I am always there 4 u… I don’t need anyone.. Part 54

Scene shifted to Bungalow

50 aged man was standing in Balcony..

He enjoying the climate..with his wife..

Shanmugam: Sumathi..get me a tea..its really nice to this climate

Sumathi: ok..but without sugar..

Shanmugam: no..that will spoil my tea..

Sumathi smiled by her husband’s behaviour..nd went

Shanmugam was business tycoon in kodaikanal before 3 years..not only that buy he was number one buisness man in south..

He was very famous..in his family he, his wife nd one daughter..

Shanmugam nd Sumathi brought their daughter with love nd money..

But their daughter loves only their money not their love..

She thought that her parents was controlling her..she needs freedom nd money in her hand

She loved Vishwa..he loves her back..he was poor..he loves her money too

One day Shanmugam came to know about this..he said that he should work hard to marry his daughter..

But Malathy nd Vishwa doesn’t like that idea..

So she escaped with lots of money with Vishwa..

Soon she spend all her money with him..

Again she came to them..they forgave her ..Afterall she was their one nd only daughter..

She was not changed..she came just becoz of their money..

Vishwa triggered her if she change all properties to her name..there is no need of their parents..

But Shanmugam came to know about this plan somehow..

He ordered Malathy to get out from his house..He was really angry that her daughter needs money more than them..

That’s why he decided to change her..but she never..

He was tired..one day she came to her house..nd threatened her father, if he didn’t change their properties in name of her..she said that she will kill her mom..

Shanmugam was shocked,.he loved her wife so much..eventhough he don’t believe in god..he thought that Sumathy was his luck..not only for this..but Sumathy was with him in every cycle of his life..happiness, sad, profit, loss.. she motivates him to next,,she never make him to stop at moment..

Atlast he said that he will inform him after discussing to his advocate..

Then she went..after that meeting..

But then malathy did a some illegal buisness with Vishwa..Vishwa start that business in name of Malathy.so that he can escape..so she caught by police..but she somehow she escaped from them..

Now Malathy was here to change his Father’s properties to her..nd going to settle in abroad.. Vishwa helping Malathy to escape from police..


Malathy entered her bungalow with vishwa

She saw that her parents in balcony nd went there..

Malathy:Vishwa see..my parents were like newly married couple

Vishwa:yes..i agree

Shanmugam was very anger by seeing them

Sumathy held his hand nd controlled him

Malathy:wow Mom ..Dad can catch ur feelings..what that said in tamil..kan asaivu..vishwa say it..

Vishwa:kan asaivai vaithu purinthu koluthal..(understanding with her eyes)

Malathy:hmm..super…there is wonderful chemistry..

Shanmugam:shut up,.shame on you..u are just…leave it why u came here now?

Malathy:i don’t want ur appreciation..u know exactly that why am here..nd i don’t want to see ur stupid..

Sumathy:Malathy..watch ur tongue..

Malathy:sure..but before that..ask ur husband to do what i said..

Shanmugam: i know that..nd i did

Malathy nd Vishwa was so happy to hear this..

Shanmugam: but..


Shanmugam: it will take 5 days..come on Friday..i will finish ur deal

Malathy:wow..thank u ..thank u so much da..

Shanmugam:no..ur not my Malathy..u r someone who was going only for money..don’t ever say me Dad..

Malathy:ok Mr.Shanmugam..see you on Friday..

Shanmugam:nd one more thing,. Don’t come to us before that..i don’t want to see even ur face..

Malathy didn’t care about that words..her mind was now full of money, her money…

To be continue..

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