I am always there 4 u.. I don’t need anyone.. episode 50

Vikram remembers the words which was said by Arnav..

Arnav really wanted the child..he was so adament about adopting in short period..

But i saw a love, care, affection in his eyes..i can’t see any wrong with him..i felt like he was longing for some love..becoz i know him ..first he lost his Parent’s love becoz of that money..nd becoz of his parent’s he lost his dhi..so i was damn sure he will took care this child with all of his love..

But now how can,i say him..the original parents was searching the child..how can i separate him..

Vikram :Sir ian really sorry..i know its illegal..but at that time no one came for that child..not even ad in a single newspaper..now where they came from..nd how u think that he will give his child..after all this long time..she was the world for him..i can’t do this to him..i can’t

Nikhil:see..i know its too late..but the child’s father was in the state..
That he can’t take any step openly..becoz his wife was in critical condition..but now everything was ok..

Vikram:but sir..what about him? Arnav? Even that child,.in child mind it was fixed..that Arnav was her father..how can she change that suddenly..u collapsing everything inspector..

Nikhil:its order Mr.Vikram..u nd that Arnav must give that child immediately to her Parents..i will give u his number..i called him already..but he disconnected..so u call him now,,nd ask him to come India..we will sort it out ..

Nikhil forced Vikram to call Arnav

He dialled..ringing..no response..

Nikhil tried another number..someone attended..

The person says..that he vacated to India permanently..but he doesn’t know any details about Indian number..or address..

Nikhil :i will find him definitely ..

Vikram was happy for now..

Scene shifted to Anjali House..

Everyone was in the hall waiting for Arnav nd Anjali

They came..

Shyam:Anjali kya hua? Is everything ok?

Ankita:Arnie what happened ?

Arnav:dhi ..not saying a word..

Khushi:dhi kuch bolona..

Aakash:haan dhi..we always said that Arnav will be back in one day..see he came for u

Aarav:Mumma kuch bolona..

Anjali went from there..she went to her room..slammed the door

Aakash:bohut gussa hai bhai .

Shyam: i will speak to her ..

Ankita £ Aarav: we will also come..


Khushi:neih neih..aap log chaliye..we will stay here..

They went..

Aakash :pat khushi..

Khushi :lets give her some space..Aakash..see ur friend face ..now cool him..

Aakash :arrey bhai..sab teek hoga ..

Arnav:neih..she didn’t say a single word to me..

In room
Ankita :Anjali mumma..sorry for hiding this..but we had no other way..see u was still angry..pls kuch bolona..

Aarav:mumma Arnav uncle was too good..pls speak with him na..

Shyam kneeled before her.. hold her hand,.nd says

Shyam:Anjali why was u behaving like a child? I know u still love him..that’s u named our child Aarav ..in memory of Arnav..henna? Now u know that he ran becoz of his Parents …

Anjali:i was very happy ji..i forgave him..but still i want him to realise..that running from the situation was not correct..he must handle yhe situation ..

She saw Ankita nd Aarav

Ankita:don worry,,we will alright by today..smile now..

Someone knock the door

Shyam open the door..he smiled becoz of those three..

Aakash dressed up like a clown..Arnav held bread in plate with smiley ketchup..Khushi held a sorry board in her hand..

They stood with a worried face..but it was cute..

Ankita Aarva nd Shyam laughed at them..

Anjali controlled hers..

Aakash:dhi Don punish him this much..

Khushi:haan dhi..kuch bolona..

Arnav went near to Anjali
Arnav:dhi i am sorr,.

Anjali slapped her..

Everyone got shocked..

Arnav:dhi so,.

Again she slapped.


Again slapped..

Anjali:this is ur last warning..Arnav Singh Raizada..don’t try to think to run..

Arnav:sorry dhi..

He hugged her..

Anjali held his ear

Arnav:ouch..dhi ..dhi,.chodo na..its paining,.

Anjali smiled..nd says

Anjali: Arnav i love you..don’t ran from me..i can’t

Arnav:neih dhi..we will be together..

Everyone smiles..

Aakash:so next..

Khushi:haan next?

Shyam:next kya..kuch neih

Khushi £ Aakash :arrey u all forgot?


Arnav blushed..

Ankita £ Aarav: we will say,.next Arnav aur khushi, Aaksh aur Payal ka marriage .


After some days..
Khushi parents, Aakash parents, Anjali Shyam, Payal were meeting to fix the marriage..

Khushi Arnav Ankita were in one car going to the meeting..

Shyam got a call from Nikhil..Nikhil ask him to come to some place..

Shyam:what happen?

Nikhil says that N.k saw the man to whom he gave..


Shyam explained to Anjali..what Nikhil says..

Shyam drove to the place..

They reached there…

N.k:bhaiya..yahi ye wo,,wait i will check nd come..

N.k goes there..

N.k :khushi ji aap..what u doin with him?

Arnav:tu wahi hai na..u gave Ankita to me..what u doin here? Khushi how u know him?

Ankita jerked,


Arnav: kuch darlin..

Khushi:wo..he was our staff..nd what did u say?

N.k:khushi how u know him..u know what..i gave ur bother’s child to him..

Arnav:kya ..jiju ka

Khushi:haan..Anjali dhi gave birth to twins.,but the girl child was too weak,.so doctors kept her in observation..but someone kidnapped him..nd

Arnav:wait..Dhi ka beti mera saath..


N.k:u all know together?

Ankita:pls anyone say what was happening here..

Shyam nd Anjali reached there where N.k was,.but they shocked to see Arnav..

Nikhil:N.k where was him?

N,k pointed Arnav..


Shyam:what..tho Meri Ankita..

Shyam saw Ankita..everyone was shocked,,they don’t know what to speak,

Shyam hugged her..
Shyam: i somehow felt..that u was my Daughter..but…

Nikhil:Shyam..u know them..

Shyam: Anjali brother..

Nikhil:kya..but where did he itni saal?

Shyam explained everything..

Anjali came near Ankita..nd kissed her..nd hugged Arnav..

Anjali:my daughter was with you..i was so happy Arnav..

Shyam:but Nikhil u said the Name was Adhvay singh raizada..na?

Nikhil:that was mistake..

Khushi:ye kehate hai..relationships never break just becoz of our anger,.

Aakash:haan..How much twist hai yaar..aap log kahani mein..
Nd N.k thanks to u..you nd Nikhil played a superb role..

Nikhil:thats my duty bro..

N.k:this is my duty too..i need to give my best to you all,.

Aarav:aap sach mein meri behan ho?

Everyone: haan

Aarav:sach..tho we will be together forever?


Ankita was crying again nd again..

Shyam:why u crying dear?

Arnav:rone dho jiju..she was so scared when we got to know that her real parents was searching her..but now..

Ankita hugged Arnav..

Arnav:darlin..i said to u..na..i will be forever with u..see..now..we will be forever…

Anjali £ Shyam: darlin don’t worry..u will be withu ur Arnie forever..now smile..

Ankita smiled..not only Ankita..everyone smiled…

After two months..

Arnav £ khushi..Aaksh £ Payal got married…

Shyam nd Anjali was so happy with their Ankita nd Aarav..

To be continue..

Note: another leap in next episode..i will post it on Friday

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