I am always there 4 u… I don’t need anyone.. Part 57

Anjali: its nice to meet u..

Malathy: me too..nd this is my small treat..

She offered a small box with chocolates

Anjali: what’s this?

Malathy: Actually today was my birthday..usually i won’t celebrate it ..but when Vishwa said me that there is another person like me..it was a very big surprise gift for me..so i thought to give something ..to start our relationship with sweet..

Anjali: that’s sweet..

Khushi: u both looking like twins..

Payal: haan..only outfit was different..

Aarav: tho ..there is two Anjali maa..

Ankita: Pagal..this is our only Anjali Maa..that one is Malathy ..

Anjali: Malathy Aunty..

Ankita: haan..Malathy Aunty

Arnav: whatever ..can u both excuse us ..we going out..

Anjali: Arnav..this is not good..

Arnav: lekin dhi..

Anjali: shh..u come ..we will go later..

Arnav went to balcony..

Anjali signalled Aakash to go for Arnav..

Aakash: oye ..angry man..kya hua?

Arnav: kuch neih..

Aakash : kuch neih ..i don’t think so..what’s going on ur mind?

Arnav: i feel like..something wrong with her..

Aakash : really..don worry bhai.

Arnav: tk chal..

Khushi: Arnie..come dhi calling

Aakash: dhi..or u need him?

Khushi: both..will u leave us alone?

Arnav: Khushi..

Khushi : kya?

Aakash: hmm..love birds are free now am going..

Arnav: aisa kuch neih ..Aakash

Khushi: arrey he giving excuses to leave..actually he misses Payal..

Aakash :exactly..ok bye..

Khushi: Arnie..what’s ur problem? Suddenly u came from there..

Arnav: wo..Malathy..

Khushi: haan..i don’t like her..she focusing only ur dhi..not even speaking to me nd payal..something in her mind..i think

Arnav guessing became stronger..but he doesn’t say a word..

Arnav: ok relax..will go there..

He kissed her in cheeks..when they entered into room..

Malathy went

Shyam: ok lets go,,its getting late..

N.k : come Aarav , Anki..

They went For outing..

Whole day.. Malathy was following them..

She was so sure about one thing no one was noticing her..

To be continue..

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  1. Wow amazing update yaar.. Arnav love his di sooo much.. his care & all I love this bond.. superb yaar..

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    Hey guys..where did u get this..in ipkknd ek jashn or ipkknd3?

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    Or in my previous episode link

    1. We found it in ipkknd ek jashan page

      1. Farie

        Oh ok dear

  4. Very nice update

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