I am always there 4 u.. I don’t need anyone.. episode 49

Arnav nd Ankita arrived India.
Arnav strictly said to her ..that she shouldn’t reveal anything about the call to anyone..

Arnav:darlin be normal..no one will take u from me

Ankita:but Arnie.,i can’t ..

Arnav:u r my daughter..we going to live a beautiful life here with our family..just think about that..nd if somethings bother..let me know..i will sort it out..just trust ur Arnie darlin..i won’t leave u..

Ankita kissed him

Ankita:i love you Arnie..i won’t be sad anymore..come let’s go..

Arnav:that’s my girl..

Ankita reached house..

Anjali nd Shyam welcomed her..

Shyam:Ankita y u so sad? Is everything ok?

Ankita:wo kuch neih papa..(she realised that Arnav said not to say anyone anything)..

Anjali:Arya kahan?

Ankita:he was in temple..he wants u to meet in temple..

Anjali:kya suspense?

Shyam understood the situation..

Shyam:Arrey just go na,.u want that suspense to end na? So just go nd end it,,

Anjali:ok ji..come let’s go..

Shyam:neih neih..its only u nd ur brother..

Anjali was so confused..

Anjali:whatever..tk bye

Anjali reached temple..she searched for Arya..but there was no one..

She dialled Arya number in her phone..


Anjali:Arya kahan hai tu..why don’t you come to house?

Arnav:dhi mae Arya neih hoon..

Anjali:kya? Kya Arya neih hoon..

Arnav:haan dhi..mae Arya neih

Anjali:Arya don’t play like this..just come in front of me..

Arnav disconnected the call..

Anjali begun upset..

Suddenly someone come infront of her..she recognise that face..she saw him in as younger..the same eyes, nose..

She recognised ..its Arnav..

Arnav called her again..

Anjali saw him doing something in phone..

Anjali got a ring from Arya number..

Arnav signalled him to attend..

She attended..


Arnav:dhi..iam sorry

Anjali understood now.,that Arya is her brother Arnav..her feelings was right …Arya was none other than his brother..she was in shock,.she can’t take her eyes..his brother..the one she waited for …

Arnav:dhi..kuch bolona..i am sorry …i don’t want to hurt you..cheat you,,but i don’t have another way..i know was in anger with me..that’s why ..i hide my identity from..that am Arnav ..ur Arnav..dhi u know ..my parents arranged some rowdies to kill u..i don’t know what to do,,i had a fought with them..they convinced me in someway..but i don’t believe them..so that i said to him.,i will be with them forever..nd never see u again..but dhi i promise..i don’t want to betray..i don’t want to go with money,.but i want to save you..i had no other option..dhi,.

Anjali didn’t say a single word..she just listening his words carefully,,she just staring..all her anger was with her..

Arnav: dhi pls..don be like thus..kuch bolona dhi..pls..

Scene shifted to Nikhil

Nikhil:hello sir..i just need some information from u..am from police department


Nikhil:u was incharge for this Ashram before 4 years right?

Vikram:yes i was..

Nikhil:so i need to know about one person..who came to u with one child..nd he wants to adopt her as soon as possible..listen this was my assumption..becoz the person am saying was about to take flight for Australia..but he cancelled nd in two days he went for abroad..with one child..i hope u still remember him..

Vikram(jerked and realised that inspector was with him):
How can u think like that ..i can remember him..there was many..

Nikhil:i know u remember him..becoz its illegal to adopt in short period..there is more formalities..nd now the parents was searching the child..what u going to tell them? So now call him .. i hope u still in contact with him.,

Vikram don’t know what to say..

Scene shifted to Anjali Arnav


Anjali gave a tight slap..

Arnav shocked nd happy

Anjali: ghar chalo

She didn’t speak anything after that

To be continue…

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