I am always there 4 u… I don’t need anyone.. Part 58

Malathy: Vishwa we need to execute our plan..

Vishwa : fine..but what was the plan?

Malathy : the plan is we should..that means Anjali should go to jail..nd i should be here..so we should plan something .

Vishwa: idea was good but..if this happens,,then u should be with that north indians..nd what about ur dad..

Malathy: hello..who said i will be with them forever..yes i will be with them for some days..then i will escape from them..then only u , me, nd our money..so first we need to change the properties from my dad..then Anjali had to go jail..then we rule this world

Vishwa nd Malathy smiled ???????????????

Scene shifted to Shanmugam Bungalow

Sumathi: today is our daughter Birthday..but how she behaving with us..why she had gone like this?

Shanmugam: everything was decided by God..we can’t do anything..if she wants Money more than us..we will give her..but only her nd my share..don’t worry sumathi i won’t give ur share..i promised u ..that i will keep u happy till my last breathe

Sumathi: to be with u is only my happiness..not this money..nd give everything to her..afterall she is our blood..anyway we going to give all this to her..its just she asked before that..thought about this…we was so happy..wen she born..even doctor said that we can’t save our child in delivery..she born without any critical condition..we give all our love..so pls give her wat she ask..maybe by seeing this she will comeback like our daughter..

By hearing these words..Malathy birth..Shanmugam face became red..Eyes filled with tears..

Flashback came into his eyes..

He nd his Friends were sitting in bench..

Sumathy was nine month pregnant..she faked a smile ..there was another lady with her..she too seems like pregnant..

Shanmugam was very sad..saying something with tears..

Sumathy saying with half smile..
I am sure my baby will be alright..nothing will happen..

Suddenly glass felt down
Flashback end

Shanmugam saw her wife Face..
She was having Malathy photo in her hand..she kissed her..

To be continue…

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    1. Farie

      Thank u ☺☺☺

  1. Awesome update year.. did shanmugam intentionally give anjali to others..? Or by mistake exchanged.. such cunning that malathy is.. hope there place fails

    1. Farie

      Thank u dear☺☺ ur guessing little bit correct?wait for upcoming episodes ??

  2. Farie

    Episode 60 will be on Monday

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