I am always there 4 u.. I don’t need anyone.. episode 47

Ankita:miss u all..

Anjali:we too..but i will give heavy punishment for Arya..

Arnav:dhi ..i told u know,,i need to clear all fornalities,,,so then me nd Ankita can be there forever na..

Khushi:phir bhi ..i will give u punishment..

Shyam:haan..future wife missing u so much..

Ankita:same story here papa..Arya can’t able to eat, sleep..Always thinking about her..he forgot me..?

Aarav:haan dhi,. khushi bhi muje bhool gayi..?

Arnav:darlin how can u say that..

At the same time
Khushi:haan..aarav i bought u icecream yesterday na..how can u say that..

Anjali:icecream ?

Aarav:oops..dhi,..its secret …

Ankita:they both gave us bribe yesterday..

Khushi: chup …shhh

Aakash :kya bola..Anki…

Ankita:haan..Arnav nd khushi spoke yesterday itself..they were romancing…they told us to don’t say this to anyone..but khushi …

Shyam:wow..Kya lovers hai..

Anjali:Arya..u will get punishment for this too..

Arnav :dhi..enough

Anjali:aur neih tho kya..wenever i asked u to come in skype..u saying some reasons..network problem etc etc..its been 14 days Arnav ..i am hearing only ur voice..i am sure injuries in ur face got cure..nd now i can see ur face na..

(Arnav nd Ankita was in Australia..they came to clear some formalities..for his office..nd his parent’s properties ..they going tomorrow to India..Finally Arnav going to face his Dhi..)

Arnav: dhi i told u na..there is some network issues here..nd we are coming tomorrow..so u going to see me..i will give one big surprise ..wait for me dhi..

Ankita:haan..Anjali Mumma..its really a shocking surprise for u,,

Everyone says:haan..

Anjali:?u all know that except me..its ok,.i will wait for u both..bye..tc

Payal:dhi ..how could u cut like that..see khushi face becomes dull

Khushi:neih neih ..aise kuch neih..

Arnav blushed..

Ankita:Payal dhi..here his face turning into red..


Ankita:haan haan..take this..iam going..

Anjali:?have this,.go nd speak to him..we won’t hear anything..

Khushi went to room..

Shyam:hmm..so our two brothers going to get married..

Anjali reminds Arnav
(Thinks) does Arnav get married? Kyun Arnav why don’t u come to me..pls come na..


Anjali:ji..haan we should do this grand…

N.k:bilquil..Becoz of u all iam in this good condition..i will do my level best for this family nd my dhi Payal..

Aakash:i am so happy dhi..finally we were together..now only ur daughter .

Anjali nd Shyam became sad..

Aakash:sorry i don’t want to hurt ..but that will happen one day..

N.k:zaroor..muje Nikhil sir bola tha..uss America number ne ek aadmi attend kiya tha..he give another number..i think we were close to him..

Shyam:hmm..will hope for good..

Khushi nd Arnav

Khushi :Ready for tomorrow

Arnav:hmm..i am preparing khushi..

Khushi:don’t worry Arnav..kuch neih hoga..face it

Arnav:hmm..give me some energy..


Arnav:haan..if u give some energy..it will very useful for me na..

Khushi:now i can understand .dear i am going to disconnect the call..so come soon tomorrow ..iam waiting..love u ..take care..bye..

Arnav:khushi …

She disconnected..

Khushi smiled..Arnav smiled..

To be continue..

Ankita:kyun Arnie? Am i not ur daughter?

Arnav:aisa kuch neih darlin..

Ankita:neih..i kniw everything..i heard everything..what the uncle says..

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  1. Superb yaar..

  2. Farie

    Thank u dears..really i waited for ur comments..????

  3. Farie

    Thank u dears.. i waited for ur comments??

  4. Hey farie.. Sorry for delay yaar I had exams so couldn’t read or comment.. Waise awesome updates.. Arshi romance cute.. Finally all truths will be revealed.. Looking forward for anjali arnav encounter

  5. One more thing just a suggestion.. Once truth revealed add more anjali arnav s enes too.. I loved their scenes in initial episodes.. And let arnav apologise a bit don’t make anjali forgive him instantly.. Be should get bit punished for running away like that.. Evn after returning he wanted leave once.. And he judged kushi Akash too.. So he deserves a punishment.. A cute one.. Ones a children get for acting childish from anjali..

    I know whatever you right it will be best.. Just a suggestion.. Eagerly waiting for next update.. Please post it tmrw..

  6. Farie

    Thank u dear..nd also for ur suggestions..its really nice … the truth will get revealed on 50th episode..i planned to end on that..if u people want me to continue this..i will definitely keep continuing..so comment me ..u want me to continue..

    1. please don’t end yaar.. I love this ff.. I didn’t come online for some days & u r planning to end it.. not fair.. don’t end it please continue

    2. Dont give me such heart attacks farie my exams are going on.. And don’t even think of ending.. This my favorite ff… Please continue plssss…

  7. Awesome updates.. eagerly waiting for next one.. you’ve written everything beautifully.. Arshi romance fab & everyone teasing them sooo cute

    1. Farie

      Thank u dear?..how can i say no to my readers..i will

  8. Farie

    Hello..sorry guys i was in a hurry..my comments was incomplete..i meant to say.. i will continue..but as another fiction..sorry guys ..but this will be the perfect ending for my fiction..i hope u all support my next fiction too..

  9. Farie

    Hi my [email protected] @sanu @anu @anni ..forget all those i said before..now i changed my mind,.am going to continue this ff #ipkknd, “i am Always there for ummi don’t need anyone”,…nd i mentioned in above comment..that i will start another fiction..so am also going to start in few days..sorry for this confusion..no more changing..this ff not ending,.nd pls support me like u do always..

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