I am always there 4 u.. I don’t need anyone.. episode 51

After one year

Happy family.,
Everyone loves each other..

But sometimes Arnav feels that Anjali nd Shyam hiding something from him..

He tried in many ways ..but he can’t find..

One fine morning

Shyam was in balcony..he was so upset..

Anjali came there..nd patted his shoulder

Anjali:don’t worry ji..everything will get alright..

Shyam:hope so,.listen..don’t tell this anyone,.we can’t ruin their happiness..we will find some way..


Khushi came with closed eyes..

Khushi: bhaiya..i don’t see anything..but pls pause ur romance for sometimes..Ankita Nd Aarva were here..

Shyam nd Anjali blushed .

Anjali:khushi..tu bhi na..

Arnav:haan dhi..u must control..see Ankita nd Aarav still in closed eyes..

Shyam:Arnav..we are not newly married..

Arnav:exactly..but u two..


She held his ears,.

Arnav :ouch..dhi sorry..

Aarav: mumma..aaj sunday ..can we go somewhere?

Ankita:haan mumma..its too boring for us..one side u two romancing..otherside they both romancing..what can we do,.

Everyone blushed

Aakash:achha ..very bad dhi..

Arnav:aagaya…Romance ka guru..

Aakash:not only that,.nd also Aarav Anki ka favourite

Aarav: Aakash bhaiya..aap kuch karo na

Ankita:Aaksh bhaiya..can we go outside,,

Payal:we came for that..i saw one Ad..tour package for five days..can we all go

Aarav £ Ankita:wow

Shyam worried nd saw Anjali..

Anjali:but..how much?

Arnav:dhi..why u asking that..its me nd Aaksh treat for our marriage..

Aakash:haan..we will see everything..u nd shyam bhaiya..just enjoy the tour..

Khushi:so when are we going?

Aakash:in two days..

Ankita:Aarav chal..we do our planning..

Aarav:tk chal dhi..

Payal:they got busy now..

Everyone smiled..

Khushi:tk..i will make breakfast..u both go after eating..

Arnav:very bad idea..


Arnav:kuch neih darlin..come let me help you..

Aakash:wow..wat a perfect husband? Teach me too na..

Payal pinch him


Everyone laughed nd went inside..

Anjali: Shyam ji..kya karu?

Shyam:will see..no one should know anything..we will handle..

Arnav called them from inside..

Shyam:haan coming…

To be continue…

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  1. Awesome update yaar.. Loved all their cute romance.. But what’s bothering Anjali shyam? Any financial crisis?

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