I am always there 4 u… I don’t need anyone.. Part 53

Next day Morning

Everyone was sleeping in Shyam nd Anjali Room

Anjali nd Shyam awake

They saw them nd smiled..

Anjali came with coffee in Balcony..

Shyam: Happy Birthday darlin

Anjali : Thank u..

Shyam: u know something .we are not having only two child..see there..

Anjali:haan..sahi kaha aapne..
Can we go for a walk?


They held each other..nd walked by enjoying nature..

It was very cold..sun rises just before..birds were singing everywhere..

Anjali:nice na?

Shyam:hmm..its really very far from our place..actually i forgot my problem..somehow i sensing that i can solve this easily..i don’t even know why i was feeling like these..

Anjali: don’t worry ji..i said na we will handle..

Someone was shouting behind them..

Man: oye Malathy..what u doing here? I said u na..don’t..wait a second..why u like this? In sari?

Anjali confused..

Shyam:oye..koune tum? Ye koe malathy neih hai..

Man:ena pesura?enaku onu purila.. Malathy ithu yaru..(what language u speakin? I don’t understand anything..nd Malathy who is dis)

Anjali:huh? What language u speaking?

Man:hello..why don’t u know tamil? Maybe u settled in North India..but u born in Tamilnadu..its too much Malathy

Anjali:excuse me..i am not Malathy..nd my name is Anjali..i born in North India..Delhi mein..u was confused..just get out of here

Man: what?

Shyam:yes..now pls can u go?

Man: No no wait..Malathy don’t play..we had no time for this..we should do something..otherwise all ur prop..

He got a call from someone..
He was shocked..he saw Anjali again..nd phone..

Man:Hello Malathy?

Malathy:Vishwa engada pona? (Where the hell are you Vishwa?)

Vishwa:Malathy ne enga iruka?(where are you Malathy?)

Malathy:i am there..where u said to me..just come here..otherwise..

Vishwa:Malathy don’t play drama..

Malathy: Vishwa i said come..that’s it..

Phone disconnected

Vishwa was confused..

En munadi than iruka..aana phone la avala mathiri pesuranga..apo ithu Malathy ilaya(she is right here..but who was speaking in phone..like her..)

Vishwa:ne Malathy..see u are Malathy?

Anjali:ji haan..Mae Anjali hoon..


Shyam:ji..pls we need to leave..come Anjali lets go,.

They left ..leaving him in confused state..

Vishwa:nejama..ithu Malathy ilaya..avala mathiriye iruka..(really..this is not Malathy? But she was exactly like Malathy)

He got a msg from Malathy..he saw that girl going infront of him.

Msg from Malathy

Vishwa..iam really irritated..come soon..

Vishwa:maybe she was someone..hurry up..otherwise u know what she will do to u..

Vishwa came there..

Malathy:where the hell are you? U know that am really in very danger situation..nd u also know that i can’t be here for long time..i need some safe place..but u..

Vishwa:Malathi i saw exactly one lady like u..

Malathy:what? Don’t irritate me Vishva..i am already..

Vishwa:no i am not…she was like exactly u..if u was in saree..then even i can’t identify u..

Malathy:whatever..i am not interested about her..wait a minute..does she resembles me exactly

Vishwa:exactly..what ? Don’t say that u r planning like..

Malathy smiled..in that smile we can understand how evil she was.

Vishwa understood her..After all she was with her from very long time..

Malathy:sounds like a plan?

To be continue…

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