I am always there 4 u.. I dont need anyone episode 6


Arnav friend Akash waited for him on the entrance.
Akash: Hey..Who is that?
Arnav:My New Lecturer.
Arnav:Ufff..She was in my apartment..My car was punctured..so she dropped me..Is there any questions..
Akash:Cool dude..u both look like brother nd sister..just asked.
Arnav:She..Sister.. for me..never..
Akash:Okie..Lets go
Arnav:What about project?
Akash:Yeah..almost finished..did u finished presentation?
Arnav:No..will finish tomorrow.Hey u had sister na?
Arnav:Will she play with you?
Aakash:Haan..we both paly together..she never sleep without seeing me..and..wait wait..u asking all these..From when u thinking about love, care..
Arnav turned eyes turned red.
Aakash:Just kidding.
Arnav:Okie..lets go.
Class started..Arnav was thinking about Anjali..her story..how she felt for her brother, family..
Arnav:Is there real love, care, affection in dis world..Y should i not have sister like this.
Everyone smiled because of Arnav.
Arnav:Sss..Sorry Mam.
Arnav walked on the corridor without any thought.
Arnav:(Why should i think about her.I know that there is no value for anything but money)AWWW..
Girl:Sorry bhaiya..
Arnav:Thats okie..Sorry…(He collect the notebook and gave it to the girl)
Girl:Thank u bhaiya(she kissed him in cheeks)
Arnav smiled..

On Anjali school
Anjali:Is this boy behave this way from his childhood.
Anjali:Oh sorry.. just thinking .hmm..i didn’t saw you yesterday..
Teacher:Oh i took leave..Some personal issue.
Teacher:By the way..Iam Shyam..Maths Teacher.
Anjali:I am Anjali..nice to meeting you.
Shyam:Is there any problem?
Anjali:Nothing..just thinking useless.
Shyam:Ok ..have to go..see you later.
Anjali phone rangs.Call from Sujatha ma (Aashram).
Sujatha:Hello..how are you beta?
Anjali:Maa..we spoke yesterday na..i am still fine as yesterday..
Sujatha:Haan..i know it..Did u see him.
Anjali:Who? oh that boy arnav..did you know maa..
Sujatha:Arey bas bas..not him..i am speaking about the guy i found for your Life..
Sujatha:Matlab..your Life partner.
Anjali:UFFF..i said already no marriage now..i want to..
Sujatha:Haan Haan..i know..just listen..the groom working in the school you working..i said about you to him and his parents..he said that he also needed some time..Then he said he will meet you..Did he?
Anjali:I don meet anyone like that.Hmmm..what was his name?

To be continue…

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