I am always there 4 u.. I dont need anyone episode 9

Arnav: I didn’t..
Anjali: Hello.. don’t u see the address properly? Its mine.
Delivery boy: Oh! Sorry Mam..Just confused with door number.
Anjali:He doesn’t know how to take care of this.
Anjali:(smirked)Nothing..Give it to me..Thanks
Arnav shut the door angrily.
Akash and Anjali see each other and signaled victory symbol.
Anjali:(saying loudly) Hello…(she wanted arnav to come outside, but he doesn’t came..she shouted loudly)HELLOO(Arnav opened the door)Puppy..I am Anjali..U are so cute..i realised now that you want some support i mean love, care..so from now onwards..i will take care you..i will show you the love of this world..then you will forget all ur pain..
Arnav:(shocked)What are you saying?

Anjali:What did i say? i am speaking with my puppy.. u hearing our conversation..don’t you shame?
Arnav:What the?
He again Shut the door.Akash came outside..
Akash:Really superb dhi..I saw his eyes, when u spoke..his eyes smiled..and i am 100 percent sure..he will be happiest man in the world..Sorry Happiest Brother..So next what?
Anjali:Till now no idea..Will see what to do next..
Akash: Bye dhi..will see tomorrow.
Anjali:Bye..Arnav I will be there for you forever..just give me one chance to show you the beautiful life..

In Arnav’s Flat
Arnav:Did she said about me? will she give me her support, happiness of my life. will be my life happy..will my pain fade away.(he shut his eyes)
Arnav opened his eyes there is no one.He opened the door.Puppy lick his legs..
Arnav:Hey..Sweetie..What are you doing here?Where is Anjali dhi..(he shocked as he said Anjali dhi)..Whatever..how careless..she always says that i am careless..but now don’t know where she was? left this alone..UFFF..okie now we find her..come lets go.
Anjali saw all these behind the door. And came before him.
Arnav: Here..always says i am careless, irresponsible..now see..who was like that..So think before you speak..And dont let this alone..Careful.

Anjali:Will definitely never let you alone..
Anjali:I mean..this..u know what i want to name this puppy..will u suggest me?
Arnav: Hmmm..Toughy.
Anjali:Nice..Wow ur brain also working.
Arnav:Its better than ur brain..(smiled)
Arnav:For this name.
Anjali:No for ur smile.
They both smiled.

To be continue…

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