I am always there 4 u.. I dont need anyone episode 5

Next morning
Anjali and Arnav both were ready for school..On seeing Anjali, Arnav throw the coke tin on the ground and smirked..Anjali got angry but controlled..

On parking
Arnav:Driver..lets go.
Arnav:What..I said lets go.
Driver:Car punctured.
Arnav:What the..Don’t u check it early?
Driver:Sorry sir.
by seeing this Anjali smiled.
Arnav:book a cab.
Driver:Sir its already late for you..
Arnav:What the..
Anjali:May i drop you..by the way your school is on my way..
Arnav:No need..

He checked the watch..Anjali kick her scooty..Arnav shouted
Anjali:( smiled )What?don’t waste my time..otherwise i will get late.
Arnav:Drop me in my school.
Anjali:You ordrering me.
Arnav:I will pay you.
Anjali:i don’t need money.Bye
Arnav:Stop.(he punches his hand on car) and wait..please drop me..
Anjali smiled
Arnav seated on back..Anjali started to drive..
Anjali:So, how was ur studies?
Anjali:R u only son?
Anjali:Whats ur hobbies?
Anjali:don’t u know to speak in sentences..
Arnav:will u please shut up and drive.
Anjali stopped
Anjali:what? this is my scooty and iam helping you..is dis the way to speak with me..If u want me to drop..u should answer all my questions..otherwise you may go.
Arnav checked his watch.

Anjali smiled.She started to drive..They reachedTraffic Signal..One car was stopped near her..there was small girl played with her mom..Arnav turn his face by seeing that..Anjali saw this on mirror..and saw that girl..she smiled..
Girl:Why ur brother was angry..
Anjali:No he was not my brother..my brother will never be like him.
Girl:oh..I thought u was his sister..bhaiya why are you so angry..got low marks ah?
Anjali:(smiled)he don’t know to speak.
(then saw him, he fired in angry)..OOPS..okie bye sweety..(green signal)
Arnav: so u have brother?
Anjali:yes, but not now..My family met with an accident wen i was 13.
Anjali:Thats ok..He was cute, sweet..(tears came from her eyes..Arnav saw that..she quickly wiped it and stopped)Here you go.
Arnav:How much?
Anjali:What..i said don’t need ur money
Arnav:Ok fine.
Anjali:Hey..What about my charge.
Arnav:What the..? you said you don’t need..
Anjali:Wait..My charge means..say Thank you.
Anjali:Haan..Thank you..I will never leave u until you say.
Arnav:Fine..THANK YOU..Happy?
Anjali:(smiled) bye..

To be continue..

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