I am always there 4 u… I don’t need anyone.. Part 59

Anjali: Arnav r u ok?

Arnav: hmm..

Anjali: neih..u like ..thinking about something else..

Arnav: nothing dhi..

Anjali: neih u hiding something..

Arnav: that’s not me..u

Anjali: me?

Arnav: haan u nd Jiju..u having some financial problem na?

Anjali: wo..how do u know?

Arnav : i heard the conversation when u nd jiju speaking..but sorry for that..

Anjali smiled nd cupped his face

Anjali: don’t be sorry Arnav..yes we having some problem..but we can sort it out,.u know jiju right? He don’t want to ruin ur happiness..u all planned such a nice plan..so lets enjoy this..we..

Arnav: ok but promise me..if it goes out of ur hand..u both definitely say me..i will try to sort this out..ok?

Anjali: tk..

Arnav: pakka?

Anjali: haan..now smile atleast..

Arnav smiled..

Arnav: dhi i want u ask one more thing..

Anjali: kya?

Arnav: what about Malathy? I don’t think so she was good..when she came i felt like something was wrong..

Anjali: hmm..i don’t think so Arnav..she was sweet..speaking really very nice..

Arnav: but she was focusing only u..i mean we all in that place..she like seeing only u..speaking with u only..

Anjali: Arnav u caring ur dhi too much..don’t worry..she was just in a excitement..u know its different feeling when u see another person like u..only difference is i haven’t showed my excitement..that’s all..Cool Arnav..everything will get fine..

Arnav held her hand nd kissed..

Arnav: tk dhi come lets go ..otherwise Khushi will kill me..

Anjali: kyun?

Arnav: she was jealous..that i am spending more time with u not her?

Anjali: ? So be with her na..this bad Arnav..she is ur wife..that was her rights..so u should be with her..

Arnav: tk?

Arnav blushed nd Anjali smiled..

Shyam was sitting in garden thinking about something

Aarav nd Ankita came there..

Aarav: papa..

Shyam: Arrey..what u doin here? See there ..there was paying area for u..

Ankita: wo hum patha hai..lekin

Shyam: lekin kya?

Aarav: we don’t want to go there..

Shyam kneeled down held their hands nd asked

Shyam: kyun? Does anyone said anything?

Ankita: koey kuch neih kaha..

Shyam: phir baath tho kya hai?

Aarav: Aap..aap aur Mama..

Shyam: arrey..what problem with us?

Ankita: u nd Mama always being sad from the day we were here..

Aarav: haan..Atleast mama was smiling sometimes..but u always be like sitting somewhere nd thinking

Shyam shocked by their detective work..

Ankita: haan..kyun Papa..u r happy in this tour? Do u have any important work in our place?

Aarav: if so tell us na papa..it was not good to see ur face like this..

Shyam eyes had tears by seeing his children’s Love..he wiped his tears nd kissed them..

Aarav:Aap ro raha ho? Lekin kyun?

Ankita: Sorry if we said anything wrong..

Aarav:Haan Sorry papa..

Ankita £ Aarav: lekin sach mein hume accha neih laga..when seeing u like this..

Shyam: neih neih ..kuch neih..its just work tension..tu dhono koey galat neih kiya..u both correct..lekin papa hereafter will never be like this..i will be happy till i saw my cute babies..

Anjali came there..

Anjali: Shyam ji aap muje bhool gayi..

Shyam turned nd smiled

Shyam: how can i? U all my world..i love u all ..he hugged all of them

Nd they all went for Playing area..

Aakash Room

N.k: i am really happy to have this family..its all just becoz of u Payal..

Payal: nothing like that..u have changed ..becoz of that all good things happening to u..

Aakash: correct..nd u gave us very big Happiness..Ankita..if u r not thought to escape with Ankita..i can’t even think what will happen to her..Shyam bhaiya..his hope.. he was very sure that day he will find her daughter..its all just becoz of u..

He hugged him..

N.k: aur Aakash i saw that Vishwa..kuch der ki pehle..
He was talking with someone..saying this was very big chance for us..use them before they leaving here..
Something was in his mind..

Aakash: hmm..lets find it..Arnav don’t like that Malathy nd Vishwa..they was upto something..

To be continue..

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