I am always there 4 u.. I dont need anyone (Intro)

Intro for anjali
She was grown up in aashram. Her family met with an accident, when she was young.She lost her parents Nd her younger Brother.Now she is 21 and joined as teacher in school. She came out from aashram to be independent and stayed in her friend’s apartment.She is Kind and affectionate to all.

Intro for arnav
He is the only child for his parents.His parents were big buisness tycoons.They had no time to take care of their child.They appointed maid to take care of him Ambuja amma.Now he was 17.He was talented student,good at chess.He had many friends but they were with him bcoz of his money.He was broken that der is no one for him to take care.And he fixed in his mind there is true relationship, love, friends, money is the only thing we can buy anything.

To be continue..

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  1. Farie

    comment me guys if i should continue dis..

  2. Hey intro is nice pls do continue.. Is it anjali arnav based story.. Such stories are rare but very nice.. Do continue

    1. Farie

      Yes dis story fully based on arnav and anjali cute relationship

  3. Farie

    Sorry for replying late..i had some error

  4. this ff is wonderful farie . update daily if u can .

    1. and ya , Anjali’s long lost bro is Arnav right , thank u so much for such a wonderful ff .

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