I am always there 4 u.. I don’t need anyone.. episode 48


Arnav was so scared for tomorrow..what Anjali will say.,if she forgive him..or.

No..Arnav think positive..u getting all back..everything getting back to like before..so think positive in this too..nd Anjali dhi was not that bad…
Ok lets msg her..

Arnav type text..in new number

Dhi..its me Arnav..

There is no repl from her..

After 30 minutes..he got a call from Anjali,.

He didn’t attend..what if she find him by voice..

Anjali text him

Pick the phone


How can i believe ..this is Arnav

Iam the one who ran away from u

Ok..what do u want now?

Dhi..am sorry for everything..

Don call me dhi..nd don be sorry for unknown

Dhi..don say like that..i love u so much,..i am afraid to lose u,.thats y i ran..

Oh really..u ran becoz..u thought i will run..

No dhi..not..

Stop .u ran for ur money..u thought that my love was not enough for u..thats why u ran..just stop messaging me..

Anjali shouted go Arnav…
She get up from bed..its a dream..

What he really messaged me..

She checked her mobile..nothing..its just a dream

I knew it..i knew Arnav..u won’t but somehow..i felt like..kyun Arnav..why u did this to me..

Arnav had mobile in his hand..with Anjali thoughts ..

Phone rang…Arnav doesn’t listen that..it kept ringing…

Ankita came there..she noticed that phone rings..she saw Arnav was there in some thought .she goes there nd shook Arnav..ringing stopped

Ankita:Arnie what happen? U alright?

Arnav :haan kuch neig darlin..i just thought about dhi..

Ankita:don worry Arnie..Anjali Mumma will definitely forgive u..

Arnav:tk darlin..now come..will eat dinner

He went to kitchen nd came with plate..he begun to feed her..

Again phone rang..

Ankita put that in speaker,.

Hello..is this Arnav Singh Raizada..

Arnav:haan boliye,.

I am Nikhil from India..

Nikhil:i called for some information..r u busy now?

Arnav:neih boliye..

Nikhil:the girl with u was not ur child right? U adopt her before some years..but her original parents was in search of her..could u pls come here..nd clear…

Before he finished..Arnav disconnected the call..nd throw the phone away…

Ankita was in shock..

Ankita:kyun Arnie? Am i not ur daughter?

Arnav:aisa kuch neih darlin..

Ankita:neih..i know everything..i heard everything..what the uncle says..he clearly says,.that am not ur daughter.,

Arnav:aisa kuch bhi neih..u are my daughter..

Ankita:sach..are u going send me to some other,,i want to live with u..live with our family..don’t send me to anyone Arnie pls..i won’t go anywhere..pls..

Arnav:shhh..u r not going anywhere..we will be together..all together..we,dhi, jiju, Aarav..don’t worry..nd just forget about this call..don’t tell this to anyone..i will handle this..stop crying darlin..i will be with u forever,.come lets go to sleep..

He kissed her in forehead..Ankita hugged her..

To be continue..

Shyam:Ankita y u so sad? Is everything ok?

Ankita:wo kuch neih papa..(she realised that Arnav said not to say anyone anything)..

Anjali:Arya kahan?

Ankita:he was in temple..he wants u to meet in temple..

Anjali:kya suspense?

To be continue..

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