I am always there 4 u… I don’t need anyone.. Part 55

Khushi : bhai..i am searching u everywhere..where did u love birds flew away from us?

Shyam: just a walk khushi..

Khushi : tk..Anjali dhi kahan?

Shyam: see that drameebaaz there..

Khushi: kya? Kahan?

She turn around..
There she saw
Anjali feeding to Arnav
Arnav feeding to Ankita
Ankita feeding to Aarav

Khushi:whats going on here?

Arnav:can’t u see

Khushi:i can see very well..but can’t u all eat by urself..its ok for Ankita nd Aarav..lekin Arnie u married ..y u disturbing dhi..

Arnav:nothing like that..dhi koe problem hai aapko?

Anjali:Not at all.. i love to do ..dear

Arnav:suna tumne..

Aakash: khushi …nothing to do with these love birds..

Everyone smiles..

N.k: get ready soon guys..we have to go for shopping na?

Anjali:haan…jaldi jaldi..

Anjali dragged Ankita nd Aarav to get ready

Someone knocks the door..

Shyam : i will see..

Shyam opens the door..nd irritated..

Shyam:tu..tu phir aagayi..what do u want?

Arnav nd Aakash came there..

Khushi, Payal tries to see who was in entrance

Vishwa: sorry bro..i don’t know hindi..can we speak in english..

Shyam: nothing to speak ..u can go

Arnav:koune jiju?

Arnav saw Vishwa..he smiled..Arnav didn’t returned smiled back..

Aakash :who are you man?

Vishwa: i am vishwa..i saw ur brother nd his wife out..so..

Shyam:so ..u following us..

Vishwa: No bro..just i need to say sorry



Shyam:i mean why?

Vishwa:actually mistake was mine..ur wife looks exactly like my Girl friend..that’s why ..


Vishwa: yes..her name was Malathy..now she was with me..i said about that incident to her., she wants to See that lady,.will u pls?

Arnav:kahan hai tumara..

Aakash:kya bhai…english mein bolo

Arnav:haan..where is ur gf?


Malathy came there..

Everyone was like???

She was exactly like Anjali..only difference she was in western outfit white shirt nd blue shorts..with coloured hair..

Aakash murmured to Arnav

Aakash: Dhi prefers only sari na?

Khushi: what’s happening here?

Khushi shocked to see Malathy..

Khushi:Arnie ..ye hamari dhi neih na..

Payal: dhi tho ander hai..ye koun hai?

Aakash: ye Malathy..Anjali dhi neih..

Malathy:hi ..Iam malathy..Actually i am so excited when Vishwa says that he saw one lady who resembles exactly me..can i come in?

Payal : haan..aayiyena…

Malathy: what?

Aakash: they don’t understand..

Malathy:i don’t know hindi..i am Tamil..can i come in?


Malathy nd Vishwa entered room..

Malathy eagerly searched for Anjali

Malathy:can i see her? What was her name?

Shyam :Anjali..wait i will call her..
Anjali someone is waiting for u..come here..

Anjali came there nd shocked to see her

As well as Malathy..

They saw each other..only difference is their outfit, hair..

Anjali:who are you? Aur..tu ..tu wahi hena..(she pointed Vishwa)

Shyam:they don’t know hindi Anjali..yes he was that..nd that is Malathy..he too confused when he saw u in that place…then he came to know that u both look same..

Malathy: i can’t believe this..how can this possible..my face , my height..oh my god..

Anjali smiled with little bit confusion..

Everyone also in confusion but they too smiled..

To be continue..

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  1. Arni

    Nice amazing lovely ?

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      Thank u dear

  2. Hey farie.. I was checking daily for our updates on ipkknd ek jashan page.. but found none.. all these are uploaded in ipkknd 3 page .. even sanu & priya were asking.. finally found them today..

    Read all updates now.. wow.. it’s superb yaar.. loved all updates

    1. Farie

      Really sorry for this inconvenience..but am upadating in the same page which i used to before..ok,fine dears ..hereafter i will comment link for upcoming episodes in previous episode comment box..once i uploaded..nd i will post next #ipkknd #ff on tuesday

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      2. And Sanu was like going crazy.. not finding u updating.. I’ve messaged her she might comment soon

  3. Hi farie.. thank God.. & thank anni.. she found ur ff.. I was waiting so eagerly.. All parts are mind blowing loved this evil twin track.. now Anjali will get her parents.. love you too.. keep writing.. and ask tellyupdates to shift story to our original ipkknd page

    1. Farie

      Thank u so much guys for this much love..love u all..suddenly i don’t how that changed..but really missed all ur conments …these 4 episodes..but now so much happy..i will sort this soon dears…????

  4. Farie


    Above there is a link for episode 57

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