I am always there 4 u.. I dont need anyone episode 7

Sujatha:Shyam ..can’t you hear?
Anjali:Haan..But..kuch neih..Ok will call u later.
(Anjali cut the phone)
Anjali:Shyam..but he doesn’t say anything..
Shyam:Because u was busy thinking about something.
Anjali:Oh..Sorry Mr.Shyam..Maa told me everything only now..Actually i am not ready for marriage..I mean..
Shyam:Miss.Anjali..I had same feeling..like am not ready for this.

Shyam:Will be Friends first..lets see how its working..
Anjali:Okie Fine..
They both shake hands declaring their friendship..

One Fine Sunday
Anjali checked her facebook..she shocked..Someone uploaded video the boy saving puppy on that day..there is no clear view for the boy..Then there was sound from corridor..she recognised it was from Arnav..However she had some soft corner for him..she doesn’t know how to say what tis..she went there and see.
Arnav:Hold it and go Amma.
Ambuja:No beta..
Arnav went inside and locked the door.Anjali went to Ambuja amma.
Anjali:Leave it amma..you know that he was always like that..No love, affection. respect for elders..only money money..

Ambuja:Not like that beta..He is good..Actually he give this to me and said take leave..take care of my grandchild..he doesn’t want my grandson to lack my care like him..
Anjali:What?Is he like that?I mean he feel these love, care..
Ambuja:beta..he waited for long time..he didn’t got his love,care,..from his parents..there is no one for him to share his feelings..so he fixed if he get close to someone they will go far away from him..but there was too much of love in his heart..jst there is no one to give..i tried my best to make him to come out..but nothing happened..he had pure heart..just we should try to see his heart..he can do anything for whom he loved..
Anjali Surprised

To be continue

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  1. very nice episode farie , now Anjali knows about Arnav great . pls make it a little long

    1. Farie

      Thank uu..yeah trying to improve myself..keep supporting

    2. Farie

      Sorry guys i cant post my novel for next one week..becoz of my work..will try to post next episode soon..once again thank u for ur supports

      1. its ok dear , post it whenever u can but make it a lil long .

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