during mrg nd swasan got married

  2. Sriya

    dear it was awesome superb intro dear dont be scared of bashing ignore bashers cause they dont know anything execpt bashing and I willl support u till the end u nailed it keep it up lots of love from me bye take care

  3. Please continue it’s looking amazing

  4. Nice .continie soon

  5. pls continue its interesting

  6. Jwala

    it is good dear.. and don’t be afraid of bashing. . if you get bashing it means your story is famous. . be cool. .

  7. Nice…. continue soon

  8. surabhi Srivastava


  9. Yashasvi

    hey dear owsm start. wlcm to TU as a writer dear!!!!!!!!!! luv u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! may u get many comments , my best wishes r with u darling

  10. Please don’t bring kavita and kaveri in between

  11. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear plzzz continue

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